League of legends betting tips – find out how to bet on lol

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You have most probably already heard about a competitive online game called League of Legends, even if you have absolutely no interest in cyber sports. In this article we will be discussing League of Legends. We will introduce you to the game if you haven’t heard about it yet, and of course we will provide you with the most important information, in particular, what types of betting are offered by bookmakers and what strategies should be used when betting on LoL.


Betting on league of legends

League of Legends is a globally recognisable strategy game in the MOBA genre that brings together millions of players every month to team up and fight for the top spot. The game has many local tournaments and international championships, which are the focus for not only cyber athletes, but bookmakers as well. The best LoL teams are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are played only by the best players of this cybersport discipline.

Nowadays, League of Legends betting is available in almost all betting offices. We will highlight some of the things you should consider so that you can choose the suitable betting platform and not encounter any problems.

Top reasons why you need to experience betting on lol

League of Legends has become the undisputed leader of the industry for the entire duration of the cybersporting competition, and rightfully deserves its tremendous popularity. The audience is also massively betting on this video game, and there are a number of reasons for that.


League of legends is a worldwide game changer

League of Legends is without a doubt the iconic game with the largest audience in the world. Today, it has more than one hundred million players on six continents. No other cybersport discipline can boast such a global audience. League of Legends World Championships and invitational events traditionally gather tens of millions at broadcasts.

Lol betting is completely controlled

Riot Games has worked hard to fully control League of Legends, and they have succeeded perfectly. League of Legends players get the opportunity to play their favourite game professionally, and bettors from all over the world can be absolutely confident about the results of their bets, because the results of these matches are always fair.

Betting on league of legends is an action-packed

Not many cyber sports disciplines can boast as spectacular and dynamic gameplay as League of Legends. For example, the low popularity of Overwatch is caused by the fact that it is difficult to watch, and the broadcast can not show all the interesting moments. But LoL is always at the top in terms of entertainment, and by betting on this game, you can raise your interest level to the maximum level.


Lol betting tips

Like any cyber sports discipline, League of Legends has its own particular characteristics, so the novice bettor needs to take them into account if he decides to start betting on this game.


Pick the top bookies

When you are planning to start betting on LoL tournaments, you need to find a good betting website. There are many on the market, but it would be a careless decision to register at the first site you come across. To make money through betting on cyber sports, you need to look at reviews of bookmakers and understand what criteria they should pay attention to.

When a bettor wants to bet on League of Legends eSports, they need to pay attention to a number of factors, including:

  • presence of a licence at the bookmaker’s office;
  • assortment of cyber sports events;
  • usage of secure encryption protocols on the site;
  • provision of several payment options;
  • reliable support service.


Dependable betting companies should offer their clients a wide range of cyber sporting events. If the website only has bets on the world tournament, players will only visit this bookmaker once a year. Therefore, a good bookmaker should give you access to the biggest leagues in the world, majors and even minors. If the bookmaker is not able to provide a wide overview of leagues, bettors may sooner or later be forced to go to competitors.

Betting on cyber sports tournaments should be different, one where you can bet on more than just the winners of matches or tournaments. Popular betting companies offer betting on the first frag, map winner, baron kill and other options. Thanks to the variety of betting options, bettors can make money on one event in several ways, so keep this factor in mind, because it is one of the main ones.

Bookmakers are offering different odds for identical cyber sports events, and it is important for you to remember that there may be different types of odds on the market. Therefore, it is worth analysing them and figuring out which option will be preferable for you. But you should not register on a betting website that offers odds that are much higher than the market odds, as there is a high risk of being registered on a fraudulent website.

Online betting is a special advantage that not all bookmakers have. Thanks to such offers, you can bet on matches in which the overall tendency is already noticeable. Reputable betting companies can offer not only live tournament betting, but also free streaming for their clients, which increases the loyalty to the company from the bettors.

Benefit from special esports bonuses

An equally important criterion is the bonuses that can be applied for betting on League of Legends. You can often find welcome bonuses, but additional promotions, and loyalty schemes are available only at high quality bookmakers. The use of bonuses increases your interest in choosing a betting website and allows you to increase your bankroll at no additional cost.

Be familiar with the game and its betting markets

As the League of Legends game has developed and grown in popularity, the betting variation has also increased. If previously online bookmakers offered you to make bets on the outcome of the tournament, now League of Legends bets include a number of events that can happen in the game.

  • Betting on the winner. This is the simplest type of bet where the main favourite of the match is decided. What is remarkable about it is that League of Legends cyber sports tournaments do not involve the possibility of a draw.
  • Betting on the exact score. This evaluates the ratio of killed characters each team has at the end of the round. The traditional format of the game can be played with a score of up to three points.
  • First Blood. You are challenged to choose the team that will be the first to make a kill in the championship. This is considered to be the most risky bet on League of Legends, as the element of chance plays a big role in it.
  • Betting on maps. These are bets on the victory of one of the teams outright or with a minimal advantage in the score.
  • Inhibitor destructions. Inhibitors are structures that block enemy super minions from appearing on the map. You can bet on who will destroy an Inhibitor first, whether both teams will be able to do it and what the total destruction will be.
  • Total destroyed buildings. This is a bet in which you need to determine the number of destroyed towers at the end of each round or the whole match. Some betting companies are offering to bet on the team that will be the first one that will destroy the defence tower.
  • Total frags. These are the most difficult League of Legends bets to analyse and they have the highest odds. You need to predict the total number of heroes killed by players of one of the teams.
  • Individual team and player totals. These are bets on the individual achievements of individual players or teams (in terms of kills, destroyed towers, taking Nashor, etc.).
  • Character bans. Before the start of the game, each team can ban one hero and he will be inaccessible to the opponents, which gives certain game advantages.
  • Long-term betting. Here bookmakers offer to make long-term LoL predictions, specifically to determine which team will reach the final/superfinal and become the winner of the tournament;
  • Special types of bets. On the top matches betting companies are increasing the spread, adding unusual bets on League of Legends: on the type of dragon, the amount of gold gained, counterpicks, map duration and others.


