ESL One Birmingham: Group B Predictions

ESL One Birmingham is one of the most highly anticipated Dota 2 tournaments, scheduled to take place from April 22 to 28. The tournament features 12 talented participants who will battle it out for supremacy. The teams are divided into two groups, with six teams in each group. However, only the top four teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, adding an element of fierce competition and high stakes. In Group B, every team possesses the potential to secure a spot in the next stage. However, on initial assessment, two teams stand out as comparatively weaker than the rest – HEROIC and Team Spirit. Despite this, it would be a mistake to underestimate Team Spirit. This lineup, having emerged victorious in prestigious tournaments like The International and Riyadh Masters in the previous year, has proven their capability to rise to the occasion and perform at their best.

The presence of Team Spirit injects an intriguing dynamic into Group B. Will they be able to tap into their past successes and regain their winning form? Only time will tell. The other teams in the group will not make it easy for them, as they strive to secure their own spot in the playoffs. The competition is bound to be intense, with each team strategizing and executing their game plans meticulously. Fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the thrilling matches and unexpected twists that ESL One Birmingham will undoubtedly deliver. As the tournament unfolds, the Dota 2 community will witness the relentless pursuit of victory, breathtaking plays, and the emergence of new heroes. ESL One Birmingham promises to be a spectacle that showcases the very best of competitive Dota 2, leaving fans on the edge of their seats and craving for more.

We look at the teams in Group B

Here are the Dota 2 teams that will compete in Group B at ESL One Birmingham:

  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • OG
  • Team Spirit
  • Tundra Esports
  • Xtreme Gaming

Gaimin Gladiators

GG is currently going through a transitional period in the Dota 2 competitive scene. Recent patches have introduced significant changes to the game, impacting some of their best heroes and strategies. As a result, GG is no longer considered the dominant force they once were, relinquishing their title as the best team in the world. The rise of Xtreme Gaming and Team Falcons has also played a role in this shift of power. The Gladiators have maintained the same roster since 2023, consisting of talented and experienced players. This lineup achieved remarkable success in the previous season, winning every DPC major, securing a commendable 4th place finish at the Riyadh Masters, and making it to the grand finals of The International 12. With such a track record, there is no doubt that the Gladiators possess the potential for greatness. However, in the current competitive landscape, it is fair to say that they are now among the top 6 teams rather than being unequivocally the best team in the world. The team’s performance in 2024 has reflected this shift. At BetBoom Dacha Dubai, they finished in the 5th-6th place range, showcasing a level of competitiveness but falling short of the top-tier results they achieved in the previous season. Similarly, at DreamLeague S22, the Gladiators secured a respectable 5th place, but it was clear that other teams had emerged as stronger contenders. In the Elite League, they once again found themselves in the 5th-6th place bracket, indicating a consistent but not exceptional performance.

Looking ahead to the Group B competition in ESL One Birmingham, expectations for the Gladiators, led by Quinn, are tempered. Based on their recent performances and the strength of the competition, a projected finish in the 2nd-4th place range seems reasonable. While they certainly have the capability to surprise and exceed expectations, it is important to acknowledge the formidable opponents they will face in Group B. ESL One Birmingham serves as a pivotal moment for GG to reassess their strategies and adapt to the evolving meta. The team’s coaching staff and players will need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, identify the heroes and strategies that align with the current patch, and make the necessary adjustments to climb back to the top. The competition will be fierce, with each team vying for a coveted spot in the playoffs and ultimately aiming for the championship title. In this transitional period, it is important for GG to maintain their focus, resilience, and team cohesion. The experience and chemistry within the roster can serve as valuable assets in navigating the challenges ahead. The Gladiators have proven their ability to perform at the highest level, and it is only a matter of time before they regain their footing and reclaim their status as one of the world’s elite Dota 2 teams. As the Dota 2 community eagerly watches the battles unfold at ESL One Birmingham, the tournament promises excitement, upsets, and memorable moments. Fans will witness the clash of titans, the emergence of new strategies, and the individual brilliance of players as they compete on the grand stage. While GG may currently find themselves outside the top spot, their journey to reclaim greatness is a compelling narrative that adds intrigue to the tournament and keeps fans invested in their progress.


To be candid, HEROIC has struggled to achieve notable success in recent international tournaments. Their performances at DreamLeague S22, where they finished in the 13th-14th place range, and Elite League, where they placed 15th-16th, have been underwhelming. It’s evident that the team is currently facing challenges and isn’t perceived as a formidable force in a competitive group like this. In fact, they are more likely to be considered a major underdog rather than a strong contender. However, one of the captivating aspects of Dota 2 is its inherent unpredictability. The game has a history of delivering unexpected outcomes and surprising upsets. While HEROIC’s recent results may not inspire confidence, it’s important to remember that the landscape of competitive Dota 2 can change rapidly. A single breakthrough performance or a strategic adjustment can completely alter a team’s trajectory. HEROIC has a talented roster with skilled players who have demonstrated their capabilities in the past. It’s plausible that they have been grappling with internal issues, form slumps, or difficulties adapting to the evolving meta. If they can address these challenges and recapture their peak performance, they have the potential to defy expectations and make a remarkable comeback. In a highly competitive and ever-evolving game like Dota 2, a team’s fortunes can change swiftly. The margin between success and failure can be razor-thin, and it often hinges on the ability to adapt, strategize, and execute effectively. The key for HEROIC lies in identifying their weaknesses, honing their strengths, and devising a game plan that capitalizes on their individual and collective strengths.

