PUBG is one of the most popular esports disciplines in the world. By the number of prize money played, this game is in the top 6 of the rating. The strongest esportsmen of the planet fight for the impressive sums that are played at tournaments. The best player in PUBG is capable of becoming a dollar millionaire.

The largest prize pool in this game was drawn in 2021. As part of the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021, esportsmen competed for $7 million. The participants earned a lot of money from this, and also noticeably advanced in the rankings.

The top PUBG player trains hard every day. Hard work is rewarded with big money, fame and glory. Moreover, they earn online without leaving home – not a job, but a dream. However, behind a hundred successful esports players there are thousands of guys who were not lucky enough to break into the highest echelons of the esports world. They either hang out endlessly in the lower divisions of PUBG or give up their dream and stop playing.

The most famous pro players in PUBG:
1) Loki;
2) Esther;
3) Pio.