Which item to purchase for increased survivability and when: Immortality, Wind of Nature, or Winter Truncheon?

Immortality, Wind of Nature, or Winter Truncheon

When it comes to the fast-paced battles of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, making crucial decisions can be the difference between victory and defeat. One such decision revolves around the choice between three essential survivability items: Immortality, Wind of Nature, and Winter Truncheon. These items provide a crucial safety net in case you find yourself targeted in the heat of battle.

Each item brings its unique benefits to the table. Immortality grants a second chance at life, resurrecting your hero upon death. Wind of Nature offers a temporary shield against critical hits, reducing the damage inflicted upon you. Winter Truncheon provides a precious few seconds of invulnerability, allowing you to reposition or launch a counterattack.

However, selecting the right item requires careful consideration. Factors like your hero’s playstyle, the enemy team composition, and the current state of the match must all be taken into account. Additionally, the decision of whether to stack these items, combining their effects for increased survivability, can be a complex one.

Determining the Right Time to Purchase Immortality, Wind of Nature, or Winter Truncheon in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

When it comes to survivability items in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Immortality, Wind of Nature, and Winter Truncheon each play a vital role in providing crucial moments of respite and advantage during intense battles.

While they all serve the purpose of granting precious time for escape or allowing teammates to catch up, the ways in which they achieve this differ significantly. Understanding their unique mechanics and when to utilize them can be the key to turning the tide of a match in your favor.

Know which survivability item

Immortality, renowned for its versatility, offers a boost in HP and Physical Defense that proves beneficial to both fragile mages and resilient fighters alike. However, what truly sets it apart is its game-changing Unique Passive, Immortal. This remarkable ability grants a second chance at life, resurrecting you on the battlefield a few seconds after your demise. This can be an absolute game-changer, providing a valuable opportunity to turn defeat into victory or secure an objective before being taken down again.

On the other hand, Wind of Nature specializes in mitigating critical hits and reducing damage taken. This item provides a temporary shield against critical strikes, offering a crucial buffer when facing opponents who rely heavily on critical damage. By activating Wind of Nature at the right moment, you can significantly reduce the impact of enemy attacks, granting you a window of time to retaliate or escape.

Winter Truncheon takes a different approach to survivability by providing a brief period of invulnerability. When activated, this item renders you immune to all damage for a short duration, allowing you to reposition yourself strategically, avoid lethal abilities, or even turn the tables on pursuing enemies. Mastering the timing of Winter Truncheon can be a game-changer, enabling you to make bold plays or survive otherwise dire situations.

As with any strategic decision in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, understanding when to purchase and utilize these items is crucial. Factors such as your hero’s role, the enemy team composition, and the state of the match should all be considered. Additionally, it’s important to adapt your itemization choices based on the changing dynamics of the game.

By familiarizing yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of Immortality, Wind of Nature, and Winter Truncheon, you can optimize your survivability, seize critical opportunities, and make decisive contributions to your team’s success.


Wind of Nature is an item that increases your physical attack

Wind of Nature distinguishes itself as a specialized item tailored specifically for marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. By providing a significant boost to both Physical Attack and Attack Speed, it becomes an indispensable choice for marksmen seeking to maximize their offensive potential. However, its benefits extend beyond offense alone, as it also enhances survivability with the inclusion of a percentage of Lifesteal, which allows marksmen to regain health during intense battles and sustain themselves on the battlefield.

One of the standout features of Wind of Nature is its Unique Active ability, Wind Chant. When activated, this skill grants temporary immunity to all Physical damage, effectively shielding marksmen from the onslaught of burst damage heroes such as Aldous or Hayabusa. This defensive advantage provides marksmen, who are often considered squishy and vulnerable, with a valuable opportunity to outmatch their adversaries and turn the tables in their favor.

Unlike Immortality, which is typically acquired as a fourth item or later in the game, Wind of Nature can be prioritized as a core item for certain heroes. By obtaining it early on, marksmen can capitalize on the increased physical offense it offers, which not only amplifies their kill potential but also augments their farming speed, enabling them to acquire gold and experience at a faster rate. Additionally, the availability of Wind Chant as a reliable safety net further solidifies the value of this item, providing marksmen with a crucial tool for survival and positioning during team fights.

In a similar vein, Winter Truncheon occupies a unique position as an item that bridges the gap between offense and defense. Its inclusion of additional Magic Power enhances the potency of magic-based skills, making it a desirable choice for mages. Furthermore, the supplementary HP and Physical Defense it provides allow heroes to better withstand attacks from Physical Damage heroes, ensuring their longevity in battles.

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The defining feature of Winter Truncheon is its Unique Passive, Frozen, which temporarily freezes the hero, rendering them impervious to all forms of damage and debuffs. This ability proves exceptionally valuable when facing off against heroes like Claude, Wanwan, and Gusion, who rely heavily on their damage-dealing capabilities. However, it’s important to note that activating Frozen comes at a cost, as heroes are unable to deal damage or move during this frozen state. As such, strategic timing and careful consideration are necessary to make the most effective use of this unique ability.

While Winter Truncheon is often acquired as a late-game item, primarily favored by mages, heroes from other classes can also derive substantial benefits from its attributes. In situations where Immortality’s passive effect is on cooldown, Winter Truncheon can serve as a valuable alternative, offering an additional layer of survivability and utility.

Understanding the strengths and advantages of Wind of Nature and Winter Truncheon allows players to make informed decisions about their itemization choices. By strategically incorporating these items into their builds, players can optimize their heroes’ performance, seize critical opportunities, and contribute significantly to their team’s success on the battleground of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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