The 3 best heroes to counter Aldous in Mobile Legends

There’s no denying that Aldous is one of the most terrifying heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With the ability to wipe out enemies in a single brutal attack, it’s no wonder he’s become one of the most popular fighters roaming the Land of Dawn. The secret to Aldous’ sheer power lies in the infinite scaling of his physical damage, made possible by his first skill, Contract: Soul Steal. Every time he takes down a minion, jungle monster, or enemy hero, the damage of this ability permanently increases. It’s a snowball effect that can quickly make him an unstoppable force, capable of demolishing even the tankiest opponents.

And if that weren’t enough, Aldous can also unleash his devastating Contract: Chase Fate ultimate to hunt down and target any foe across the entire map. This gives him unparalleled mobility and map control, allowing him to quickly close the distance and finish off even the most elusive enemies. His Contract: Explosion skill further aids him in chasing down victims or making a hasty retreat when necessary. However, even the mighty Aldous has his weaknesses. Fortunately, there are three heroes that can effectively shut down the unstoppable Soul Contractor and keep him from running wild across the battlefield. With the right counter-picks and strategies, these heroes can disrupt Aldous’ momentum, negate his burst damage, and ultimately prevent him from snowballing out of control.

The 3 best heroes to counter Aldous


When it comes to taking on Aldous, Argus is one hero who can hold his own even in the late game. The key is leveraging Argus’ powerful ultimate, Eternal Evil, which not only removes any debuffs affecting him, but also grants him complete immunity to death for a full 4 seconds. So when Aldous tries to lock onto you with his Chase Fate ability, wait until he knocks you back before quickly activating Eternal Evil. This will negate Aldous’ burst damage and give you a crucial window to retaliate. Of course, the Soul Contractor will likely try to make a hasty retreat at this point, so be sure to have your Demonic Grip ability ready to pull him back in. But Argus doesn’t have to go it alone. Coordinate with one of your allies who has strong crowd control abilities. Have them lock Aldous down while you unleash a flurry of fast basic attacks, chipping away at his health before he can escape. It’s a delicate dance, but by expertly timing your abilities and working together as a team, you can effectively shut down even the most fearsome Aldous player. With Argus’ sustain and anti-burst toolkit, you have a reliable counter that can match the Soul Contractor’s late-game power.

Another hero who can give Aldous a serious headache is Aldous. At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to fight fire with fire, but Aldous’ unique kit actually allows him to turn the tables on the Soul Contractor. The key is in how Aldous’ passive, Demonic Ascension, interacts with Aldous’ abilities. Each time Aldous’ basic attacks land, he gains a stack of Demonic Ascension, permanently increasing his physical attack. This stacking effect has no limit, allowing Aldous to eventually eclipse Aldous’ own damage output. Furthermore, Aldous’ ultimate, Wrath of the Demon, grants him a massive shield that scales with his current physical attack. When combined with his enhanced sustain from Demonic Ascension, this gives Aldous tremendous durability to weather Aldous’ burst combos.

The key is to play aggressively and force extended trades. Bait out Aldous’ Chase Fate, then use Wrath of the Demon to soak up the damage. While Aldous is locked in the animation, unleash your own abilities and basic attacks to rapidly stack up Demonic Ascension. Eventually, your damage will surpass his, and you can finish him off before he can retreat. It’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy, but in the hands of a skilled Aldous player, it can absolutely shut down even the most fed Aldous. Just be wary of his Explosion ability, which can help him escape your clutches. The third and final counter to Aldous that we’ll discuss is Lancelot. Unlike Argus and Aldous, who can match the Soul Contractor’s raw power, Lancelot takes a more finesse-oriented approach to defeating him. Lancelot’s kit is tailor-made for kiting and disrupting high-mobility, bursty heroes like Aldous. His Malefic Revolt ability allows him to quickly reposition and create distance, while also reducing the cooldown of his other skills. This makes it extremely difficult for Aldous to land his Chase Fate ultimate.

Furthermore, Lancelot’s Ultimate, Light’s Embrace, grants him a shield and increased movement speed – perfect for evading Aldous’ attacks. When combined with his Malefic Revolt dashes, Lancelot can effectively dance around the battlefield, making it nearly impossible for Aldous to lock him down. The key for Lancelot is to play patiently and look for opportunities to punish Aldous when he overextends. Bait out his Chase Fate, then quickly reposition with Malefic Revolt to safety. From there, you can unleash your full combo of abilities, easily avoiding his attempts to retaliate. It’s a more nuanced playstyle compared to the straight-up brawling of Argus and Aldous, but in the hands of a skilled Lancelot player, it can be just as effective at shutting down the Soul Contractor. Just be mindful of his Explosion skill, which can still pose a threat if you get caught in the blast radius. Ultimately, while Aldous may seem unstoppable, these three heroes demonstrate that there are effective counters available. Whether it’s through raw power, sustain, or superior mobility, each of these champions brings a unique toolkit to the table that can systematically dismantle the Soul Contractor’s gameplan. Of course, execution is key – you’ll need to master the intricacies of each hero’s abilities and synergies to truly make them work. But with practice and coordination, you can turn the tables on even the most dominant Aldous players, relegating the Soul Contractor to a mere speed bump on the road to victory.


