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Not so long ago, a new discipline appeared in the world of cybersports, which quickly gained the popularity among players and became the discovery of gaming in 2023 and an unquestionable success story of video games. This game is known as Valorant, and this game successfully combined elements of a shooter and a combat arena.

Valorant has quickly entered the world of competitive gaming, and just as quickly it has burst into the cyber sports betting industry. For that reason, in this review we will introduce you to this fascinating game, and, of course, to betting on it. This subject is impossible to ignore, as its popularity is rapidly increasing day by day, and bettors are switching to it, while discovering interesting betting opportunities.

Valorant Betting

Where to place bets on valorant

Each and every bettor who decides to make bets on cybersports, particularly on Valorant, is always concerned with the question of where is the optimal and most profitable platform to place such bets. This is complicated by the fact that nowadays we have a huge number of online cybersport betting portals that are just waiting for you to deposit your money into your account, and the main problem is that some of these portals have a big advantage over others.

For this reason, it is actually not such an easy task to choose a trustworthy Valorant betting website that will provide good odds, a good selection of matches, and will be safe and stable.  Understanding this, we have analyzed the current offers in the market of Valorant betting, and made a high-quality rating, in which you can easily select the betting portal that is suitable for you.

How to bet on valorant

Once you have selected a good credible betting site, the next task for an unprepared bettor is to understand how to bet on Valorant successfully and profitably. Further, you need to create a personal account on the chosen platform, make a deposit, choose bonuses to your liking, and start making bets.

If you are not a very experienced player, watching professional games and big tournaments will greatly help you. So before betting large sums on Valorant, you should start by watching the big events, study the available odds, and soon you will start to understand all the specifics much better, so your bets will become a more successful ones.


Get an advantage in valorent betting

Valorant itself may not be a very complicated game, unlike MOBA games, but it still has a lot of nuances that you need to understand from the very beginning. That is why we are going to provide you with some good tips on how to get an advantage in Valorant betting.

Monitor the performance of the most successful teams, learn more about their strategies, players and opponents. Every team has its high and low points, and you should keep up to date with the latest Valorant news to successfully place bets on the long distance.

You should also have a good understanding of odds and betting combinations in order to maximize your profit from betting on Valorant.

Even if you think you have a good understanding of this game, it is not unreasonable to explore online resources where this game is discussed. Sometimes you may encounter an alternative opinion that may make you reconsider some aspects of the game, or read an insight that will change the course of the following match.

The best events for valorant bets

If you already have some experience in cybersports betting, you are well aware that the major activity takes place at the largest and most popular tournaments. Millions of dollars are being bet on such tournaments, and the probability of a rigged match is literally impossible.

VALORANT’s biggest event is the VALORANT Champions Tour, which brings together the best talented players from all over the world and provides interesting and exciting matches for spectators and fans of cyber sports betting. The VALORANT Champions Tour takes place all year long, and one way or another, you will have to be interested in following this major tournament system.

You should also pay very close attention to the Masters Events and Global Championship tournaments. These tournaments also bring together the best teams in Valorant, have decent prize payouts and are well advertised on the web. These are great events to make a bet and support your favorite teams.


What is valorant?

In case you like to place bets on cybersports but are not yet familiar with the concept of the Valorant game, we will try to explain to you what this fast-paced discipline is essentially about.

Valorant was developed by the big company Riot Games, which created such a huge hit as League of Legends. This is why in Valorant you will meet familiar characters, if you have previously played League of Legends, of course.

This shooter is very similar to the very popular titles Overwatch and Apex Legends, because a system of different perks and abilities has been added to the mechanics of this shooter. The unique and creative abilities of the heroes is what makes Valorant stand out among the usual shooters, as with the help of these abilities you can create crazy combinations, and build incredible strategies and tactics.

Like in any other major online game, in Valorant you will find a lot of interesting modes to play, conventional games without rating, and a well thought out rating system. In addition, the developers have devoted a lot of time to the development of interesting game lore, and each character has its own unique story, which is reflected in its gameplay in one way or another. And of course, a huge advantage is the fact that you can play Valorant absolutely free, which partially explains the incredible popularity of this cyberdiscipline.

Regrettably, for now online shooter Valorant is available only for personal computer users, but it is possible that in the future this game will be released on consoles, which will provide it with even more popularity and appreciation.


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