Stay tuned for league of legends updates

Any change of meta or replacement of players can dramatically change the position of power in the tournament. That’s why, if you intend to make money on League of Legends betting, you need to take the time to read the news, and be aware of the latest changes.


What can i bet on with lol betting?

Best lol teams for betting

League of Legends is considered to be one of the most popular games in the sphere of cybersports. Its prize money reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, each well-known brand in this industry has a special LoL team.

To understand which teams you can bet on, you must find a League of Legends team that is consistently winning. As a result, you can bet on the results of such a team, no matter what country it represents. So bet on your chosen team, whether it is Royal Club or Team SoloMid, and get a good profit from it.



Not many betting sites are offering a wide range of betting options on League of Legends. But the vast majority of bookmakers do not ignore the top tournaments, giving players the opportunity to bet on League of Legends with high odds. Such tournaments include the following:

  • League of Legends World Championship, where the best teams from around the world compete for high-value prizes.
  • Mid-Season Invitational is a regional championship that gives teams and individual players a chance to prove themselves and qualify for international tournaments.
  • Rift Rivals is a series of the most important interregional matches, featuring teams from related regions;
  • Minor Championships are various public and private tournaments that help amateur teams to make a name for themselves and reach the top leagues.

Thus, the good news is that you can always find an interesting match to place your bets on.


Know the core lol mechanics before making your bets

League of Legends is a complicated and complex discipline, and not all bettors choose to bet on it, because they think that it is very difficult for them to understand this game. But if you watch a few matches and listen to the commentators, you will start to understand what is going on in the game much better.

Of course, you need to know which heroes combine well with each other, and who can kill dragons and barons faster at the beginning of the match. The starting pick of the team at the beginning of the prediction stage helps to determine the favourites and outsiders of the upcoming game.

Basically, the more you learn about this game, the more games you watch, and the more you listen to professional analysts, the more your bets on League of Legends will be a winning one.


League of legends live betting

With all the different betting options available, experienced bookmaker clients recommend betting on League of Legends on live action. Only by watching how the teams perform in the course of the game is it possible to determine the winner with a higher probability and make a successful bet on the outcome or handicaps.

On the website of a good online bookmaker you will find a good selection of live bets, as well as the opportunity to watch the game by viewing the broadcast directly on the site.



Differences between traditional bets and league of legends betting

Many major bookmakers, who have been in the betting market for a long time, are accepting bets on League of Legends. But still, you need to know the difference between betting on League of Legends and betting on classic sports.

  • Lots of events. Most bookmakers only accept bets on big tournaments. As cybersport is still a relatively new trend for betting, bookmakers are still afraid to allow betting on small tournaments.
  • Like any MOBA, League of Legends is a very unpredictable game. If you bet on the favourite, for example in basketball, it is almost always a sure win. But in League of Legends everything is so much harder to predict. But this is also a big advantage for bettors, as you are much more likely to get a big payout on an outsider who wins regardless of the low odds.


Fantasy league of legends betting

If betting on League of Legends is not enough for you and you want to diversify your leisure time, we recommend you to try betting on fantasy LOL. In this discipline, you need to create your team, and gain points by beating other players in a tournament. So you can try League of Legends fantasy for a bit of variety.


Legality of betting on league of legends

Safety in betting on any sport or cybersport is always a very important aspect, because you can permanently lose a large amount of your money. So please read a few tips on how to protect yourself from such a situation.

Your country’s gambling regulations

Several countries have legal restrictions for betting on cyber sports. So make sure exactly that you are authorised to bet on League of Legends in the location where you live.

Licence and safety

Only choose betting websites that have an active licence. Without a licence, such as from Curacao, Malta, or the UK, the betting site is most probably going to cheat you and will not pay you your winnings.

High quality licensed betting services apply high security standards. In order to operate legally in this market, they obtain licences from the largest regulatory authorities in the world. They also use modern data encryption protocols, which allows them to secure the information about their clients and prevent their data from falling into the hands of fraudsters.

So carefully choose a portal for betting on League of Legends, and pay attention to its licence and methods of protecting your money and personal information.


Payment methods

Having several ways to deposit and withdraw money from your account makes it much more convenient and faster for you to place your bets. For example, it would be a bad idea for you to register on a betting site where the only way to receive money is through bank transfer.

Most of all, cyber sports bettors use betting sites where payment can be made via bank cards and e-wallets. Some cyber sports bookmakers also accept cryptocurrency for deposit and allow you to withdraw winnings to such accounts.

payment method



As you might have realised from this article, betting on League of Legends is quite a fun and exciting pastime. Of course, you will have to learn a lot and watch a plenty of tournaments to win constantly, but you have already got all the other useful information from this review.

So choose a good betting provider for betting on League of Legends, and try your luck right now!



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