While the odds may be stacked against them in this particular group, it would be premature to completely dismiss HEROIC’s chances. The nature of Dota 2 means that any team, regardless of their recent performances, can rise to the occasion and deliver impressive results. The pressure of competition often brings out the best in players, and the allure of securing a spot in the top four can be a powerful motivating factor. HEROIC must approach ESL One Birmingham with a resilient mindset, ready to face formidable opponents head-on. They need to utilize their time leading up to the tournament to analyze their gameplay, refine their strategies, and address any weaknesses that have been exposed in recent matches. A strong focus on teamwork, communication, and adaptability will be crucial for their success. It’s important to recognize that the journey for HEROIC will not be an easy one. The competition at ESL One Birmingham will be fierce, with numerous elite teams vying for the top spots. However, it is precisely these challenging circumstances that can bring out the best in teams, pushing them to exceed expectations and deliver stellar performances. Ultimately, while HEROIC may currently be considered the underdog, they have the potential to surprise everyone. The beauty of Dota 2 lies in its ability to inspire awe-inspiring comebacks and unforgettable moments. As fans and spectators, we eagerly await the unfolding drama of ESL One Birmingham, where HEROIC will have the opportunity to prove their resilience, determination, and skill on the grand stage.


OG holds a significant position in the upcoming tournament, with high stakes and expectations surrounding the team. Seb’s squad has faced a series of challenges throughout the season, struggling to secure victories in regional qualifiers and falling short of the top 8 in prominent tournaments such as BetBoom Dacha Dubai and Elite League. Their performance has been inconsistent, with their only notable achievement being a 6th place finish at DreamLeague S22. The team’s roster continues to feature Timado as their carry player, and he has proven to be a compatible fit within the team. Timado brings a commendable level of skill and experience to the role, but when evaluating the team as a whole, it becomes apparent that OG may lack the necessary firepower and cohesion to compete against the world’s strongest teams. However, in the dynamic world of Dota 2, where strategies and meta can shift rapidly, there is always room for surprises. OG’s journey in the tournament is far from predetermined, and they have the potential to exceed expectations. Despite their recent struggles, the team possesses a wealth of talent and experience, which, if harnessed effectively, can propel them to success. OG’s path to the playoffs in ESL One Birmingham relies not only on their own performance but also on the performance of their competitors.

Should Team Spirit continue to underperform as they did in the Elite League, OG may have an opportunity to secure a spot in the playoffs. Additionally, the fact that Ari hails from the UK may serve as an extra source of motivation for him, potentially boosting his individual performance and, consequently, the team’s overall performance. As the tournament approaches, OG must undergo a thorough analysis of their previous performances and identify areas of improvement. This introspection will enable them to refine their strategies, address any weaknesses, and maximize their strengths. Effective communication, coordination, and adaptability will be key factors in their journey to success. It is crucial to acknowledge the level of competition that OG will face in ESL One Birmingham. The tournament will bring together some of the world’s most formidable Dota 2 teams, all vying for the championship title. OG must be prepared for intense battles and be willing to push their limits to overcome these challenges. As fans of the game, we eagerly anticipate the excitement and drama that will unfold in the tournament. The potential for upsets, unexpected performances, and memorable moments adds to the allure of Dota 2 esports. OG’s journey in ESL One Birmingham is poised to be a captivating narrative, and we eagerly await their quest to rise above adversity and make their mark on the tournament. While the road ahead may be arduous, OG has the talent, experience, and determination to overcome their recent struggles and prove their mettle on the grand stage. The team’s resilience and ability to thrive under pressure will be tested, but their history of success serves as a reminder of their potential to achieve greatness.

Team Spirit

The former champions of The International and Riyadh Masters are currently facing significant challenges and are struggling to regain their previous form. Their recent performance in the Elite League was a clear indication of a considerable decline in the team’s overall gameplay, and Miposhka, one of the team members, openly acknowledged the existence of internal problems within the team. While it is undeniable that the players possess immense talent and the team’s roster has previously showcased their strength, the combination of past success and the ever-evolving nature of the game, with frequent patches and updates, can sometimes lead to a lack of motivation and difficulties in adapting to the current meta. However, amidst their current struggles, there are reasons for optimism among Spirit fans regarding the team’s potential to perform well in the upcoming ESL One Birmingham tournament. Spirit managed to secure a commendable 5th-6th place finish at BetBoom Dacha Dubai, as well as an impressive 4th place finish at DreamLeague Season 22. These achievements serve as a testament to the team’s capabilities and indicate that they still have what it takes to compete at a high level, even in prestigious championship tournaments. Dota 2 is renowned for its unpredictability, and tournaments often serve as a stage for underdog teams to rise to the occasion and deliver memorable performances. Spirit’s past successes and their ability to contend with formidable opponents should not be disregarded. The team has consistently demonstrated resilience and has proven time and again that they possess the necessary skills and strategies to excel in competitive play.

