The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Xavier in Mobile Legends

Xavier, known as the Defier of Light, takes on the role of a long-ranged artillery mage in the popular mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his arsenal of devastating magical abilities, he can unleash tremendous damage from a distance, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. In the late game, Xavier’s power reaches its peak as he can obliterate opponents with a single combo. This makes him a highly sought-after hero for players who enjoy dealing massive burst damage. Mastering his global ultimate, Dawning Light, adds another layer of excitement to playing Xavier, as it can turn the tides of battle in an instant.

One of Xavier’s notable strengths is his long-range attacks, which make it challenging for enemies to close in on him. Despite lacking any dedicated escape skills, his ability to maintain distance and control the battlefield can frustrate opponents. Laning against Xavier requires careful strategy and awareness, as underestimating his late-game damage output can prove to be a grave mistake. However, for those looking to counter Xavier’s dominance, there is hope. We have compiled a list of three heroes that can effectively challenge Xavier’s reign in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. By exploiting his weaknesses and employing the right tactics, these heroes can level the playing field and turn the tide of battle in your favor. So, fear not in the face of Xavier’s power. With the right heroes and strategies, you can overcome his might and emerge victorious in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Lolita, the Iron Guardian, proves to be a formidable counterpick against Xavier, the Defier of Light, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her unique set of abilities, she possesses the tools necessary to disrupt Xavier’s gameplay and turn the tide of battle in her team’s favor. One of the key reasons why Lolita is a perfect choice against Xavier is her signature ability, Guardian’s Bulwark. This skill allows her to deploy a shield that not only provides protection for herself but also blocks Xavier’s powerful skill, Infinite Extension. Infinite Extension is a crucial ability for Xavier as it charges his Transcendence passive, allowing him to unleash devastating damage. By effectively blocking this skill, Lolita can nullify a significant portion of Xavier’s offensive potential and greatly reduce his impact in team fights. Furthermore, Lolita boasts two crowd control skills that can cause havoc for Xavier and his team. Charge, her first skill, allows her to dash towards enemies and stun them, setting up opportunities for her team to capitalize on. Noumenon Blast, her ultimate, creates a massive shockwave that stuns multiple enemies in a large area of effect. These crowd control abilities not only disrupt Xavier’s positioning but also prevent him from freely executing his combo chains. By keeping Xavier locked down and unable to fully utilize his range and burst damage, Lolita significantly diminishes his threat level.

In terms of strategy, Lolita’s presence alone can force Xavier to reposition himself more cautiously. Knowing that his skills can be blocked and his movements can be disrupted, Xavier must exercise greater caution and precision to avoid falling victim to Lolita’s crowd control and defensive capabilities. This allows Lolita’s team to create windows of opportunity to engage or disengage from fights more effectively, taking advantage of Xavier’s vulnerabilities. It’s important to note that Lolita’s effectiveness as a counter to Xavier extends beyond this specific matchup. Her ability to block projectile skills makes her a strong choice against any long-range mage heroes who heavily rely on their skill shots. Whether it’s heroes like Eudora, Kagura, or Odette, Lolita’s Guardian’s Bulwark can neutralize their damage output and disrupt their combos, giving her team a significant advantage. Lolita’s kit makes her an excellent choice for countering Xavier in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her Guardian’s Bulwark blocking Xavier’s key skill, her crowd control abilities hindering his positioning, and her overall capability to disrupt long-range mage heroes, Lolita offers a strong answer to the Defier of Light. By leveraging her unique skill set and employing smart strategic play, players can effectively neutralize Xavier’s threat and secure victory on the battlefield.


