Dota 2 Betting guide – What are the best betting sites for Dota 2 gambling?

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It’s quite extraordinary how a game, which at first was just a mod for the Warcraft map, has developed into a multi-million dollar industry, and has become a cybersport discipline that attracts tens of millions of spectators from all over the world to its major tournaments, and has the biggest prize money for several years.

The game has now celebrated its tenth anniversary, and is still played by over half a million players each and every day. It is a real phenomenon in the cyber sports industry, so we want to introduce you to our guide to betting on this remarkable game. In this guide you will discover absolutely everything you would need for successful betting on Dota 2.



Top  betting websites and propositions for dota 2 in 2024

Initially, in this article we want to introduce you to the best betting websites that will accept bets on Dota 2 in our opinion, and of course they have the best bonus proposals. These are excellent options for bettors who are into Dota 2 betting, and are characterised by their reliability, friendliness and solid reputation.


Betting on dota 2 2024 | all you need to be aware of

Dota 2 is an online MOBA style game that was released by VALVE, which is completely free for download in Steam. Tens of millions of players, the majority of which are still playing today, only confirm the fact that it is one of the biggest and most successful games as well as cyber disciplines in all history.

There are approximately twenty-five major Dota 2 tournaments happening every year along with a very large number of smaller events, so there is always something for you to watch. And of course cyber sports betting on Dota 2 will always make watching your favourite game or a particular team much more entertaining.

Major Dota 2 tournaments bring together tens of millions of passionate viewers and bettors, and hundreds, sometimes thousands of fans watching from the stands. When it comes to prize pools, even at small tournaments the winning teams can receive tens of thousands of dollars, while at the biggest tournaments tens of millions of dollars are awarded.

As an example, we can mention The International World Championship, where the best sixteen Dota 2 teams from all corners of the world are participating. As you may have realised this is the biggest and most exciting tournament of the year and if you make bets on Dota 2 it becomes twice as interesting to watch.


How do you play competitive dota 2?

Experienced players are very well aware that Dota 2 is one of the most complicated games in the world. Each minute every team performs a lot of actions and that is why this game is so interesting to play and very interesting to observe it. In each game participate ten people, five in each team. But in order to successfully put bets on Dota 2 you certainly need to understand the more complicated and advanced mechanics of this game.

Usually a Dota 2 game will last between 20 and 90 minutes. And if you have watched at least one game you may have noticed that it has mixed RPG and strategy components. The number of available heroes in this game is impressive, as you can choose from a total of 132 heroes.

But the main difficulty in choosing a game character is that you can not simply choose a random hero, because he must fit in with the other heroes of your team and be a good opponent for the heroes of the opposing team. The main goal of the match on Dota 2 is to destroy the fountain that is located on the enemy base and then the game ends.

Live betting on Dota 2 is extremely popular as the games are played for quite a long time and the betting odds are changing quickly online. So you always have the opportunity to adapt to the situation and place a very favourable bet based on the event that happened a few seconds ago.


Top reasons why betting on dota 2 is so hot

Support for top teams

Because Dota 2 is a team-based cyber sport, you will somehow find your favourite team. It makes no difference whether you bet on top European teams like Team Secret or Chinese teams like LGD, but you will still get a lot of entertainment and a good profit from your bets on this cyber discipline.

You enter dota 2 tournaments yourself

Major Dota 2 tournaments have enormous payouts, which are often the biggest in the eSports industry. And besides the fact that we can get a good profit from betting on such tournaments, and a lot of satisfaction from watching them, we can get nice prizes from participating in Battle pass for Dota 2.

Best bets in dota 2

Nowadays, most online betting companies are offering us good options for betting on Dota 2. So better spend some amount of time and have a look for online odds comparison for the best Dota 2 games.


How to bet on dota 2

Dota 2 is a challenging and complicated cyber discipline, therefore betting on it is not the easiest thing to do. if you are just starting to learn Dota 2 and want to bet on it, you need to know some important nuances. Below you will learn some things that will guarantee you the highest possible profits from putting bets on Dota 2.



