Is League of Legends Scheduled to Have Another International Event in 2025?

According to the Sheep Esports portal, Riot Games has exciting plans in store for the League of Legends esports scene in 2025. In a bid to further elevate the competitive landscape, they are set to introduce a highly anticipated third international tournament. This forthcoming event is expected to be strategically positioned between the Winter and Spring splits, ensuring a seamless transition for teams and fans alike. What makes it particularly intriguing is the promise of representation from each major region, guaranteeing a clash of top-tier talent from around the globe.

While the LEC currently stands out with its winter split, the introduction of this third international tournament is likely to prompt other major leagues to restructure their schedules. A shift towards a three-split format seems inevitable, as leagues strive to adapt and align with the evolving competitive landscape. Fans of League of Legends can eagerly anticipate an action-packed 2025, as Riot Games continues to push the boundaries of esports and deliver thrilling tournaments that showcase the skill, strategy, and passion that make the game so beloved.

New international League of Legends event?

According to recent reports, the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) is undergoing discussions to restructure its format into three splits. However, Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legends, has not officially confirmed any changes regarding the international schedule or the LCS itself. Earlier news had mentioned plans for a new event and a three-part structure in 2024. However, major leagues did not undergo a reformat that year. Nevertheless, Riot Games did introduce the Esports World Cup to its schedule, which operates independently from the official Riot calendar and the overall tournament ecosystem. The addition of a third major LAN (Local Area Network) event would inevitably impact the scheduling of two other prestigious international tournaments: the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and the World Championship (Worlds). The proposed event is slated to take place between March and April, which would require MSI to be rescheduled for June or July. Consequently, the World Championship may also be pushed back to October or even later. For several years, the League of Legends esports scene has been limited to just two international tournaments, leaving fans craving more opportunities to witness top-tier competition and international glory. Riot Games appears to be exploring ways to address this demand and increase the number of high-stakes matches, in contrast to the extended regular season games. Fans eagerly anticipate Riot Games’ forthcoming update on the competitive league schedule for 2025, which is expected to be announced in June. It is likely that Riot Games will provide insights into potential changes to the LCS format, as well as shed light on the future of international events.

In addition to League of Legends, Riot Games’ other major esports title, Valorant, is also expected to see significant changes to its format in the 2025 season. As Riot Games continues to evolve and refine its esports offerings, fans can look forward to thrilling competitions, strategic gameplay, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in both League of Legends and Valorant. The expansion of the League of Legends esports calendar with a third international tournament signifies the continued growth and global impact of the game. It presents an exciting opportunity for teams from different regions to compete on the international stage, showcasing their skill, teamwork, and strategic prowess. With representation from each major region, the tournament promises to be a true test of talent and an epic battle for supremacy. While the LEC (League of Legends European Championship) currently stands out as one of the few major leagues with a winter split, the introduction of a third international tournament could prompt other leagues to restructure their schedules as well. A shift towards a three-split format seems likely, as leagues aim to adapt and align with the evolving landscape of competitive League of Legends. As the esports scene continues to thrive and captivate audiences worldwide, Riot Games remains at the forefront of innovation and development. Their dedication to delivering top-notch tournaments and engaging experiences for both players and fans ensures that League of Legends remains a dominant force in the esports industry.

In conclusion, the prospect of a third international tournament in the League of Legends esports calendar for 2025 has stirred excitement among fans and players alike. While details are yet to be confirmed by Riot Games, the potential addition of this event signifies the ongoing evolution and expansion of the competitive scene. With the anticipation of more high-stakes matches and intense rivalries, the League of Legends community eagerly awaits further updates and revelations from Riot Games.

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