CS2 Betting Guide: Tips on how to place bets on Counter-Strike in 2024

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Betting on cybersports is currently becoming more popular than ever, but CS:GO  even now is a standout amongst its competitors, because bettors absolutely love this online shooter, and they will not even consider a bookmaker that is not accepting betting on this game or has a very poor event spread. With so many different tournaments and leagues to choose from, the ever-growing popularity of CS:GO is only increasing, and good bookmaker websites are offering an almost limitless choice for betting on this classic online shooter. However, if you are a fan of CS:GO/CS 2 but are a novice at betting, this article will work perfectly for you. In this article, we will cover all the details and nuances that will ensure you will always be on the winning side when betting on CS:GO. CSGO BETS GUIDE

How does cs 2 work and how is it played?

At the moment, we can definitely state that CS:GO is the world’s biggest betting game and the most popular shooter in existence. This can be explained by the fact that WIKI CS:GO provides a lot of emotions both from the gameplay itself, when you are playing it, as well as from watching professional games. An unsophisticated person may believe that this is actually a very straightforward game. A team of counter-terrorists is attempting to defeat team of terrorists and prevent them from planting a bomb. Only five people against another team of five players, seemingly, so what’s so interesting? But in reality is a challenging tactical shooter with a lot of complex details and nuances that can easily change the course of gameplay at any given moment.

The objective for each team in the tournament is to win sixteen game rounds, although each round will be different from the other. The thing is that at first each team is equipped only with pistols, and for each kill they earn some money. With this amount of money a team can buy more powerful weapons, ammunition, grenades, which may fundamentally change the playing teams’ tactics and strategies. Moreover, in the situation of only two or three unsuccessful rounds, a team might be out of their money, and this means that their firepower will be much lower compared to the other team. The challenge is that the team has to be able to quickly adapt to every possible scenario and instantly adapt to it. Therefore, this is essentially a complex tactical shooter game based on a progressive financial model, and this is exactly the reason why this game is so entertaining and fast-paced. HOW DOES CSGO WORK AND HOW IS IT PLAYED

Quick history of betting on cs go

During the early 2000s, CS 2 had already become extremely popular, and organizations were starting to organize a lot of tournaments to satisfy the needs of experienced players. Together with this, there were many people watching, who were supporting their favorite teams and, of course, didn’t really mind betting their money on these teams. After nearly two decades, it all reached the world level, and now hardly anyone can compare with CS:GO in terms of viewership and the number of bets placed. Meanwhile, legalization and official tournaments in turn gave an acceleration in the popularity of CS 2, so that the bookmakers simply had no choice.

Nowadays, even in a small bookmaker’s office you have the opportunity to place bets on a huge number of interesting matches with players from every part of the world. Since almost every betting website is ready to accept your bet on CS:GO, many people do not understand where better to do it, and also how to make it profitable. This is what we will tell you about in the following.

How to place bets on csgo

So, you’re probably a CS:GO fan, and you have decided to place a bet on your favorite team to fuel your interest or win money using your knowledge. Well, it’s not complicated, and all you need to do is:

  • Select a good online bookmaker from our rating;
  • Register on the selected website;
  • Make a deposit on the desired amount;
  • Choose the game you are interested in and see what bets can be placed on it;
  • Once selected, bet money on your predicted match results;
  • That’s it, now you can just watch the game and enjoy cheering for your chosen team.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here. In case you have been involved in betting before, you have already realized that betting on CS:GO is practically no different from classic betting on sports disciplines.

Why to make bets in csgo

Each bettor has his own reasons for betting on CS:GO, and this is because there are quite a few of them. For example, many players watch matches with their friends and if your friends bet on the other team to win, this can become a very fun and active pastime. Additionally, watching the match you are betting on is numerous times more engaging than normally watching the game. Although you may get negative emotions when you lose, but nevertheless, it is just an unexciting part of this process. But when you win, you will not only get a ton of positive emotions, but you will also increase your budget, which is certainly very satisfying as well.

What to keep in mind when you bet on csgo

If you want to succeed, then you must have a good understanding of the game. Betting on the favorite, of course, is the most straightforward, but upsets are quite frequently happening in this game, besides the winnings won’t be that great. It is necessary for you to have a good understanding of the specifics of betting and odds to bet profitably over the long distance. For this purpose, you need to spend a lot of time watching games, and understand which team is in good condition now, or which player can decide the outcome of the match. Obviously, you will have to spend a lot of time for this purpose, but if you are a fan of this game, this process will be quite exciting, and the outcome will certainly be satisfying. WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN YOU BET ON CSGO

CS GO betting tips

The most important advice: always remember that you are betting on CS:GO to have fun in the first place. Almost no one is able to always profitably place bets, and then live with this money, because this practice will always end very badly. You should know the game well enough to maximize the profits from your bets. Even if you have been playing for many years, the professional scene is a different level of the game with its own specificities in which you must be well versed. For example, you should know:

  1. Does the team have good morale right now?
  2. Which map the team plays better on?
  3. Team opposition history.
  4. Changes to the main roster can be critical.
  5. Whether it is convenient for the team to play at the scheduled time?

And of course, all your knowledge will be almost useless if you have chosen a fraudulent bookmaker. You should use our rating, so that the website that will suit you, will be harmless and will offer good bonuses and promotions for betting on CS:GO.

Is it safe to bet on cs 2?

Many beginning bettors are concerned about their money and personal information when it comes to betting on CS:GO. But you don’t have to be concerned if you choose a reputable website with a strong reputation and an up-to-date and active license. Nowadays you can easily find a sufficient number of online betting websites where you can safely and comfortably bet on CS:GO, for instance you can choose a betting site from our rating. The point is that you can find honest bookmakers, but there are also a lot of scammers in this industry, and if you choose a questionable online institution, you will eventually lose your money, waste your time and nerves, and possibly be disappointed in betting on CS:GO. For this reason, you should always carefully choose an online bookmaker, and especially carefully choose portals that offer you to win skins for CS:GO, as the percentage of dishonest sites in this category is extremely high.


What are the best events for betting on csgo

Nowadays the choice of tournaments and events for betting on CS:GO is extremely high, and you will always have the opportunity to make a bet. But the biggest tournaments bring together the best players from all over the world, and the competition on them is very tough. Because of this, such tournaments are attracting a huge number of spectators and bettors. The biggest of them you will see below.

ESL Pro League

In this major tournament, the 24 teams that are at the very top of the rankings are competing. This event has been running since 2015 and deservedly gathers spectators and fans twice a year.

BLAST Premier

These competitions continue for a whole year and consist of seven tournaments, which take place over a 12-month period. Accordingly, you can watch the Grand Final at the end of the year.


In this league 16 best CS:GO teams compete for the victory and a huge monetary prize. This tournament is organized by the Saudi Cybersport Federation, and from the first time this tournament attracted a lot of fans and bettors on CS:GO.

IEM Katowice и IEM Cologne

These two tournaments have been gathering all fans of CS:GO near the screens for a long time, as it has a solid prize money, good reputation, and quite a long history. You can watch it twice a year, in February and July.

What are the best events for betting on CS GO

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