Study the game

Many players are frustrated by the fact that Dota 2 is at first glance an extremely difficult game to learn, but this very nuance can unlock your most profitable bets on Dota 2. After spending some time and understanding the different mechanics and various features of this game, your bets are likely to become much more profitable.

In general we can simply say that Dota 2 is not just a fight between two teams on the battleground. In order to make profitable bets you need to know the teams and the players in it very well. In addition you need to be informed about the past encounters of the teams and which heroes can change the course of the game at which point of time.

The selection of each team’s heroes is crucial for predicting the outcome of the meeting. If you have a good understanding of the meta, then most likely you will not have a problem to correctly determine the winner of the match. And if you are placing your bets with good coefficients of the best online bookmakers, then you can not even doubt the profitability of your bets.


What events are available for betting on?

The greatest advantage of Dota 2 is that tournaments are held all year round, and at the end of the year you can have a lot of fun watching The International. Especially since this year’s tournaments have been redesigned and it is quite possible that next year we will see a more intelligent tournament schedule, which will only increase the fun of watching and betting on the matches.


Markets offered by bookmakers

Since Dota 2 is an extremely diverse game with many interesting nuances you can find many different betting markets for Dota 2. Betting markets are different scenarios that you can bet on. For example you can place your bet that Team Secret will win the next tournament and profit a decent amount of your money, or you can bet that your favourite team will reach the finals of the next tournament.

The good news is that nowadays a huge number of online bookmakers offer you more and more diverse betting markets on different situations in Dota 2. More simply put, you can now bet on almost anything that happens in a match. For example, which player will make the most kills, how many Roshans will be taken by the team, which player will die the most times during the game and so on.

As you might have realised by now, you can find a lot of options for your betting. This variability gives you the opportunity to make profitable expresses, or to make insurance bets that will back up your main bets on Dota 2. So we recommend that you keep an eye on these betting markets, as they can open up new opportunities compared to the bets you would normally place.

Here are a selection of the main markets you can make your DOTA 2 bets on:

Match result betting

If you are a beginner or not very experienced player in Dota 2, then in this case we recommend you to place such a bet. In most tournaments the matches are played to one, two or three wins. But be careful because in some tournaments there are only two matches and there may be a draw on which you can also profitably place your bet. Most online bookmakers will accept bets on this kind of outcome, but nevertheless we advise you to search for the most favourable betting odds.

Bets on the result of a match with handicap

A handicap in betting is an advantage given to a weaker participant to equalise the chances of winning.

For example, suppose we have a match between Alliance and Team Liquid, where Team Liquid is the obvious outsider. Also, let’s assume that they play a series of up to two wins (bo3). In this case, we will have a few options for betting on this event: plus (+1.5 for Team Liquid) and minus (-1.5 for Alliance). In either case, your bet will only be successful if the selected team wins with the betting handicap we have chosen.

Simply put, if we bet on +1.5 for Team Liquid, but the match ends with a score of 2:0 in favour of Alliance, then our bet will be lost (as the score becomes 2:1.5 in favour of Alliance). However, if we take such a handicap and the outcome is 2:1 in favour of Alliance (the final score in this case will be 2:2.5 in favour of Team Liquid) or, what is even more interesting, a victory for Team Liquid with any score, then our bet will be a successful one. On the same principle works the minus handicap.

You should remember that handicap betting is not limited to just the outcome on maps and score, it can also be the number of rounds, kills, etc. The principle remains the same and it is precisely because of the convenience of this type of bet that it is so popular in Dota 2 betting.

Bets on the event occurrence

You will win this Dota 2 bet if you correctly predict a certain event. It can be a lot of options: “Rampage” from any team player, Aegis steal, and many more.

