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Auto Chess goes mobile with a 1.5M USD league announced

Drodo Studio, the Dota Auto Chess arcade mode developer announced today a mobile version of their game. The new franchise

PUBG Mobile Club Open features $2 million in prize money

Tencent Games and the PUBG Corporation have combined their powers once again to bring you the PUBG Mobile Club Open

Artifact lead designer Richard Garfield departs from Valve

In a recent 13 people lay off at the Valve offices, Artifact’s game designer Richard Garfield and his long time

Justin Tan: I definitely made some mistakes and there are certain things I should never have done.

Contracts, control, and money. When former Excelerate Gaming Call of Duty player Michael "Beehzy" Said took to YouTube and described a mid-season,

Chinese streaming platform Panda TV to shut down soon

Panda TV, one of the largest Chinese live streaming platforms declared bankruptcy and will shut down soon, The Esports Observer

China looking to establish regulatory Esports Work Council

Photo by: Pandaily The China Internet Association announced last Saturday its plans to create an Esports Work Council, the Esports Observer

Diablo Immortal is "pretty much ready", says NetEase CFO

As controversial as it is expected, mobile hack-and-slash RPG Diablo Immortal is "pretty much ready". The confirmation came from NetEase

Op-Ed: It's bigger than you, it's bigger than us

Say what you want, but fans deserve and need to demand more because without money spending zealots, esports dies—period, full-stop.

Call of Duty: update adjusts Saug9mm, nerfs Annihilator

The updates roll on for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as Treyarch unveils a host of changes and additions. Today's

Open conflict between WePlay and RuHUB

The conflict started over a week ago, really, before the most recent tournament of WePlay has even started. According to WePlay,

Call of Duty Feb. 28 update unleashes League, Hot Pursuit, & more

Another update has come out of Treyarch studios as they continue to roll out changes, League play, the new Hot

ImbaTV and Beyond The Summit take the Auto Chess events to a next level

The Auto Chess cups and showmatches are growing in popularity and spread like wildfire. Only this week a few tournament organizers