Top 5 Heroes for Countering Karina in Mobile Legends

Karina, an assassin hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses remarkable versatility that sets her apart. Despite the prevailing preference for fighter or tank heroes in the jungle role, the Shadow Blade remains a highly contested choice in both ranked and competitive play. This is primarily due to her ability to unleash significant damage, even when equipped with defensive items, thanks to her unique passive skill, Shadow Combo. This skill allows her to deal true damage with every third attack on the same target.

Fortunately, there are numerous heroes who excel at countering Karina and preventing her from dominating the game. Below, we present three such heroes who prove to be formidable adversaries in the world of Mobile Legends.

Top Five Heroes with Strong Counters Against Karina in Mobile Legends


Unleash True Damage to Counter Karina’s Threat. Just like Karina, X.Borg possesses the remarkable ability to inflict true damage with his first skill, Fire Missiles. However, what truly sets X.Borg apart as a formidable counter to Karina is his reduced reliance on basic attacks. This unique skill allows him to effectively neutralize the impact of Karina’s Dance of Blades.

X.Borg’s strength lies not only in his ability to excel in extended fights but also in his tenacity and endurance. As the battle prolongs, X.Borg’s Fire Missiles grow stronger and deadlier. This becomes a significant advantage when facing Karina, as her health dwindles, leaving her vulnerable to X.Borg’s relentless onslaught. With precision and timing, X.Borg can swiftly execute his Last Insanity, securing the kill and turning the tide of the battle in his favor.

In the clash between these two powerful heroes, it becomes a thrilling game of wits and skill. Karina relies on her swift and deadly strikes, while X.Borg counters with his sustained damage and resilience. It is a battle that demands strategic positioning, precise timing, and a deep understanding of each hero’s abilities.

As the mobile legends clash unfolds, the confrontation between Karina and X.Borg becomes a captivating display of power and finesse. Their abilities and tactics intertwine, creating a high-stakes duel where every move counts. Ultimately, the outcome will depend on the mastery and adaptability of the players controlling these heroes.


Unveiling Lylia: The Mage Who Defies Karina’s Dominance. In the realm of Mobile Legends, Karina stands as a formidable assassin whose prowess can strike fear into the hearts of many mage heroes. However, amidst this daunting landscape, Lylia emerges as a shining exception. With her unique set of abilities and strategic gameplay, Lylia has the power to turn the tables and challenge Karina’s reign.

What sets Lylia apart is her ability to masterfully time her Shadow Energy and Magic Shockwave combo. A skilled Lylia player can unleash this deadly combination, dealing significant damage to Karina while simultaneously slowing her down. It is in this precise execution that Lylia finds her strength, effectively countering Karina’s aggressive advances.

But Lylia’s resilience doesn’t end there. Even if Karina manages to close the distance and chip away at Lylia’s health, she possesses a remarkable trick to turn the tide of battle. With a swift cast of Black Shoes, Lylia can recover a substantial portion of her health, catching her opponents off guard and resetting her Shadow Energy charges. This unexpected regeneration can quickly shift the momentum in Lylia’s favor, leaving Karina stunned and vulnerable.

Beyond her adorable appearance, Lylia proves to be a force to be reckoned with in the Land of Dawn. Her strategic gameplay, combined with her resilience and adaptability, make her a true threat to Karina’s dominance. It is a testament to the depth and complexity of Mobile Legends that heroes like Lylia can rise above expectations and provide an exhilarating challenge to even the most formidable opponents.

So, the next time you find yourself facing a fearsome Karina, consider picking Lylia and embrace the opportunity to defy the odds. With her calculated moves and unwavering determination, Lylia can rewrite the narrative and emerge victorious in the clash against Karina, etching her name as a true hero of the Land of Dawn.



Unleashing Eudora’s Burst-Damage Potential: The Ultimate Counter to Karina’s Team Fight Prowess. While Karina reigns supreme in extended team fights, her dominance falters when confronted by heroes who specialize in devastating burst damage. Among these heroes, none can match the raw power of Eudora.

Even though Karina players may opt for tankier builds in an attempt to withstand her opponents’ onslaught, Eudora possesses the perfect solution to this dilemma. By equipping the potent Divine Glaive, Eudora can unleash a torrent of damage that cuts through Karina’s defenses like a hot knife through butter. It only takes Eudora reaching level four to execute a well-timed combo that can single-handedly obliterate Karina from the battlefield.

For Eudora players facing off against Karina, strategic spell selection becomes crucial. Opting for either Flameshot or Flicker as a battle spell proves to be a wise choice, as Karina lacks any reliable escape skills. This allows Eudora to capitalize on Karina’s vulnerability, striking her with relentless bursts of damage and employing precise crowd control abilities to keep her at bay.

In the ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends, the clash between Karina and Eudora epitomizes the art of counterplay. It is a delicate dance of timing, positioning, and skillful execution. Eudora, armed with her unparalleled burst damage potential, stands as the ultimate counter to Karina’s team fight prowess, offering a glimmer of hope to those seeking to overcome her formidable presence.

As the battle unfolds, Eudora’s electrifying abilities and calculated maneuvers showcase her true potential. She emerges as a force to be reckoned with, defying the odds and proving that even against the mightiest adversaries, victory is within reach. So, embrace the power of Eudora’s burst damage, seize the opportunity to counter Karina’s dominance, and pave your way to triumph in the realm of Mobile Legends.


Thwarting Karina’s Advances: Valir’s Crowd-Control Dominance. Valir possesses a diverse set of crowd-control abilities that can effectively halt Karina in her tracks. As Valir, utilize the formidable Searing Torrent to forcefully push Karina back, disrupting her momentum. Follow up with a relentless barrage of Burst Fireball, continuously striking her to impede her movements, ultimately aiming to trigger the stunning effect of Ashing. And when the tides turn in your favor, unleash the full force of your Vengeance Flame ultimate to unleash devastating power.

To further impede Karina’s progress, consider equipping the Ice Queen Wand, which will significantly slow her down, making it arduous for her to approach. Additionally, investing in Athena’s Shield will provide valuable damage mitigation in case Karina manages to breach your defenses.

In the midst of battle, it is crucial to master Valir’s crowd-control prowess. By strategically employing his abilities and selecting appropriate items, you can effectively neutralize Karina’s threat, gaining the upper hand in combat.

Remember, success lies in your ability to outmaneuver and outwit Karina, utilizing Valir’s unique crowd-control dominance to thwart her advances. Embrace the power of control, adapt your tactics, and emerge victorious in the ever-competitive world of Mobile Legends.


Overcoming Karina’s Proximity Advantage: Barats’ Devastating Encounter. Karina’s effectiveness relies on closing the gap to deal damage, making her a prime target for Barats’ lethal ultimate, Detona’s Welcome.

When Karina draws near, seize the opportunity to devour her with Detona’s Welcome. Subsequently, strategically expel her towards a wall or other enemy heroes to stun them. To ensure precise targeting, utilize Hero Lock Mode to focus your ultimate specifically on Karina.

While she remains stunned, employ Missile Expert to propel Karina closer to you, taking advantage of the moment to inflict damage and impede her movement using So-Called Teamwork. Seal her fate with the augmented basic attacks from Big Guy, overwhelming her with your raw power.

In the midst of battle, the encounter between Barats and Karina underscores the significance of timing, precision, and leveraging unique abilities. By exploiting Karina’s susceptibility to crowd control and harnessing Barats’ devastating arsenal, you can tilt the scales in your favor and emerge triumphant in the dynamic realm of Mobile Legends.

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