Top 5 Heroes for Countering Layla in Mobile Legends

Layla, the basic yet formidable hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, wields incredible power with her trusty Energy Gun. Her dominance stems from possessing the game’s longest attack range, courtesy of Destruction Rush, her ultimate’s passive effect. This ability pairs seamlessly with her unique passive skill, Malefic Gun, which augments her basic attacks and skills based on the distance between herself and her foes.

Destruction Rush serves as a devastating long-range nuke, while Malefic Bomb unleashes massive damage, extends Layla’s attack range even further, and grants her enhanced movement speed. Additionally, her skill Void Projectile inflicts damage and slows down enemies in a concentrated area. Nonetheless, Layla’s vulnerability lies in her fragility and limited mobility, relying solely on Flicker to evade danger or reposition herself. Consequently, she becomes an inviting target for heroes capable of swiftly closing the distance and engaging her in combat.

Top 5 Powerful Heroes That Counter Layla in Mobile Legends


Zilong, renowned as the swiftest warrior in the Land of Dawn, unleashes unparalleled speed and power when he harnesses his ultimate ability, Supreme Warrior. This formidable skill, when combined with Spear Strike, grants him the ability to swiftly close the distance and engage Layla with ease.

To execute a successful strategy, begin by strategically positioning yourself in a concealed spot, such as a bush, patiently observing Layla as she focuses on farming minions. Once the opportune moment arises, activate Supreme Warrior and unleash its raw power, transforming into an unstoppable force. With lightning-fast reflexes, charge towards Layla, utilizing Spear Strike to strike her with precision.

As the clash unfolds, Zilong’s agility becomes his greatest weapon. By employing Spear Flip, he can disrupt Layla’s movements, disorienting her and gaining a significant advantage in the battle. The combination of Supreme Warrior, Spear Strike, and Spear Flip creates a deadly sequence that leaves Layla vulnerable to Zilong’s relentless assault.

To secure victory, maintain a relentless onslaught of basic attacks, capitalizing on Zilong’s swift strikes and exploiting Layla’s weakened state. With each blow, inch closer to triumph, never relenting until Layla is vanquished.

Remember, mastering Zilong’s speed and utilizing his abilities strategically is key to countering Layla effectively. With proper timing and execution, Zilong can exploit Layla’s weaknesses and emerge victorious in the Land of Dawn’s fierce battles.


Layla, with her susceptibility to assassins, finds herself in a precarious position, and Natalia emerges as a formidable adversary in this regard. The art of countering Layla begins by exploiting the concealment state granted by Natalia’s Assassin Instinct. Patiently lurking within the shadows of the bushes, Natalia awaits the opportune moment to pounce on her unsuspecting prey. With utmost precision, she employs Hero Lock Mode to single out Layla as her prime target.

The assault commences with a swift and devastating enhanced basic attack, executed with lethal finesse by Natalia’s Assassin Instinct. As Layla reels from the initial strike, Natalia further capitalizes on her advantage by delivering another amplified blow with The Hunt, ensuring that Layla’s demise is swift and inevitable. Sensing the urgency to disengage, Natalia swiftly employs her nimble Claw Dash to evade any retaliation, leaving Layla stunned and defenseless. To further confound her enemies, Natalia shrouds herself in a veil of obscurity with her Smoke Bomb, effectively concealing her movements and making a clean getaway from the battlefield.

For those who possess the necessary expertise, an alternative selection of heroes can prove equally potent in countering Layla’s presence. Heroes such as Hayabusa, Ling, Lancelot, Gusion, or Fanny possess unique skills and abilities that, when wielded with mastery, can turn the tide against Layla’s dominance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Mobile Legends, the importance of hero selection and tactical execution cannot be overstated. By recognizing Layla’s vulnerabilities and employing the skills of assassins like Natalia or other proficient heroes, players can strategically tip the scales in their favor, ensuring that Layla’s reign of power is swiftly brought to an end.



For those who specialize in mages, Harley proves to be an exceptional option for countering Layla. With his ability to swiftly maneuver and unleash devastating bursts of magic, he can effortlessly dispatch his target before making a seamless escape, leaving Layla powerless in his wake.

Initiate the assault by utilizing Space Escape to close the distance between Harley and Layla. Once in range, unleash the destructive force of Deadly Magic upon her. Follow up with a relentless barrage of Poker Trick and complement it with a few well-placed basic attacks if necessary. When the time is right, employ Space Escape once again to retreat to the safety of your magical hat, observing from a distance as Layla succumbs to her explosive demise.

With Harley’s agility and potent magical abilities, Layla’s reign is swiftly brought to an end, leaving mages in command of the battlefield. Choose Harley as your hero of choice and unleash the full extent of his magical prowess to counter Layla’s dominance with finesse and precision.


Are you in search of a formidable marksman to go head-to-head with Layla? Look no further than Miya, a remarkable choice. Miya possesses an exceptional ability to effortlessly bridge the gap between herself and her adversaries by utilizing her ultimate skill, Hidden Moonlight, combined with a devastating combo. Initiate the encounter by activating Hidden Moonlight and swiftly closing the distance with Layla. Once in range, unleash the Arrow of Eclipse to immobilize her, and promptly follow up with the Moon Arrow to unleash a devastating barrage of damage.

For those who opt for the battle spell Inspire, it proves to be a valuable asset as it grants increased attack speed and lifesteal, significantly boosting Miya’s combat prowess. In the event that both combatants are equipped with full items, Miya’s distinct skill set gives her a significant advantage, allowing her to emerge triumphant in the battle against Layla. Her unparalleled finesse and unmatched abilities set her apart from the competition, making her the clear choice for those seeking victory in combat.


Claude stands as a remarkable choice among the marksman roster due to his exceptional skill set, particularly when it comes to closing in on his intended targets. His mastery of Battle Mirror Image grants him unparalleled agility and the ability to swiftly engage and disengage from battles, giving him a distinct advantage on the battlefield.

During the early stages of the game, Claude can leverage the power of Art of Thievery to effectively poke at Layla, gradually chipping away at her health while simultaneously hampering her movement speed. This strategic maneuver allows Claude to gain an upper hand in the laning phase, setting the stage for a formidable showdown.

Once Claude reaches level four and acquires the Demon Hunter Sword, the true potential of his combo is unleashed. With calculated precision, he can engage Layla with Battle Mirror Image, swiftly closing the distance and catching her off guard. The devastating Blazing Duet ability is then unleashed, inflicting massive damage and potentially securing the elimination. However, Claude’s agility doesn’t end there.

In a swift and strategic retreat, Claude can once again rely on Battle Mirror Image to disengage from the battle, evading any potential counterattacks and maintaining his position of advantage. This unique ability grants him the opportunity to reset and reassess the situation, ensuring he remains a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Claude’s versatility and finesse in combat make him a standout choice for players seeking a marksman who can swiftly close down on targets and execute devastating combos. His ability to engage and disengage with ease grants him the flexibility to adapt to various combat scenarios, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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