The Dota 2 game recently launched the “Fallen Crown” event

The “tea” streamer’s anticipation for over a day wasn’t in vain, as he had some inside knowledge. Just a few minutes ago, the highly anticipated Fallen Crown event commenced in Dota 2. It’s likely that the developer will soon release a new patch, which many are already hailing as the largest one to date. Honestly, we’re a bit skeptical, but nonetheless intrigued. The excitement began earlier when Valve unexpectedly dropped an update, but fans were taken aback when it turned out to be a comic book release instead of a patch. Now we know it was just a warm-up, even though many had already given up hope for any updates today. But lo and behold, it finally arrived!

The Dota 2 community is buzzing with speculation and excitement, with players eagerly diving into the Fallen Crown event. The event promises thrilling new gameplay elements, exclusive rewards, and intense battles. Fans can’t wait to see what surprises await them in this highly anticipated event. As the anticipation builds, players are also speculating about the upcoming patch. Will it bring significant balance changes, new heroes, or innovative features? The possibilities are endless, and the community is abuzz with theories and discussions. Regardless of the patch’s actual scope, it’s clear that the Dota 2 community is in for an exciting time. In the meantime, players are exploring the comic book released by Valve, trying to uncover any hints or clues about the upcoming patch and its potential impact on the game. It’s an exciting time to be a Dota 2 player, as the game continues to evolve and surprise its dedicated fanbase.

What kind of event?

If we delve into more detail, it becomes evident that Valve’s introduction of reworked catacombs under a new guise carries a tinge of melancholy. Nevertheless, there is an underlying sense of excitement as they unveil the markets of Pathways, the primary setting for the inaugural act of the sprawling narrative event called “Fallen Crown.” This event boasts legendary heroes and unique rewards, with the first act offering a plethora of enticing additions such as fresh sets, taunts, creeps, emoticons, and, lest we forget, two entirely novel Arcana sets for the event’s main protagonists. Indeed, the developers have crafted an elaborate event comprising four distinct acts, with Valve promising a series of updates and episodic unveilings over the course of the coming months. Players can anticipate the gradual unfolding of new quests and sub-events, ensuring a colossal and protracted experience that is sure to captivate their imaginations.

Valve asserts that the event is free of charge, with the initial act already accessible to all. However, it wouldn’t be characteristic of the developer to forgo the inclusion of exclusive content available for purchase. To unlock the side quests—additional pathways within the Pathways Market—in the first act, players will need to make a monetary investment. This expenditure grants them access to supplementary perks, including emoticons, MMR doubling tokens, phrases, an Immortal item for Riki, and more. On the other hand, the free version of the event may appear somewhat lacking in comparison. The underlying principle of the event’s first act is relatively straightforward. Players must navigate the catacombs using the designated heroes, progressing along the pathway until they reach the culmination point. Once accomplished, the first act concludes, and players must patiently await the unveiling of the second act, slated to transpire in the ensuing months. Importantly, the opening of subsequent event segments does not preclude the completion of earlier branches, enabling players to traverse all sections even after the entirety of the event has been revealed.

  • PLAY: As you play during the event, you will receive tokens. Their type depends on the chosen hero.
  • TRAVEL: Use tokens to open paths on the event map, advance through the story, and earn rewards. Look out for special spots like the Token Exchanger’s Tent and the Candy Caravan!
  • REVENGE: Get treasures, candies, coins and more on your way to overthrow the evil Queen of the Empire.

Event rewards

Hidden treasures

In the initial act, you will be delighted to find not just one, but two treasure troves brimming with a grand total of 24 brand-new item sets. The prospect of acquiring these sets is particularly exciting because some of them can be earned through the sheer enjoyment of playing Dota! As you immerse yourself in the game, engaging in thrilling battles and strategic maneuvers, you’ll have the chance to unlock these coveted treasures and adorn your favorite heroes with stylish and exclusive gear. It’s a rewarding experience that combines the thrill of competition with the satisfaction of obtaining unique in-game items, all while embracing the immersive world of Dota. So, dive into the action, showcase your skills, and let the treasures find their way to you as you embark on an unforgettable journey through the first act of this captivating event.

Bags of candy

Embark on a delightful quest across each event map to discover the candy-laden caravan of Sizzle and Quirt. These whimsical characters await your arrival, ready to share their sugary trove of delights. As you traverse the enchanting landscapes, keep a keen eye out for their vibrant wagon, adorned with tantalizing treats. By collecting candies scattered throughout your journey, you can enhance and upgrade the caravan, unlocking a world of possibilities. But the adventure doesn’t end there. The candies you gather hold incredible value, as they can be exchanged for a wide variety of treasures. Immerse yourself in a realm of possibilities as you trade your sweet currency for coveted item sets, charming couriers, captivating wards, and more. The selection is as diverse as it is enticing, ensuring that there’s always something for every adventurer.

