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Washington Justice off tank Ria retires from professional Overwatch

Ria will return to Korea to "attend to family business."

Paluh on Liquid’s longevity as a team: ‘The journey we’ve had together, we’ve learned a lot’

Can Liquid finally push through and make a deep run?

PlayStation 5 has 25 first-party titles in development

A lot of exclusives are coming.

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is UnidentifiaBrawl

Easy pack time.

Valkyrie’s Punk Rocket skin now available in Apex Legends through Twitch’s Prime Gaming

Take to the skies like a punk.

Elemzje on being SI favorites: ‘We know that we are one of the favorites… but I don’t think it puts any added pressure on us’

Can BDS live up to the hype?

EA plans to release Battlefield 6 between October and December 2021

The game will be released for PC, previous-gen consoles, and current-gen consoles.

EA fixes issue that banned lots of Apex Legends players for no reason

The users were doing all sorts of in-game activities when the ban hit—and some of them weren't even in-game.

Team Empire on red-hot day one of SI groups: ‘At home we play with 60-90 ping, it’s hard to play against 9 ping players’

Can Team Empire keep this pace for the rest of SI?

CTZN on G2’s day one struggles: ‘We let the stress get to us’

G2 struggled in day one of group stages. Here's how they think they can turn it around.

Here are the notes and updates for Wild Rift Patch 2.2c

Renekton is making his debut in Patch 2.2c.