Equipping these 3 premier items turns Martis into a formidable warmonger

Among the heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Martis, the Ashura King, stands out with his exceptional power in the early stages of the game. With a formidable offensive arsenal, he quickly takes charge right from the start. Abilities like Mortal Coil and Ashura Aura grant him superior lane control and efficient camp clearing. The Ashura Wrath passive further enhances his prowess by significantly boosting his Attack Speed after each skill use, transforming him into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Martis capitalizes on his incredible speed, swiftly swiping at enemies and reducing their HP bars to ashes, setting the stage for his devastating ultimate, Decimation. The combination of his skills and passive allows him to dominate the game and establish his reign as the Ashura King.

However, Martis truly reaches his peak potential when equipped with items that complement his aggressive playstyle and amplify his damage-dealing capabilities. These items enhance his attack power, sustain, and mobility, making him a fearsome presence on the battlefield. Whether it’s items that increase his attack damage, provide crowd-control effects, or enhance his survivability, careful itemization can further elevate Martis’ performance and ensure his dominance in the game. Martis is a hero with unparalleled power in the early stages of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his potent offensive skills, he swiftly takes control of the battlefield. Equipping him with suitable items that enhance his aggressive playstyle will unlock his true potential and solidify his role as the Ashura King, leaving opponents in awe of his might.

Hunter Strike

Martis, known as the Ashura King in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses an exceptional power that few heroes can match, particularly in the early stages of the game. With his potent offensive arsenal, Martis establishes dominance right from the get-go, making him a force to be reckoned with. Two of Martis’ key abilities, Mortal Coil and Ashura Aura, provide him with superior lane control and efficient camp clearing. Mortal Coil allows him to pull enemies towards him, disrupting their positioning and setting them up for devastating follow-up attacks. Ashura Aura, on the other hand, provides Martis with a significant movement speed boost, allowing him to quickly traverse the battlefield and engage or disengage with ease. However, it is Martis’ Ashura Wrath passive that truly elevates his combat capabilities. This passive grants him a substantial Attack Speed increase after each skill use, turning him into an unstoppable war machine. With this ability, Martis can unleash a flurry of swift attacks, striking enemies at blistering speed and melting their HP bars in the process. This Attack Speed bonus synergizes perfectly with his skills and enhances his overall damage output. Martis’ ultimate ability, Decimation, serves as a fitting culmination of his aggressive playstyle. Decimation unleashes a powerful area-of-effect attack, dealing massive damage to enemies within its range. Combined with his high Attack Speed and potent offensive skills, Martis can unleash devastating bursts of damage, obliterating multiple foes and turning the tide of team fights in his favor. To maximize Martis’ potential and reach his true ceiling, it is essential to equip him with items that complement his aggressive playstyle and amplify his damage-dealing prowess. One key item that significantly enhances Martis’ early to mid-game power spike is Hunter Strike. This item provides additional Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction benefits, all of which greatly increase Martis’ kill potential. The increased Physical Attack bolsters his damage output, while the Physical Penetration helps bypass enemy defenses, ensuring that his attacks hit hard. Additionally, the Cooldown Reduction allows Martis to use his offensive abilities more frequently, increasing his overall presence in fights and granting him more opportunities to secure kills. Beyond its inherent gains, Hunter Strike also possesses a unique passive called Retribution.

This passive grants Martis a boost in movement speed for a duration after hitting a target or creeps a certain number of times. This feature makes Hunter Strike an excellent choice as a first item for Martis when playing the role of a jungler. The increased movement speed allows him to swiftly navigate the jungle, clear camps efficiently, and quickly rotate to assist teammates or secure objectives. In addition to Hunter Strike, there are several other items that synergize well with Martis’ aggressive playstyle. Blade of Despair is another notable item that significantly amplifies his damage output. With its passive effect, Martis deals additional damage to enemies with HP below a certain threshold, ensuring that his attacks are especially lethal against weakened opponents. This item is particularly effective in the late game when team fights become more frequent, and enemies may have lower HP due to prior engagements. Bloodlust Axe is another valuable item for Martis, providing him with increased spell vamp and cooldown reduction. The spell vamp allows Martis to sustain himself during fights by restoring a portion of the damage dealt as HP, increasing his survivability in prolonged engagements. The cooldown reduction further augments his ability to use his skills more frequently, allowing him to unleash a relentless onslaught of attacks and maintain constant pressure on his enemies. Another item worth considering is Endless Battle, which offers a combination of attack damage, HP, movement speed, and additional lifesteal. The true value of Endless Battle lies in its passive effect, Divine Justice, which grants Martis bonus True Damage on his next basic attack after using a skill. This synergizes perfectly with Martis’ skill rotation, allowing him to deal devastating bursts of damage by chaining skill activations with powerful basic attacks. Furthermore, the item Immortality can be a game-changer for Martis. Immortality provides a second chance at life, reviving Martis with a portion of his HP after being killed in battle. This item can turn the tide of a close game or allow Martis to make riskier plays, knowing that he has a safety net to fall back on.

