Best Defense Items Mobile Legends

Top 10 Best Defense Items Mobile Legends

Protecting your team from the devastating damage of heroes such as mages and fighters with explosive abilities plays an incredibly important role in the quest to survive and win the exciting game Mobile Legends. Of course, tanks undoubtedly make a huge contribution to a team’s combat power, but carries must also be equipped with effective defenses against enemy composition.

The world of Mobile Legends offers a variety of defensive items that can be a real lifeline for carries, helping them survive and resist enemy attacks. These magical items can absorb blows and provide extra durability in the heart of battle. Using such items becomes the true key to victory, as they help carries not only survive, but also succeed in their battles.

10. Wind of nature

Wind of Nature is the ultimate defense for marksmen in Mobile Legends. Activating this item grants them immunity to physical damage for 2 seconds while increasing their offensive capabilities. When used correctly, Wind of Nature can reflect opponents’ ultimate abilities and give shooters a sense of impregnability.

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Why is Wind of Nature a great defense:

  • Provides immunity to physical damage for a short time.
  • Increases physical attack, attack speed and lifesteal (absorbing part of the damage in the form of health).
  • Characteristics of Wind of Nature:

Wind of Nature details:

  1. Increases physical attack by +30.
  2. Increases attack speed by 20%.
  3. Gain physical vampirism by 10%.
  4. Wind of Nature becomes a reliable support for shooters, providing them not only with protection from enemy attacks, but also with additional opportunities for effective combat on the battlefield.

9. Winter club

The Winter Club is a magical analogue of the power of the Wind of Nature. The difference is that while Wind of Nature blocks physical damage, Winter Truncheon freezes heroes so that they become immune to anything.

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What makes Winter Truncheon a great defense:

  1. Your skill can be restored after being frozen
  2. Your team can come to your aid when you get cold

Winter baton details:

  • +400 health points
  • +25 to physical defense
  • +60 magic power

8. Rose gold meteor

The Rose Gold Meteor is a defensive item designed for marksmen and assassins who deal physical damage and have low stamina. When the player’s health drops to 30%, this item will activate, acting similar to a life preserver.

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Benefits of Rose Gold Meteor in providing protection:

  1. It provides magic resistance to soften the effects of spells on heroes.
  2. It increases the survivability of marksmen and assassins, providing them with additional protection.

Rose Gold Meteor Features:

  • +30 magical defense
  • +60 to physical attack
  • +5% physical lifesteal

7. Guardian Helm

Guardian Helmet is one of the best defensive items for tanks that does not rely on mana usage. He has a special passive skill that provides significant HP recovery to tanks in just a few seconds.

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Advantages of Guardian Helmet as a protection product:

  1. Tanks no longer need to go to base when their health is low.
  2. It provides tanks with a significant amount of HP and has high health regeneration rates.

Guardian Helmet Features:

  • +1550 health
  • +100 health regeneration

6. Queen’s Wings

Queen’s Wings are the best defensive item for regeneration heroes. This item reduces all damage taken by 50% and increases lifesteal by 30% when the hero’s HP drops below 40%, meaning you can get an insane boost as you wear down in battle.

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What makes Queen’s Wings great:

  1. This can bring back dying heroes with regeneration after a lost battle.
  2. This gives a lot of HP stats and a 10% cooldown reduction.

Queen’s Wings Details:

  • +15 to physical attack
  • +1000 health
  • +10% cooldown reduction

5. Oracle

Oracle is a defensive tool ideal for heroes with regeneration, as it enhances healing effects. If you are a fighter, purchasing Oracle will give you magic resistance against mages, increasing shield absorption and health regeneration by 25%.

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Here’s what makes Oracle a great security tool:

  1. It significantly enhances the healing abilities of fighters and tanks.
  2. It has a characteristic that provides magic resistance and effectively counters magicians.
  3. It minimizes the effects of the Necklace of Fortitude, which is the best way to counteract regeneration on heroes.

Oracle Details:

  • +850 health
  • +36 magic resistance
  • +10% reduction in reload time

4. Immortality

At the end of the game, there is nothing more meaningful than the opportunity to gain a second life after acquiring Immortality. When this item is activated, it resurrects fallen heroes and literally gives them a second chance. Heroes return alive with 20% health and a shield consisting of 220-1200 units, depending on their level.

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This is what makes Immortality a great defense:

  1. It is of great importance in the end game, when even one death can determine the outcome of the battle.
  2. It provides additional characteristics in the form of health and physical protection, which increase the hero’s durability.

Immortality Details:

  • +800 health points
  • +40 physical defense

3. Shining armor

Radiant Armor is an effective anti-magic defense, making it ideal for tanks and vulnerable heroes who are susceptible to magical attacks. Radiant Armor provides magical protection and increases health, reducing all magical damage taken by 3-10 points after being hit. This effect can be activated up to 8 times and lasts 3 seconds, allowing heroes to survive magical explosions.

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Here’s what makes Radiant Armor a great defense:

  1. It weakens mages who rely on dealing magic damage quickly and heavily.
  2. It has magical defense and health restoration ability as additional stats.

Radiant Armor Details:

  • +850 health points
  • +6 health regeneration
  • +45 magic defense

2. Antique cuirass

Antique Cuirass is the king of all physical defense items. It is so passive-aggressive that it reduces the attacker’s physical attack by 5% when they attack a hero with this item. The reduction can stack up to 4 times, causing enemy physical damage cores to lack power. While Antique Cuirass weakens enemies, it buffs heroes, giving them a lot of HP, regeneration, and physical defense stats.

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What makes Antique Cuirass a great defense product:

  1. Can reduce the strength of enemy heroes with physical damage by up to 20%.
  2. His stats counter the physical attacks of heroes, which are often enemy cores.

Details of the antique cuirass:

  • +850 health points
  • +6 health regeneration
  • +45 magic defense

1. Shield of Athena

Shield of Athena and Shining Armor are two competing items when it comes to the best defense against mages. Why do we think Athena’s shield is the winner? This is because most mages are capable of dealing high explosive damage that can instantly destroy heroes, but Athena’s shield counters this. Athena’s Shield, like Shining Armor, is great at dealing with short-term magical damage, but it does much more: it counters burst damage, reducing all magical damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds.

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What makes Athena’s shield an excellent defense:

  1. Reduces magical damage taken as a percentage rather than an absolute value.
  2. It is an ideal item to counter any magicians.
  3. Provides a significant amount of health points and magical protection.

Athena Shield Characteristics:

  • Adds 900 health points.
  • Provides health restoration at a rate of 4 units per second.
  • Provides 62 points of magical defense.

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