And here’s the cherry on top: within the realm of Sizzle and Quirt’s confectionery paradise, a stroke of luck might grant you an extraordinary prize—the elusive Arcana item. The chance to obtain this rare gem adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to your journey. So, gather your companions and embark on this delectable escapade. Explore every nook and cranny of the event maps, uncover hidden surprises, and let the allure of Sizzle and Quirt’s candy caravan guide you towards extraordinary rewards. It’s a delectable adventure that will satisfy your cravings for both sweetness and victory.

Event Coins

Embark on a thrilling exploration of the map and uncover valuable coins along the way. With every coin you collect, you edge closer to unlocking a special discount for your next purchase at the “Fallen Crown” store. As you navigate the intricate pathways of the map, keep a watchful eye for these shimmering tokens of wealth. Gather a total of 10 coins, and you will have the opportunity to exchange them for a significant price reduction on your upcoming shopping spree at the esteemed “Fallen Crown” store. These coins serve as a symbol of your adventurous spirit and determination, and they hold the promise of unlocking exclusive savings on a wide range of exciting items and merchandise available at the store. From enchanting apparel to powerful artifacts, the possibilities are vast. So, let your curiosity guide you as you explore the map, eagerly collecting coins along the way. The more coins you amass, the greater the reward awaits you at the “Fallen Crown” store, ensuring that your next purchase will be both memorable and cost-effective.

Treasury No. 1

Treasury No. 2

Paid content

As we mentioned earlier, Valve has naturally introduced “donation content” to the mix. For players who are eager to take their experience to the next level and fully immerse themselves in the intricate depths of the first act, there is an option to purchase the coveted “Pathfinder’s Expedition Bundle” for $14.99. This carefully crafted bundle opens the gates to new realms within the map, unveils captivating storylines, and bestows upon its owners a plethora of exclusive rewards. By acquiring the Pathfinder’s Expedition Bundle, you gain the privilege of embarking on a comprehensive questing experience that goes beyond the realms of the free version. You’ll have the opportunity to undertake a myriad of engaging quests, each offering its own set of challenges and enticing rewards. These quests are specifically designed to test your mettle and reward your perseverance, providing a sense of accomplishment that comes from conquering each task. In addition to the intrinsic satisfaction of completing quests, the Pathfinder’s Expedition Bundle offers a wealth of tangible benefits. Beyond the free rewards that are part of the main storyline, bundle owners will receive supplementary treasure troves filled with rare and sought-after items. These treasures contain an assortment of delights, ranging from cosmetic enhancements such as unique creep styles, to powerful Immortal items that enhance the abilities of your heroes. With these exclusive items in your possession, you’ll be able to showcase your prowess and stand out among your peers.

Furthermore, the Pathfinder’s Expedition Bundle grants access to additional event coins that can be earned through quest completion. These special coins hold tremendous value, as they can be exchanged for various rewards within the event’s dedicated store. From exclusive merchandise to limited-time offers, the store presents a cornucopia of enticing options. Not only do these rewards enhance your in-game experience, but they also serve as a testament to your dedication and commitment to the event. Valve’s decision to introduce the Pathfinder’s Expedition Bundle is rooted in their desire to cater to players who seek a more comprehensive and immersive experience. The bundle serves as a gateway to a world of hidden wonders, rewarding those who are willing to invest in their journey with a trove of exclusive content and unforgettable memories. It’s important to note that the availability of the Pathfinder’s Expedition Bundle does not diminish the enjoyment of the free version. Valve believes in striking a delicate balance, ensuring that players who choose not to purchase the bundle can still partake in the event and savor its offerings. The free version provides a taste of the adventure, allowing players to engage in the main storyline and experience the essence of the event.


If you’ve been keeping up with Dota for a while, you might remember the news that Arcanas for Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage were rumored to be in the works over half a year ago. Well, now those rumors have been officially confirmed, and the developer has unveiled them to the community. For fans of these heroes, this announcement is undoubtedly an exciting development. The introduction of Arcanas brings a new level of visual splendor to the game, with intricate details and stunning effects that showcase the unique characteristics of each hero. These meticulously crafted cosmetic items not only enhance the appearance of the heroes but also add a touch of prestige to those who wield them. The unveiling of the Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage Arcanas marks a significant milestone for both the developers and the community. It demonstrates the commitment of the developers to continually enrich the Dota experience and provide players with fresh content to enjoy. Moreover, it fuels anticipation and speculation about what other surprises the future may hold.