Martis is a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who possesses immense power, particularly in the early stages of the game. With his potent offensive arsenal and Ashura Wrath passive, he can swiftly dominate the battlefield, striking enemies with incredible speed and melting their HP bars. By equipping items such as Hunter Strike, Blade of Despair, Bloodlust Axe, Endless Battle, and Immortality, Martis can reach his true potential and become an unstoppable force, consistently dealing high damage and leading his team to victory.

Blade of Despair

While Blade of Despair is typically seen as a late-game item for most heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it can provide Martis with significant benefits even if acquired as his third or fourth item. This particular item has the potential to greatly enhance the Ashura King’s performance and make him a formidable force on the battlefield. One of the primary advantages of Blade of Despair is the massive boost it grants to Martis’ physical attack power. This increase enables him to unleash excruciating damage that can make even the sturdiest tanks and fighters wince in pain. With each strike, Martis becomes a fearsome threat, capable of tearing through enemy defenses and rapidly depleting their HP bars. However, what truly sets Blade of Despair apart as an exceptional choice for an aggressive fighter like Martis is its unique passive called Despair. This passive provides Martis with a significant increase in physical attack damage for a brief duration after attacking enemies whose HP falls below a specific threshold. This means that when engaging foes who are already weakened, Martis becomes even more lethal, delivering devastating blows that can swiftly eliminate vulnerable targets. The synergy between Blade of Despair’s passive and Martis’ ultimate skill, Decimate, is particularly noteworthy. Decimate inflicts True Damage on enemies below the same predefined HP percentage as Blade of Despair’s passive. When combined, these effects create a potent combination that can wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Martis can unleash a flurry of attacks with increased physical attack damage, while Decimate deals additional True Damage to low-health enemies, guaranteeing their demise. The inclusion of Blade of Despair in Martis’ item build significantly amplifies his burst damage potential, allowing him to secure kills with ease and exert pressure on the enemy team. This item serves as a catalyst for Martis’ power spike, enabling him to transition from a strong early game to an even more fearsome mid to late game presence. It is important to note that while Blade of Despair offers immense benefits for Martis, it is still crucial to consider the overall game situation and adapt itemization accordingly. Factors such as the enemy team composition, individual player skill, and the game’s progression should be taken into account when deciding on the optimal timing and order of item acquisition.Blade of Despair can be a game-changing item for Martis in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, even if obtained as a third or fourth item. Its significant boost to physical attack power, combined with the unique passive Despair, synergizes perfectly with Martis’ aggressive playstyle and ultimate skill, Decimate. By utilizing this item effectively, Martis can unleash devastating damage and secure kills, establishing himself as a formidable force on the battlefield.

Malefic Roar

To further amplify Martis’ damage-dealing potential, consider acquiring the Malefic Roar item, which will provide a significant boost to his offensive capabilities. Malefic Roar offers not only an increase in Physical Attack but also enhances Martis’ Physical Penetration, making him even more effective at piercing through enemy defenses. However, what truly sets this item apart is its unique passive, Armor Buster. This passive grants Martis additional Physical Penetration based on the enemy’s Physical Defense when engaging them in combat. This means that even against formidable fighters and tanks who have invested in armor items to bolster their defenses, Martis can still deal a substantial amount of damage. The additional Physical Penetration provided by Armor Buster allows Martis to bypass a significant portion of the enemy’s defense, ensuring that his attacks connect with maximum impact.

When combined with other damage-enhancing items like Blade of Despair and Hunter Strike, Malefic Roar creates a deadly synergy that can transform Martis into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. These items work in harmony to further augment his damage output, ensuring that his attacks hit hard and leave a lasting impact on his adversaries. By incorporating Malefic Roar into Martis’ item build, players can unleash his full potential as a fearsome damage dealer. The item synergizes perfectly with Martis’ aggressive playstyle, allowing him to shred through enemy defenses and decimate his opponents. Whether facing off against tanks or fighters, Martis armed with Malefic Roar becomes a formidable threat that demands attention and careful consideration from the opposing team. It is important to note that while Malefic Roar offers significant advantages for Martis, itemization should always be adapted to the specific game situation. Factors such as the enemy team composition, the stage of the game, and Martis’ role within the team should be considered when deciding on the optimal item build.

In conclusion, Malefic Roar is an essential item for maximizing Martis’ damage potential in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Its increase in Physical Attack and Physical Penetration, coupled with the Armor Buster passive, allows Martis to bypass enemy defenses and deliver devastating blows. By strategically incorporating Malefic Roar into his item build, players can unleash the true power of Martis, turning him into an unstoppable force that dominates the battlefield.

What feature of Blade of Despair do you appreciate most when playing as Martis?
Increased physical attack and the ability to deal devastating damage even to tanks and fighters.
A unique passive ability, Despair, that increases physical damage after attacking enemies with low health.
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