The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Bane in Mobile Legends

Bane stands out as one of the most versatile heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, showcasing a unique skill set that allows him to thrive in various roles such as jungle, side lanes, or mid lane. Moreover, he offers players the flexibility to build either physical or magic-focused items to suit their playstyle. One of his notable skills, Shark Bite, empowers his basic attacks with each skill cast, while Crab Claw Cannon inflicts significant physical damage to both the initial target and subsequent enemies it bounces to.

However, Bane’s versatility extends beyond physical damage. With his skill Ale, he gains increased movement speed, healing abilities, and the capability to deal magical damage. Furthermore, his ultimate ability, Deadly Catch, delivers a powerful burst of magic damage while also knocking enemies airborne along its path. To effectively counter this fighter/mage hero, there are several strong strategies available.

Three powerful counters to Bane in Mobile Legends


Chou is widely regarded as a formidable counter to Bane, thanks to his deadly combo potential and reliable crowd control abilities. With precise execution and strategic utilization of his skills, Chou can effectively neutralize Bane’s threat on the battlefield. The key to countering Bane with Chou lies in mastering his combo sequence. Begin by initiating the combo with the first two casts of Jeet Kune Do. This allows you to deal damage to Bane while simultaneously reducing his movement speed, setting the stage for further engagement. As you close in on Bane, utilize Shunpo, Chou’s second skill, to quickly dash towards him and gain extra physical penetration. This not only increases your damage output but also helps in breaking through Bane’s defenses. Once you are in close proximity to Bane, unleash the third cast of Jeet Kune Do. This powerful strike sends Bane airborne, rendering him helpless and interrupting his abilities. This is a crucial moment to capitalize on, as Bane’s effectiveness heavily relies on his skills and continuous damage output. While Bane is in the air, you have a window of opportunity to follow up with additional attacks and crowd control effects. Another advantage of Chou is his ability to negate the airborne effect of Bane’s ultimate, Deadly Catch. By timing your Shunpo skill precisely, you can evade the knock-up effect and significantly reduce the damage taken from Bane’s ultimate ability.

This can be a game-changer in team fights or one-on-one encounters, allowing you to turn the tables on Bane and gain the upper hand. To further enhance your combat capabilities against Bane, consider equipping the Flicker battle spell. Flicker provides Chou with another tool to close the distance quickly and catch Bane off-guard. It can be used aggressively to initiate a surprise attack or defensively to evade Bane’s abilities and reposition yourself in a more advantageous position. In terms of itemization, there are a few key items that synergize well with Chou’s kit when countering Bane. Blade of the Heptaseas is a recommended purchase, as it provides additional physical attack, cooldown reduction, and a unique passive that enhances your damage output against low-health enemies. Blade of Despair is another potent choice, offering high physical attack power and bonus damage against immobilized targets. These items amplify Chou’s burst damage potential, allowing you to swiftly dispatch Bane during your combo. Chou’s lethal combo and reliable crowd control abilities make him an excellent counter to Bane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. By mastering Chou’s skillset, executing precise combos, and strategically timing your abilities, you can effectively neutralize Bane’s threat and turn the tide of battle in your favor.


Pharsa, the powerful mage, possesses a formidable arsenal of long-range spells that make her an ideal choice for countering Bane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her ability to unleash devastating attacks from a distance allows her to burst down Bane while avoiding his dangerous close-range assaults. To effectively deal with Bane, Pharsa can employ a combination of her spells to immobilize him and inflict substantial damage. Initiating the attack with Curse of Crow, Pharsa can stun Bane and set up for further damage. Following up with Energy Impact, she can unleash a powerful burst of magical energy, dealing significant damage to Bane and keeping him at bay. To finish him off, Pharsa’s ultimate ability, Feathered Air Strike, can be unleashed, ensuring Bane’s demise with its relentless aerial assault. Throughout the mid to late game, Pharsa can rely on her teammates to control Bane’s movements while she continuously bombards him from a safe distance with Feathered Air Strike. This strategy allows her to maximize her damage output and maintain a secure position on the battlefield. To enhance Pharsa’s survivability against Bane’s attempts to engage her in close quarters, it is advisable to choose either the Purify or Flicker battle spell. The Purify spell can cleanse Pharsa from crowd control effects, providing a vital escape option when Bane manages to get too close.

Alternatively, the Flicker spell can be utilized to swiftly reposition and create distance between Pharsa and Bane, thwarting his attempts to engage her. In terms of itemization, the Winter Truncheon is a valuable defensive item for Pharsa. This item can be utilized to survive Bane’s combo when her battle spell is on cooldown. The Winter Truncheon’s active effect grants Pharsa a brief period of invulnerability, allowing her to withstand Bane’s onslaught and retaliate with her devastating spells. In instances where Pharsa is not available for selection, there are viable alternatives to consider. Vale and Selena are heroes with similar long-range abilities and crowd control effects that can effectively neutralize Bane. These heroes offer versatility and the means to keep Bane under control while dealing damage from a safe distance. To summarize, Pharsa’s long-range spell arsenal, coupled with her crowd control abilities and positioning advantage, make her a formidable counter to Bane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. By utilizing her spells effectively, choosing the appropriate battle spell, and considering defensive itemization, players can maximize Pharsa’s potential to swiftly dispatch Bane while maintaining a safe distance. In situations where Pharsa is unavailable, heroes like Vale and Selena can provide suitable alternatives for countering Bane’s threat effectively.


Hayabusa, the exceptionally agile assassin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a formidable counter to Bane, capable of closing in on him with ease, evading his abilities, and swiftly eliminating him from the battlefield. With his lightning-fast movements and deadly strikes, Hayabusa presents a significant threat to Bane’s survival. To initiate your assault against Bane, utilize Hayabusa’s Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow skill. This allows you to rapidly close the distance between yourself and Bane, catching him off guard. Once in range, unleash Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken and follow up with a relentless barrage of basic attacks. The combination of these attacks will apply four Shadow Marks on Bane, significantly increasing the damage potential of Hayabusa’s abilities. When the moment is right, trigger Hayabusa’s ultimate ability, Ougi: Shadow Kill, to deliver the killing blow. This devastating attack deals massive damage and ensures Bane’s demise. However, it is important to stay aware of Bane’s abilities, particularly his Deadly Catch. If Bane attempts to use Deadly Catch when you approach, employ quick reflexes to retreat by jumping to a Quad Shadow, effectively evading Bane’s clutches.

Once the danger has passed, you can re-engage Bane using the same skill, maintaining control of the situation. Hayabusa’s Ougi: Shadow Kill can also prove invaluable in dodging Bane’s ultimate ability. By timing your ultimate correctly, you can evade the incoming damage from Bane’s ultimate, further solidifying your advantage in the battle and increasing your chances of securing the kill. In terms of itemization, there are key items that greatly enhance Hayabusa’s damage output and ensure a swift kill when executing your combo. Hunter Strike, with its cooldown reduction and additional damage, allows for more frequent skill usage, increasing your burst potential. Malefic Roar enhances your physical penetration, making your attacks more effective against Bane’s defenses. Lastly, Blade of Despair provides high physical attack power and bonus damage against low-health targets, further amplifying the lethality of your combo.

In summary, Hayabusa’s exceptional agility and deadly skill set make him an ideal assassin for countering Bane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. By capitalizing on his mobility, evading Bane’s abilities, and executing precise combos, Hayabusa can swiftly eliminate Bane from the battlefield. Remember to strategically choose your items to maximize your damage output and ensure a swift and decisive kill.

How can Pharsa and Hayabusa effectively deal with the threat of Bane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?
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