The Three Best Heroes for Countering Claude in Mobile Legends

Unlike most marksmen who prefer dealing damage from a safe distance to avoid being quickly eliminated, playing Claude requires you to engage closely in team fights. Claude possesses the ability to swiftly navigate through challenging situations with his Battle Mirror Image, while also draining enemy movement and attack speed with Art of Thievery. His signature ultimate, Blazing Duet, stands as one of the most devastating offensive skills in the game. With this skill, Claude can rain down a barrage of powerful projectiles, decimating his foes and turning team fights in his favor.

Taking down Claude can prove to be a daunting task, particularly when he has acquired his two core items, Demon Hunter Blade and Golden Staff. These items enhance his damage output and provide him with valuable sustain. However, he does possess a notable weakness that places him slightly below popular marksman heroes like Wanwan and Beatrix, and that is his limited basic attack range. This limitation makes it challenging for Claude to safely chip away at his opponents from a distance. Despite this weakness, Claude’s versatility and high damage potential make him a formidable force on the battlefield. With the right team composition and strategic positioning, he can be a game-changer and turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor.

Top Three Counter Picks Against Claude in Mobile Legends


Lesley, while not a favored choice in the current meta, remains a dependable counter-pick against marksmen heroes with shorter basic attack ranges, such as Karrie and Claude. Lesley’s primary advantage lies in her exceptional basic attack range, which is among the longest in the game. This allows her to effectively harass and pressure Claude, the Master Thief, with her passive ability, Lethal Shot. This unique passive enhances Lesley’s next basic attack, granting it an extended range and an increased critical hit chance every five seconds, provided she manages to avoid taking damage. This makes Lesley a formidable opponent against Claude, who relies on his short basic attack range for damage output. Furthermore, Lesley’s second skill, Tactical Grenade, serves as a valuable tool in countering Claude’s offensive capabilities. With well-timed usage, Tactical Grenade has the potential to cancel Claude’s ultimate, Blazing Duet, thereby nullifying his powerful burst damage potential. By disrupting his ultimate ability, Lesley can significantly hinder Claude’s effectiveness in team fights and skirmishes. In addition to her passive and second skill, Lesley’s third skill, Master of Camouflage, allows her to gain temporary invisibility and increased movement speed. This skill can be effectively utilized to dodge Claude’s attacks and reposition herself advantageously during engagements. By capitalizing on her mobility and stealth, Lesley can catch Claude off guard and deal significant damage before he has a chance to react.

When facing Claude’s Battle Mirror Image, Lesley can employ her first skill, Lethal Shootout, to quickly close the gap and engage in close-quarters combat. This ability grants Lesley increased movement speed and enables her to chase down Claude, leaving him with limited options for escape. By utilizing Lethal Shootout effectively, Lesley can pressure Claude and force him into unfavorable positions, making it more difficult for him to execute his strategies. It is worth noting that Lesley’s effectiveness as a counter-pick against Claude is contingent upon proper positioning, timing, and itemization. Building critical strike and attack damage items, such as Scarlet Phantom and Blade of Despair, can significantly enhance Lesley’s damage output and increase her overall threat to Claude. Additionally, positioning herself wisely during team fights and capitalizing on opportunities to engage when Claude’s abilities are on cooldown are key factors in maximizing Lesley’s potential as a counter to Claude. While Lesley may not be a popular pick in the current meta, her unique set of skills and playstyle make her a viable option for countering Claude and other marksmen with limited basic attack ranges. Skilled Lesley players who can effectively utilize her range, burst damage, and mobility will find success in neutralizing Claude’s threat and gaining the upper hand in Mobile Legends battles.

Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa are a nightmare for Claude in the gold lane. With their unique abilities, they have the potential to completely shut him down and dictate the flow of the game. Bite Em’ Kupa, Popol and Kupa’s first skill, is a powerful tool for harassing and stunning enemies. During the laning phase, it’s crucial to take advantage of this skill to constantly harass Claude. The stun effect can disrupt his farming and make it difficult for him to trade effectively. By continuously pressuring him with Bite Em’ Kupa, you can deny Claude the opportunity to farm and gain an advantage in the early game. Once you reach level four and unlock Popol and Kupa’s ultimate, We Are Angry, you gain even more control over Claude. Activate the ultimate and use the enhanced Bite Em’ Kupa to stun him. This combo can catch Claude off guard and leave him vulnerable to further attacks. To maximize the effectiveness of this combo, strategically place a trap from Popol’s Surprise in front of Claude. This ensures that he will get stunned again immediately after the first stun wears off, prolonging his disable and allowing you to deal significant damage. When facing Claude’s Battle Mirror Image and Blazing Duet, it’s important to react quickly and decisively. If Claude jumps on you with Battle Mirror Image, position yourself near him and use Kupa, Help! This skill can cancel Claude’s ultimate, preventing him from dealing massive damage and escaping back to his original mirror image. Timing is crucial here, as you need to interrupt his ultimate before he can reactivate it.

In terms of itemization, Blade of Despair should be a priority. This item significantly enhances your damage output, allowing you to burst down Claude quickly. Additionally, consider picking Vengeance as your battle spell. Vengeance provides you with additional sustain and damage, making it easier to withstand Claude’s attacks and turn the tide in your favor. However, if your team already has crowd control-heavy roamers like Franco or Atlas, opting for Sprint as your battle spell can provide valuable mobility for chasing down Claude or escaping his onslaught. To effectively counter Claude with Popol and Kupa, it’s essential to communicate and coordinate with your team. Popol and Kupa’s abilities create opportunities for ganks and team fights. By working together with your teammates and capitalizing on the crowd control provided by Popol and Kupa, you can shut down Claude and secure victories in Mobile Legends. Remember, mastering Popol and Kupa requires practice and understanding of the hero’s mechanics. By honing your skills and making use of their unique abilities, you can become a formidable force against Claude and dominate the gold lane.


When it comes to wreaking havoc in the gold lane, Saber is a hero that excels at bursting down Claude and turning the tides of battle in your favor. With his skill set and abilities, Saber can effectively neutralize Claude’s presence on the battlefield. Saber’s Orbiting Sword and Triple Sweep combo is a deadly combination that can quickly eliminate Claude. By utilizing these abilities in quick succession, Saber can unleash a flurry of damage that leaves Claude vulnerable and unable to mount a counterattack. The key to success with Saber lies in timing and execution. Properly positioning yourself and engaging at the right moment can catch Claude off guard and secure a kill. One of Saber’s greatest strengths against Claude is his ability to cancel Claude’s ultimate, Blazing Duet, with his own Triple Sweep. This provides Saber with a significant advantage in team fights and skirmishes where Claude relies on his ultimate for burst damage and crowd control. By interrupting Claude’s ultimate, Saber can disrupt his rhythm and prevent him from unleashing his full potential. To maximize Saber’s damage output and ensure that Claude is swiftly dispatched, it is essential to prioritize the Blade of the Heptaseas in your item build. This item enhances Saber’s burst potential, allowing him to deal massive damage and potentially eliminate Claude with a single combo.

As for battle spells, the Sprint spell is highly recommended for Saber in the gold lane. Its increased mobility enables Saber to chase down fleeing enemies, ensuring that Claude has nowhere to hide. However, if Claude has chosen the Vengeance battle spell, it may be wise to opt for the Execute spell as an alternative. This ensures that Saber’s full combo is enough to secure a kill, even when facing Claude’s defensive options. In the mid to late game, the matchup between Saber and Claude often comes down to who can utilize their ultimate ability first. It is crucial to keep a close eye on Claude’s itemization and, in particular, whether he builds a Wind of Nature. If Claude does acquire this item, exercise caution and wait for him to use it before engaging with your usual combo. Saber’s ultimate is considered a basic attack, and Wind of Nature’s active effect can mitigate its damage. In summary, Saber is a formidable hero in the gold lane, capable of wreaking havoc on Claude and turning the tide of battle. With precise timing, strategic itemization, and appropriate battle spells, Saber can effectively burst down Claude and secure victory in Mobile Legends. Stay vigilant, adapt your playstyle to the situation at hand, and seize every opportunity to dominate the gold lane.

Which battle spell do you prefer when playing against Claude in the gold lane?
Sprint - It provides increased mobility, allowing you to chase down Claude if he tries to escape after being hit by your ultimate.
Execute - It ensures that your full combo is enough to secure a kill, even if Claude has defensive options like the Vengeance battle spell.
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