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Riot unveils two VALORANT new skin sets: G.U.N. and Smite

Riot Games is being quite active recently in terms of new stuff coming to VALORANT. This week we have known

Riot Games reveals First Strike VALORANT tournament series

Riot Games has announced its plans to run its own VALORANT tournament titled First Strike. This is Riot's next step

Andbox unveil VALORANT division with three former Complexity CS:GO members

New York based esports organization Andbox has revealed their move into VALORANT. The parent company of Call of Duty League's

VALORANT patch notes 1.08: Raze nerfed, Guardian buffed, map rotation adjusted

VALORANT's latest patch doesn't pack the same punch as the previous but there's still some big changes in 1.08. The

VALORANT non-damaging assists will be reflected in Combat Scores

Once again, Riot Games has made an effort to reach out to its community in one of its most successful

BLAST VALORANT Ignition Series details - stream, teams, schedule

The BLAST VALORANT Ignition Series event is set to kick off this weekend for Europe and we've got all the

100 Thieves sign steel to VALORANT team; unites with Hiko & nitr0

Chaos has bid farewell to Joshua "steel" Nissan as the former CS:GO in-game leader has been signed to 100 Thieves.

VALORANT patch 1.07 notes: Sage & Killjoy nerfed alongside all shotguns, Breach buffed, & more

Riot is pushing a rather large update for VALORANT and it's gaining a lot of attention. The VALORANT 1.07 patch

steel to leave CS:GO to pursue VALORANT - report

Joshua "Steel" Nissan will be making the move from professional Counter-Strike to VALORANT. This informations comes from a report by

VALORANT patch 1.06 notes: air shotgun nerf, audio & visual adjustments, bug fixes

Riot has released the patch notes for the upcoming 1.06 update to VALORANT. This update has been dubbed "Air Shotgun"

Liga Adarna to host all-women DOTA 2, MLBB, & VALORANT tournament for COVID-19

An all-women esports tournament is on its way to the Philippines to raise money for COVID-19 programs thanks to Smart