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Following Invictus’ Gaming’s dominant 3-0 victory against European hopes, Fnatic, the team was jubilant and proud of their win. As the newest world champions, the players on Invictus Gaming will have to decide which skins they’d like Riot Games to make as a commemoration for their success. The media prodded for their answers once again this year and iG shared which champion skins they desired in the post-match press conference.

The official press conference quotes — recorded by Korizon’s Ashley Kang — were as follows:

Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning: Camille.

Wang “Baolan” Liu-Yi: Personally, Rakan. Whoever designed that champion is a genius.

Yu “JackeyLove:” Wen-Bo: Can I pick a champion that I haven’t played at Worlds? No? I was gonna say Draven, but I’ll go with Kai’Sa.

Song “Rookie” Eui-Jin: You guys say it first.

Kang “TheShy” Seung-Lok: Aatrox or Fiora.

Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong: I’m still thinking, but I am leaning towards Irelia.

Rookie: [sigh] If Duke goes for Irelia, that leaves me Akali or LeBlanc. Whoever is the most popular champion; I need to think about it a bit more.

Apart from Baolan, each player on Invictus Gaming selected a champion that does not currently have a World Championship commemorative skin. Baolan’s selection of Rakan was selected by Samsung’s support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-In, the previous year.

Photo: Riot Games

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