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PUBG Season 13 adds map updates, new Emergency Landing, and Secret Room mechanics for Taego

New mechanics and some needed updates.

Tribe Gaming receives strategic investment from Spurs Sports and Entertainment

The San Antonio-based mobile gaming organization aims to leverage this investment to "dominate" mobile esports.

Rocket League crosses over with James Bond with new Aston Martin DLC

007’s classic Aston Martin DB5 is joining the roster of vehicles in Rocket League.

Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021 to showcase Oro, Akira, and more on Aug. 3

At least two DLC fighters are going to be shown off during the hour-long stream.

Photos reveal details of Blizzcon 2013 ‘Cosby Suite,’ group chat where Blizzard developers discussed recruiting women for sexual favors

While some of the developers deny nefarious intent, new screenshots show discussions around bringing women to a former World of

July Arena Open, The Yawning Portal added to Magic Arena’s event calendar

Earn some cash or win some card styles.

New-to-Magic Blue spells revealed in day 3 of Jumpstart: Historic Horizons spoilers

Go ahead, play a Tropical Island.

Apex Legends fans get first in-game look at Rampage LMG in new video

The Rampage LMG looks even better than we thought.

Report: Ubisoft employees demand changes in open letter

The open letter comes in the wake of the Activision Blizzard walkout.

XQc banned from Twitch, potentially for watching Olympic highlights

He believes that he may have been "live-DMCA'd."

When Clones Attack returns as this week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

Fight for your planet.