As the news spreads throughout the community, players are eagerly discussing the intricacies of these new Arcanas. From analyzing the spell effects to admiring the attention to detail in the hero models, the excitement is palpable. The unveiling not only ignites enthusiasm but also fosters a sense of unity among players, as they come together to appreciate and discuss these exciting additions to the game. It’s important to note that the introduction of Arcanas is not merely a cosmetic update. These items often come with additional features and customizations, such as unique animations, voice lines, and even alternate ability effects. This adds a new layer of depth to the gameplay experience, as players can now showcase their heroes in a truly personalized and distinctive way.

Perhaps the most important thing here is that the lassos can be purchased immediately. Each of them costs $34.99, and of course you will be able to unlock different styles for these items.

If you’ve had a chance to explore Valve’s latest comic, you may already have a glimpse of the appearance of the new Arcana items. The heroes have been bestowed with formidable dark magic, and the prevailing legend suggests that they must now rise against the malevolent Skyras queen. Immersed in an epic narrative, the heroes find themselves on a treacherous journey to confront the queen and restore balance to the realm. The Arcana items not only grant them enhanced abilities but also reflect their transformation into powerful champions ready to face the ultimate evil. As the tale unfolds, players are captivated by the rich lore and the impending clash between light and darkness. The concept of the heroes being chosen as the champions of justice resonates deeply, evoking a sense of heroism and anticipation among the community.

The introduction of these Arcana items expands upon the immersive storytelling that Valve has been known for, weaving together visual aesthetics and compelling narratives. By delving into the world of the dark magic-infused Arcanas, players are invited to embark on an extraordinary quest, filled with challenges and triumphs. The legend surrounding the heroes and the Skyras queen adds an extra layer of depth to the Dota experience. It sparks discussions and theories among players, as they eagerly speculate on the fate that awaits the heroes and the impact their journey will have on the game’s universe. It’s important to note that these Arcana items not only serve as cosmetic upgrades but also contribute to the overall gameplay experience. With enhanced abilities and unique visual effects, the heroes become more than just formidable warriors; they embody the very essence of their newfound powers.

With his true dedication, Dragonus has earned an all-new model with a full set of items, as well as a new pedestal and an unlockable alternate style.

A full set of new animations and visual effects, as well as new icons and effects for Arcane Bolt, Concussive Shot, Ancient Seal and Mystic Flare.

Includes new portraits and mini-map icons, all-new attack, kill, death and finishing effects for allies, as well as Rod of Atos and Phylactery item icons and effects.

Dragonus, no longer under the Empire’s control, has received a completely new voice acting and is ready to express his displeasure.

The Resurrection of Shen

Shendelezara has regained her wings and received an all-new model with a full set of items worthy of her royal blood, as well as a new pedestal and two unlockable alternate styles.

A full set of new animations and visual effects, new icons and effects for the Magic Missile, Wave of Terror and Nether Swap abilities, as well as a special illusion effect from Aghanim’s Scepter.

Includes new portraits and mini-map icon, completely new attack, kill, death and finishing effects for allies, as well as the Force Staff item icon and effects and a special Aghanim’s Scepter icon.

Shendelezara, who has regained her wings and strives to return the throne that rightfully belongs to her, received a completely new voice acting, befitting her physical appearance.

Ending with Valve’s words

The Markets of Betweenways serves as the inaugural chapter in an expansive adventure that will unfold over the course of several months. Players have the option to delve into the subsequent acts as soon as they are released, or take their time and progress at their own preferred pace. It’s worth noting that the introduction of a new act does not mark the conclusion of the preceding ones. In the months to come, Fallen Crown will continue to evolve, with each new act introducing fresh narratives, captivating characters, distinct maps, and a plethora of enticing rewards. The journey promises to be filled with excitement and surprises, as players navigate through the ever-expanding realms of the game. By allowing players to embark on the adventure at their own pace, the developers ensure that everyone can savor the experience in a manner that suits their playstyle and availability. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the new acts immediately or take your time to explore every nook and cranny of the previous chapters, the world of Fallen Crown is brimming with possibilities. As you venture forth, be prepared for unexpected twists and turns along the way. The developers might have a few surprises in store, designed to captivate and challenge even the most seasoned adventurers. These surprises could come in various forms, such as hidden quests, secret areas, or perhaps even encounters with enigmatic characters who hold pivotal roles in the unfolding saga.

In summary, The Markets of Betweenways is just the beginning of a grand adventure that will span multiple acts and unfold over the course of several months. Players have the freedom to progress at their own pace, with each act introducing a wealth of new content, intriguing stories, and enticing rewards. Keep an eye out for surprises that lie in wait, as you traverse the ever-expanding world of Fallen Crown and immerse yourself in its captivating universe.

What type of content is most interesting to you in Dota 2?
Cosmetic items such as arcana and appearance sets for heroes.
Additional story acts with new stories, characters and maps.
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