As passionate fans, it is natural to maintain a sense of optimism and rally behind the team, drawing inspiration from their previous achievements. While challenges exist and the road ahead may be arduous, Spirit’s history and their ability to seize opportunities should instill confidence in their supporters. The ESL One Birmingham tournament presents a fresh start and a chance for Spirit to reclaim their winning form, showcasing their true potential on the grand stage. In the dynamic landscape of Dota 2, where the meta constantly evolves and strategies are continuously refined, there is always the potential for teams to turn their fortunes around. Spirit’s fans can find solace in the team’s past successes and their ability to compete at a high level, knowing that they possess the skill, experience, and determination to overcome obstacles and deliver outstanding performances. The upcoming tournament provides an opportunity for Spirit to regroup, reassess their strengths and weaknesses, and fine-tune their strategies. It is imperative for the team to address their internal issues and foster a positive and cohesive environment that will enable them to perform at their best. By focusing on effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability, Spirit can overcome their current challenges and reestablish themselves as a formidable force in the competitive Dota 2 scene. As the tournament unfolds, Spirit’s fans will eagerly anticipate their favorite team’s performance, hoping to witness a resurgence and a return to their winning ways. While the journey may be demanding, the potential for Spirit to surprise the competition and exceed expectations remains ever-present. With the support and encouragement of their loyal fan base, Spirit has the opportunity to rise above adversity and make their mark in the ESL One Birmingham tournament.

Tundra Esports

Tundra boasts some of the most exceptional players in the world of Dota 2: Pure~ and Topson. With such skilled carry players and a talented mid laner, it is easy to envision Tundra finishing at least in the top 4 of their group and securing a place within the top 6 in the overall tournament standings. The combination of Pure~ and Topson’s expertise brings a formidable force to Tundra’s lineup. Their individual skill sets and understanding of the game contribute greatly to the team’s potential success. With strong carries and a capable mid laner, Tundra possesses the firepower needed to compete at the highest level. While competition in Dota 2 is fierce and unpredictable, Tundra’s roster inspires confidence. Their players have proven themselves in various tournaments and have consistently displayed their abilities to perform under pressure. With their talent and experience, Tundra has a strong chance of making a deep run in the tournament.

It’s important to note that success in Dota 2 is not solely dependent on individual skill, but also on effective teamwork, coordination, and adaptability. Tundra’s players must synergize well together, communicate effectively, and adjust their strategies according to the ever-changing dynamics of the game. Tundra’s fans can certainly be optimistic about the team’s prospects in the upcoming tournament, given the caliber of their players. The potential for Tundra to finish in the top 4 of their group and secure a top 6 placement in the overall tournament standings is a realistic and attainable goal. As fans, we eagerly await Tundra’s performance and anticipate the thrilling battles that lie ahead. With the exceptional talent of Pure~ and Topson leading the charge, Tundra has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the tournament and potentially emerge as one of the top contenders.

Xtreme Gaming

Xtreme is a formidable team that has showcased their dominance in the competitive Dota 2 scene this year. They emerged as champions in both the Elite League and Games of the Future tournaments, demonstrating their skill and determination. Additionally, they achieved commendable 7th-8th place finishes at BetBoom Dacha Dubai and an impressive 3rd place finish at DreamLeague Season 22. Such accomplishments speak volumes about Xtreme’s capabilities and their ability to compete at the highest level. With a track record of success, Xtreme enters the ESL One Birmingham tournament with high expectations. Their goal is not only to perform well but also to secure a top spot in their group. The key to Xtreme’s success lies in the exceptional form of their star player, Ame. If Ame is performing at his peak, Xtreme can confidently face the majority of their opponents without encountering significant obstacles. Ame’s exceptional skills and game sense make him a force to be reckoned with, capable of turning the tide of battles in Xtreme’s favor. However, it is important to note that success in Dota 2 is not solely reliant on individual performance. Xtreme’s collective teamwork, coordination, and adaptability will be vital in securing victories. Effective communication and a cohesive gameplay style are essential ingredients for triumph in the competitive landscape.

As fans, we eagerly anticipate Xtreme’s performance in ESL One Birmingham. With their recent successes and a star player like Ame, Xtreme has a strong chance of not only winning their group but also making a significant impact in the overall tournament. The journey ahead will undoubtedly be thrilling and full of intense battles. In the realm of Dota 2, where the metagame constantly evolves and strategies are refined, anything is possible. Xtreme’s fans can remain optimistic, knowing that their team possesses the necessary skill, experience, and determination to overcome challenges and emerge victorious. ESL One Birmingham presents a fresh opportunity for Xtreme to solidify their position as a top-tier team and leave a lasting impression on the global Dota 2 community. As the tournament unfolds, we will eagerly support Xtreme, cheering them on as they strive for success. The stage is set, and Xtreme has the potential to etch their name into the annals of Dota 2 history with their incredible gameplay and unwavering determination.

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