Bets on the team that’s first to achieve something

As you can understand from the description, for this bet we are choosing a team and what it will do first in a given match. For example, you are betting on LGD to take the first Roshan, or the first team to make five kills. This category of betting is one of the biggest, and if you use the services of a good online bookmaker, the choice of bets will be really huge. But you need to realise that bets of this kind are rarely very successful, due to the fact that it is very difficult to predict such events in Dota 2.

Bets on the winner of the tournament

This is also a relatively straightforward bet, the point of which is that before the start of a particular tournament, you are betting on which team will eventually become the best.

Tournament finalist bets

This bet on Dota 2 is similar to the previous one, but the chance that it will be successful is a bit higher. In this case you are only betting on which team will reach the final, instead of betting on the absolute winner of the tournament.

Bets on tournament stats

Generally, cyber sports betting companies will only accept such bets for major Dota 2 tournaments. You can place your bets on almost any statistic, for example, which player will kill the most opponents during the entire tournament, or which player will be the best at farming.



Which dota 2 players should i bet on?

Only the top guys

Every Dota 2 player is well aware that you should be betting only on the best and most reliable players. Although some bettors are betting on their favourite players, regardless of their current season, but this is more of a bet for fun than for gaining profit.



Three good reasons to bet on dota 2

It’s interesting and profitable

In fact, there are many more reasons to place bets on Dota 2, but we will mention only three of the best ones in our opinion. And the first one, of course, is that you will get much more enjoyment from watching the game, while the involvement in this process will be at its maximum.

Nice bonuses and favourable odds

Along with the development of cyber disciplines, their demand among bettors is constantly growing. Betting companies are well aware of this fact, and are offering their clients more and more favourable bonuses and good betting odds on Dota 2 games. That is why now is the perfect time to start betting on Dota 2.

Exciting new cyber disciplines

Just in case you are already tired of Dota 2 and betting on this discipline, you can choose from a rich variety of new cyber disciplines, which can now be found on the websites of the best online bookmakers that accept cyber sports betting.

What gambling is there in dota 2?

What is attractive to people in Dota 2, is the fact that in the game itself you can do different activities, not just matchmaking. One of the most popular features is the ability to place bets on Dota 2, using not your own money, but skins from the game itself. If you have played CS:GO, you are very familiar with this feature of some of the games from Valve. So if you have unneeded skins in Dota 2 you can try to bet with this stuff.


Dota 2 worldwide activities

Thanks to the huge popularity of Dota 2, you always have the opportunity to place a good bet on an interesting match, or a team of your choice. No matter what tournaments are currently running, one way or another you will always have access to favourable odds and exciting matches on this wonderful discipline.

All players familiar with Dota 2 have understood for a long time that The International is the most anticipated and the most demanded tournament, both in terms of betting on it, and in terms of the interest of this event. But this tournament is held only once a year.

Nevertheless, the system of tournaments in Dota 2 is improving every year, and if you want to make bets only on the major competitions in this game, now is a great opportunity to do so. And online bookmakers that accept bets on cyber sports can always provide you with a wide range of bets and favourable odds.




How dota 2 betting differs from classic sports betting?

Understand the main differences

Strangely enough, but it is an obvious fact that the choice of betting on Dota 2 is more extensive than betting on classic sports. Nevertheless, you need to constantly be looking for good competitive betting odds for Dota 2 games, because not all online bookmakers can offer you high quality betting conditions.

Furthermore, keep in mind that betting on strong teams will not always bring you stable winnings. This is the interesting thing about betting on Dota 2, that even a new team with relatively unknown players can win even the biggest tournament, as it happened, for example, in 2016, when almost unknown team Wings Gaming was able to beat all their competitors and win almost ten million dollars.

So take your time to analyse the Dota 2 pro scene, and then you will have a great chance to get a massive win from a small bet.


Top dota 2 teams you should bet on

Which teams are the greatest of all time?