Nana is a versatile mage who excels at disrupting and kiting high-mobility, bursty heroes like Aldous. With her array of crowd control abilities, she can systematically dismantle the Soul Contractor’s game plan, preventing him from snowballing out of control. One of Nana’s key tools against Aldous is her Molina Smooch ability. When cast on an enemy, it transforms them into a slow-moving animal, significantly reducing their movement speed and attack speed. This effect is absolutely brutal against Aldous, as it prevents him from closing the gap with Chase Fate and following up with his devastating Soul Steal combo. The key is to time your Molina Smooch perfectly. As soon as Aldous tries to lock onto one of your allies with Chase Fate, quickly drop the Molina Smooch next to his target. This will ensure that the debuff lands the moment Aldous completes his dash, leaving him effectively neutered. With Aldous slowed to a crawl, your teammates can then collapse on him and unleash their full arsenal of abilities, quickly whittling down his health before he can react.

And if Aldous tries to make a desperate escape, Nana has another trick up her sleeve – her Molina Blitz ultimate. This ability creates a massive area of effect that stuns any enemies caught within it. By strategically placing the Molina Blitz in Aldous’ likely escape path, you can lock him down and prevent him from fleeing, setting up your team for an easy kill. Of course, Nana’s disruption toolkit isn’t limited to just disabling Aldous. Her passive, Molina’s Gift, also grants her a shield when she damages enemies with her abilities. This added sustain makes Nana surprisingly durable, allowing her to survive Aldous’ burst attempts and continue kiting and disrupting him. And if Aldous does manage to get the jump on Nana, she has one final trick up her sleeve – the Winter Truncheon. This defensive item grants Nana a stasis effect, effectively making her invulnerable for a short duration. By timing this activation carefully, Nana can survive Aldous’ all-in and then immediately follow up with more crowd control to peel him off. It’s a layered defensive strategy, but in the hands of a skilled Nana player, it can be incredibly effective at neutering the Soul Contractor.

Aldous thrives on being able to snowball out of control, but Nana’s disruptive kit forces him to constantly play on the back foot, preventing him from ever gaining a foothold in the game. Of course, executing this gameplan to perfection requires excellent positioning, timing, and map awareness from the Nana player. You need to be constantly vigilant, ready to punish Aldous the moment he overextends or tries to engage. It’s a high-skill, high-impact playstyle that can swing the tide of a game in your team’s favor. But Nana’s versatility doesn’t stop there. She’s also a valuable team player, capable of supporting her allies in a variety of ways. Her Molina’s Gift passive can provide clutch shielding to protect her carries, while her Molina Blitz ultimate can be used to lock down entire areas of the map, setting up devastating wombo combos for your team. And let’s not forget Nana’s impressive wave clear and roaming potential. With her Molina Smooch and Molina Blitz abilities, she can quickly clear minion waves and then rotate around the map to shore up defensive gaps or join her teammates in skirmishes.

This mobility and map pressure can be a real headache for the enemy team, further compounding Aldous’ struggles. Ultimately, Nana’s value against Aldous lies in her ability to disrupt, kite, and outlast the Soul Contractor. By constantly keeping him off-balance and preventing him from snowballing, she can effectively neuter one of the game’s most fearsome late-game carries. It’s a playstyle that demands precision and game sense, but in the hands of a skilled Nana player, it can be an absolutely devastating counter to even the most dominant Aldous. So if you find yourself facing off against a formidable Aldous, don’t be afraid to pick up Nana and put your disruptive skills to the test. With a little practice and the right execution, you can turn the tables on the Soul Contractor and lead your team to victory.


