Best heroes for Malefic Gun in Mobile Legends — outplay enemies with range and speed!

The Malefic Gun is a powerful offensive item that boosts a hero’s physical attack, attack speed, and lifesteal. But its real standout features are the unique passives – one increases attack range after landing a skill, while the other grants movement speed with each basic attack. These special attributes make the Malefic Gun a great choice for many marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. In this guide from VPEsports, we’ll break down 10 of the best heroes that can truly excel when equipping this item.

Whether you’re looking to increase your range and kite enemies, or quickly reposition with enhanced mobility, the Malefic Gun has a lot to offer the right marksman. Heroes like Granger, Karrie, and Moskov can make excellent use of the Malefic Gun’s range boost to keep their distance and poke from afar. Meanwhile, more mobile marksmen like Hanabi, Irithel, and Claude can leverage the movement speed passive to reposition more freely in teamfights. Some other standout Malefic Gun users include Wanwan, whose ultimate ability benefits greatly from the increased range, and Bruno, whose high attack speed allows him to maximize the movement speed boost. Ultimately, the Malefic Gun is a versatile item that can empower a variety of marksman playstyles in Mobile Legends.

No matter your preferred marksman, if you’re looking to outrange and outmaneuver your opponents, be sure to give the Malefic Gun a closer look. It just might be the key to taking your gameplay to the next level.

Top Heroes for the Malefic Gun in Mobile Legends

The Malefic Gun is quite the powerful offensive item. It packs a punch with +45 Physical Attack, +25% Attack Speed, and +15% Lifesteal. But what really makes it stand out are the two unique passives: Malefic Energy: Landing a skill increases your basic attack range by 10% for 3 seconds (6s cooldown).

Zeal: Basic Attacks grant 15% Movement Speed for 1 second. These special abilities make the Malefic Gun an ideal item for many marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. The range boost from Malefic Energy allows you to comfortably poke from a distance, while the speed increase from Zeal helps you reposition and kite enemies more effectively. Heroes like Wanwan and Karrie benefit tremendously from the Malefic Gun. Their passive abilities already empower their basic attacks, so they can take full advantage of the Malefic Energy effect without needing to rely on skills. Wanwan’s ultimate, for example, gains increased range and potency when her basic attacks are enhanced. And Karrie’s passive Crippling Arrow can proc more frequently from a further range. And for marksmen who lack natural mobility, like Miya and Layla, the Zeal passive is a game-changer. Being able to quickly boost your movement speed with each attack can be the difference between getting picked off and safely surviving in the backline. It allows them to reposition and kite around fights more effectively.

Irithel is another great Malefic Gun user, as she gets to utilize both the range and speed boosts to enhance her already impressive combat capabilities. The Malefic Energy effect synergizes perfectly with Irithel’s passive, which grants increased damage on her basic attacks after using a skill. And the Zeal movement speed boost helps her quickly close in on targets or escape from danger. Pair the Malefic Gun with the Quantum Charge emblem, and you’ve got a highly mobile, long-range terror on your hands. The extra movement speed stacks beautifully, allowing you to keep enemies at bay while still maintaining great positioning. But the Malefic Gun isn’t just limited to traditional marksman heroes. Other physical damage dealers can benefit as well.

Granger, for instance, can leverage the item’s range boost to land his powerful Piercing Shots from a safer distance. And the added attack speed helps him maximize his passive, Bullet Storm, for devastating burst damage. Moskov is another unorthodox Malefic Gun user. His long-range spear pokes become even more oppressive with the increased attack range. Plus, the movement speed from Zeal synergizes with his own passive, allowing him to quickly reposition and land follow-up attacks. Even assassins like Lesley can find value in the Malefic Gun. Her specialty is picking off squishy backline targets, and the added range allows her to do so from an even safer position. The speed boost can also help her disengage or chase down fleeing enemies.

In general, any hero that relies heavily on basic attacks and needs to kite or reposition effectively can find great use for the Malefic Gun. The item’s unique passives complement a wide variety of playstyles and hero synergies. Of course, like any item, the Malefic Gun does have its limitations. It offers no crowd control or defensive utility, so heroes that need those attributes may find better value elsewhere. And it doesn’t provide any burst damage or ability haste, so it may not be the ideal choice for more ability-focused marksmen.

But for heroes that thrive on consistent DPS, kiting, and basic attack damage, the Malefic Gun is an exceptionally powerful option. It gives them the range, speed, and sustain to dominate fights and outmaneuver their opponents. Ultimately, the Malefic Gun is a versatile item that can empower a variety of marksman playstyles in Mobile Legends. If you’re looking to outrange your enemies, reposition more freely, or just maximize your basic attack damage, it’s definitely worth considering as part of your core build. Just be sure to pair it with heroes that can truly take advantage of its special abilities.

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