Although there are a lot of Dota 2 teams nowadays, there are still some organisations that successfully compile powerful teams, and with impressive consistency they occupy the top places at the biggest tournaments.  We can remember OG, which after a great game at The International, the next year showed absolutely unreal results, and won two major tournaments on Dota 2. Moreover, they decided not to stop there, having won first place at The International twice.

However, other teams these days are keeping up with this great team. Team Spirit always performs at a high level, even despite roster changes and other problems. And Gaimin Gladiators in 2023 simply destroyed their competitors, taking the first places in the top six major Dota 2 tournaments.


Betting tips for dota 2

To summarize this article, we are going to give you some extremely useful Dota 2 tips that you can confidently use:

Understand the markets

Obviously, betting on the winner is the easiest way to place bets in Dota 2, but there are so many bets in this challenging and very unpredictable game that can bring you much more enjoyment and earnings. You can try the different options you learned from our article, place bets on events, player results and make other creative bets.

The downside is that not every cyber sports online bookmaker can offer you a decent selection for betting on Dota 2. So, if you want more variety in your betting, choose your betting venue very carefully. Alternatively, in our ranking you will definitely find excellent specialized bookmakers that offer their guests all possible betting on Dota 2.

Analyse draft picks and strategies

Always keep an eye on the game meta, and always know which hero is at the peak of power right now, and which picks and bans are the most common on the pro scene right now. You should know which peaks are created for early dominance, and which heroes can be picked in order to prevent the early dominance.

Knowing which picks and bans can help you a lot when you are betting on Dota 2. No matter how good a player is on a particular hero, if his hero doesn’t interact well with the rest of the picks, and the other team’s heroes can easily counter him, the probability of winning on such a hero will be close to zero.

Of course there are exceptions to these rules, but it is impossible to predict by 100% what will happen in any match. Therefore, follow the trendy picks and strategies, and listen to analysts and commentators, as they can often suggest you exactly the right solution for a successful bet on Dota 2.

Be aware

Of course, you need to be familiar with new patches, which usually strengthen some heroes, weaken others and change the properties of game items. You also need to read the news, which states changes in the composition of the teams, as the absence of just one player, or his illness can change the whole balance of power of the tournament.

Bet wisely

Betting on Dota 2 should bring you pleasure and happiness, but not pain and disappointment. So under no circumstances do not take a very serious attitude to betting on Dota 2, and never bet your last money, or amounts that you can not afford. Dota 2 is a highly unpredictable game, and even a strong favorite can lose to an outsider just because of one mistake in the game, or untimely bought items.

Therefore, continue to enjoy your betting on Dota 2 while keeping a cold head, and never place bets to win back a lost bet, or to make money for your food. Remember that gambling addiction can be very serious and can lead to extremely upsetting results. If you have problems with this, you can even ask the administration of the bookmaker portal to suspend the activity of your account for a while.



Discover the ideal dota 2 betting company

Previously, you would have had to search for a long time to find a betting company that could accept your Dota 2 bet and would offer favorable odds, but nowadays we have more than enough of such websites. Nevertheless, you need to put some effort to find a really high quality online bookmaker.

Always compare betting odds for Dota 2 matches to find really good deals. It is also important for you to find a good selection of different markets to bet on, and good bonuses offered for cyber disciplines will help you make more profit from your betting.


Who has the best betting options

Because of the current popularity of Dota 2, and the demand for betting on this MOBA game, you will always find a place where to bet on it. Of course, betting portals that have been in the betting markets for a long time can offer you good odds, as well as simple basic betting markets. On these portals you will be able to place your bets on the major Dota 2 tournaments as well as on the most famous teams.

Nevertheless, this is definitely not the entire range of services that a high quality online bookmaker can potentially offer. If you use the services of a bookmaker that specializes in cyber sports disciplines, you will certainly get access to a much larger selection of markets, good odds and more minor tournaments. Therefore, choose your Dota 2 betting bookmaker wisely, and select the betting website that will best suit your requirements.