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Cybersport at the moment is at its prime and can compete with betting on classic sports in terms of both the number of games and the amount of audience. From this we can conclude that the same thing can be said about betting on eSports. If you are just starting to get interested in betting on eSports, you may even get lost in the abundance of different disciplines.

In the past, you were able to place your bets on literally two or three different esport disciplines at bookmakers, but now you can make bets on dozens of games using a good betting company. In the following we will familiarize you with the most popular eSports betting games.


Cyber sports betting markets

Cyber sports have witnessed a meteoric rise in popularityattracting millions of passionate fans worldwide. Games such as League of LegendsDota 2CounterStrikeGlobal Offensiveand Fortnite have become global phenomenawith competitive tournaments drawing massive online audiences and offering substantial prize pools.

There are several platforms and bookmakers that offer eSports betting. Some of them provide the opportunity to bet on various types of games, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch and other popular disciplines.

Top esports betting markets for MOBA games

  • Dota 2 Betting market
  • League of Legends Betting market
  • Smite Betting market
  • Heroes of The Storm Betting market

These games have been in the top of the best MOBA games for many years already. Since they are played by millions of players from all over the world, we can safely conclude that bettors are betting on these games most often and most frequently. But you can also find other representatives of this genre, if your bookmaker supports them, as for example Arena of Valor or Paladins.

Top esports betting markets for FPS games

  • CSGO Betting market
  • Halo Betting market
  • Valorant Betting market
  • Call of Duty Betting market
  • Overwatch Betting market
  • Rainbow 6 Betting market
  • TF2 Betting market

Nowadays, competitive online shooters are successfully competing with MOBA genre games in popularity and number of bets on such games. As you have already realized from our list, the number of betting markets on online first-person shooters is higher than other sports disciplines, so if you are a fan of this genre, you will always have a lot of choices. But this is not all games of this kind, and you can always find alternatives or bet on brand new online shooters on the big betting websites.

Top esports betting markets for sport simulators

  • FIFA Betting market
  • NBA2K Betting market
  • NHL Betting market
  • Tennis Betting market
  • SIMRacing Betting market
  • Rocket League Betting market


As you can understand from the title, sports simulators are those games where you can compete in classic sports. These games are very similar to real sport, and you may not even realize that you are watching a FIFA esport game, not a real soccer match, because everything in these games is very realistic.

Many of these disciplines are sponsored by real teams, and during the Covid era, drivers of real cars were competing in racing simulators. In addition, nowadays it is possible to observe a trend where young bettors prefer to bet on sports simulators because of the greater predictability and faster dynamics of the game.

Top esports betting markets for various games:

  • Fortnite Betting market
  • Hearthstone Betting market
  • Apex Legends Betting market
  • Clash Royale Betting market
  • PUBG Betting market
  • Super Smash Bros Betting market
  • StarCraft 2 Betting market
  • Street Fighter Betting market
  • Tekken Betting market
  • World Of Warcraft Betting market

There are some cyber disciplines that cannot be fully categorized as a specific genre, such as card games, fighting games, or battle royale. Nevertheless, these games have a huge fanbase, and you can place bets on them at almost any online bookmaker. And of course, these games have their own tournaments, which bring together some of the best teams, and create huge spectacular battles.

Major sports betting markets – on what can i bet?

You have already learned about the best markets for online gaming, now it’s time to find out what you can actually bet on. Of course, there are different bets for different games, but there are always basic things you can bet on. Here are the most popular types of bets:

  • Game winner. The simplest bet you place on the one who will win a certain match.
  • Winner of a round/card/series.This bet you can place on the winner of a certain round/card/series, depending on your favorite game.
  • Correct score. This bet is already much more complicated than the previous ones, but if you understand the game well, this is a great option for your betting.
  • If the game you are going to bet on has a time limit, you can bet on a potential overtime.
  • Handicap bet. This is a bet in which any weak opponent is given some benefit in the form of repeated goals, points or seconds. The main meaning of handicap is the possibility to equalize the chances of both teams. This feature allows you to actively use the handicap, which applies to different types of cybersports.
  • First Blood. This is a quite popular type of bet in a number of different shooter and MOBA games. You have to correctly predict which player from any team will make the first kill.

But these are not all types of esports markets. For each individual game on a good betting website you can find many more different offers, and if you know your game well, you can make much more interesting and complex bets.



Top betting markets for novices

If you are just starting to make bets on cyber sports, such a large selection can confuse you. And if you haven’t made any bets before, then the challenge becomes quite difficult to comprehend.

There is no particular game where betting can be simple and profitable. You have to play and understand the game you are going to bet on. Even the most basic knowledge will not let you get confused and place a obviously losing bet, and with the experience of watching tournaments on this game you will understand it more and better.

The best option for your bets is to choose big cyber disciplines, and bet on big tournaments where the probability of rigged matches is at a minimum. We have already listed such esports games above, and in general, you should start with the one that you understand the most. In addition, we recommend you to start with the simplest bets, and when you gain some experience, you will understand what to bet on by yourself.

And, obviously, you should keep an eye on the professional scene of the selected game to stay up to date with the latest news, rivalries and lineup changes.