Masha is another hero who can effectively counter the fearsome Aldous, both in the laning stage and in the late game. What makes the Marauder so potent against the Soul Contractor is her unique ability to disarm enemies with her Howl Shock skill. When facing off against an Aldous, your first priority should be to consistently land Howl Shock on him. This will prevent him from stacking up his devastating Soul Steal, denying him a key component of his kill combo. With Aldous unable to build up those all-important stacks, you can then focus on harassing him out of the lane using Masha’s enhanced basic attacks from Wild Power. Of course, Aldous is no pushover, and you’ll need to be mindful of his Chase Fate ultimate. To ensure you can survive his initial burst, always maintain at least three HP bars. This will give you the cushion you need to weather his first strike and immediately retaliate. As soon as Aldous commits with Chase Fate, quickly respond by casting your Thunderclap ability. This hard-hitting AoE skill will deal massive damage and help you gain the upper hand in the exchange. And if Aldous tries to continue his assault with successive Soul Steal-empowered attacks, simply hit him with another Howl Shock to disarm him and shut down his combo.

To further bolster Masha’s anti-Aldous capabilities, you’ll want to focus your item build on lifesteal and physical defense. The Demon Hunter Sword is an excellent choice, providing you with sustain and the ability to withstand Aldous’ burst. Pair that with defensive items like Antique Cuirass and Dominance Ice, and you’ll become a veritable juggernaut that Aldous will struggle to take down, even with hundreds of Soul Steal stacks. In fact, a fully-itemized Masha is more than capable of outlasting and outdueling an Aldous who has stacked up his ultimate to the max. Her combination of disarm, burst damage, and tankiness makes her an incredibly frustrating matchup for the Soul Contractor, forcing him to play cautiously and think twice before committing to an engagement. Masha’s anti-Aldous prowess doesn’t just come from her individual abilities, though. She’s also a valuable team player, with her Howl Shock providing crucial peel and disruption for her allies. By disarming Aldous at key moments, Masha can buy her carries the precious time they need to unload their own damage and take the Soul Contractor down. And let’s not forget Masha’s impressive mobility and map control. With her Thunderclap and Wild Power, she can quickly roam the map, threaten objectives, and force Aldous to play a more reactive, defensive game. This pressure can snowball into a significant advantage for Masha’s team, further compounding the Soul Contractor’s struggles.

Ultimately, Masha’s ability to counter Aldous stems from her unique toolkit and playstyle. As the only hero in the Land of Dawn who can reliably disarm enemies, she poses a singular threat to the Soul Contractor’s kill pattern. And when combined with her ability to sustain, burst, and control the map, Masha becomes a formidable obstacle that Aldous will have a hard time overcoming, even at the height of his power. So if you find yourself facing off against a dominant Aldous, don’t hesitate to pick up Masha and put your disruptive skills to the test. With the right execution and itemization, you can effectively neuter the Soul Contractor’s impact and lead your team to victory. However, it’s important to note that Masha’s prowess against Aldous is not a one-sided affair. The Soul Contractor has his own tricks up his sleeve that can pose a significant challenge to the Marauder. Aldous’ Chase Fate ultimate, for instance, can be a game-changing ability that allows him to quickly close the gap and overwhelm Masha with his burst damage. Furthermore, Aldous’ ability to stack his Soul Steal indefinitely means that even if Masha can disarm him initially, he can still pose a serious threat once he’s accumulated a substantial number of stacks. This forces Masha to maintain impeccable positioning and timing with her Howl Shock, lest she be caught off-guard and quickly dispatched by the Soul Contractor’s onslaught.

Masha’s own high-risk, high-reward playstyle can also work against her in the Aldous matchup. Her reliance on stacking HP bars and soak up damage can leave her vulnerable to Aldous’ burst, especially if she mismanages her abilities or fails to maintain her defensive positioning. A single misstep can quickly turn the tide of the fight in Aldous’ favor. Additionally, Aldous’ ability to rapidly close distances with Chase Fate and follow up with a barrage of Soul Steal-enhanced attacks can make it challenging for Masha to effectively kite and disengage. The Marauder’s lack of long-range, ranged abilities can further exacerbate this issue, forcing her to get uncomfortably close to the Soul Contractor in order to land her disabling skills. It’s also worth noting that Aldous’ team composition and the overall map state can have a significant impact on the Masha-Aldous matchup. If Aldous has strong allies who can peel for him or provide him with additional mobility, it can negate some of Masha’s advantages and make it harder for her to effectively shut him down. Conversely, if Masha’s team has strong engage or lock-down tools that can help her create favorable 1v1 situations against Aldous, she’ll be able to leverage her disruptive abilities to a greater effect. The battle between these two titans is ultimately a delicate dance, with both players having to carefully navigate the ebb and flow of the game state to gain the upper hand.

In the end, while Masha is undoubtedly a powerful counter to Aldous, the matchup is not a foregone conclusion. Both heroes possess unique strengths and weaknesses, and the outcome of their clash will often hinge on the skill, positioning, and decision-making of the players controlling them. Mastering the intricacies of this matchup can be a rewarding challenge for any aspiring MLBB strategist.

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