Helcurt, the Shadowbringer, proves to be a formidable opponent and a strong counter to Xavier, the Defier of Light, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Helcurt’s unique ability to silence enemies sets him apart from other heroes and poses a significant challenge for Xavier, whose gameplay heavily relies on his skills. The silence effect caused by Helcurt’s skills can be devastating for Xavier. It temporarily disables Xavier’s ability to cast spells, leaving him vulnerable and greatly reducing his damage output. With Xavier unable to utilize his skills effectively, his ability to engage in fights and burst down enemies is severely hindered. This gives Helcurt a significant advantage in their matchup. Furthermore, Helcurt’s combination of skills, including Dark Night Falls, Shadow Transition, and Deadly Stinger, synergizes perfectly to eliminate squishy heroes. When executed properly, this combo can quickly dispatch unsuspecting targets, making it a deadly threat to Xavier or any other mage heroes with limited mobility or defensive abilities. The high burst damage and the element of surprise provided by Helcurt’s skills make it challenging for Xavier to react and counteract effectively. To counter Helcurt’s aggression as a mage hero, especially one without inherent mobility, there are a few strategies that can be employed. One option is to purchase Winter Truncheon, an item that provides a brief period of invulnerability when activated.

Properly timing the use of Winter Truncheon during Helcurt’s burst combo can mitigate the damage and buy valuable time for Xavier to escape or retaliate. This item is particularly effective against Helcurt’s Deadly Stinger, as it allows Xavier to survive the initial burst and turn the tables on the Shadowbringer. Another strategy is to play defensively and wait for Helcurt to engage with another teammate before making a move. By observing Helcurt’s movements and patiently biding their time, Xavier can avoid being the primary target of Helcurt’s aggression. This strategy requires good communication and coordination with teammates to ensure a favorable engagement against Helcurt. It’s important to note that countering Helcurt goes beyond individual hero matchups. Vision control and map awareness play a crucial role in dealing with Helcurt’s surprise attacks. Placing wards strategically and maintaining map control can help identify Helcurt’s movements, giving Xavier and his team valuable information to anticipate and respond to Helcurt’s threats effectively. Helcurt’s ability to silence enemies and his burst damage combo make him a potent counter to Xavier, the Defier of Light. Xavier players must adapt their strategies and itemization to counter Helcurt’s aggression effectively. Utilizing defensive items like Winter Truncheon and employing smart positioning and map awareness can help Xavier survive and turn the tide against the Shadowbringer. With careful planning and teamwork, Xavier can overcome the challenges posed by Helcurt and secure victory in the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Xavier, the Defier of Light, is a hero whose skills require a high level of precision and can be quite challenging to master. His gameplay revolves around landing skill shots and executing precise combos to deal significant damage to his opponents. However, there are certain strategies and heroes that can be employed to counter Xavier’s abilities and turn the tide in battle. One hero that stands out as a potential counter to Xavier is Fanny, the agile assassin known for her cable-based mobility. Fanny’s unique ability to swiftly maneuver in and out of team fights using her cables makes it extremely difficult for anyone, including Xavier, to land skill shots effectively. Her exceptional mobility allows her to dodge incoming projectiles and quickly reposition herself, making it frustrating for Xavier to secure hits and unleash his full potential. Fanny’s hit-and-run playstyle gives her a clear advantage over Xavier. She can swoop in, deal damage, and retreat before Xavier has a chance to react. Her ability to engage and disengage rapidly not only makes it challenging for Xavier to hit her but also grants her greater control over the battlefield. This hit-and-run tactic can keep Xavier constantly on the back foot, struggling to find an opportunity to land his crucial skill shots. To counter Fanny’s elusive playstyle, Xavier players would need to rely on their team’s coordination and crowd control abilities. While Xavier himself lacks a single-target stun, his teammates can provide the necessary crowd control to disrupt Fanny’s cable-based movements.

Heroes with stun or immobilization abilities can help lock down Fanny, preventing her from utilizing her cables effectively and neutralizing her mobility advantage. Xavier players should communicate with their team, coordinate their efforts, and prioritize shutting down Fanny to minimize her impact on the game. When facing Fanny, Xavier players must remain patient and observant. They should closely monitor Fanny’s movements, predict her cable-based engagements, and position themselves strategically to increase the chances of landing their skill shots. Timing is crucial, as Xavier needs to strike at the right moment when Fanny is vulnerable and unable to maneuver effectively. By studying Fanny’s patterns and predicting her movements, Xavier players can maximize their chances of success. It is worth noting that countering Fanny goes beyond the individual hero matchup. Vision control and map awareness play a vital role in dealing with Fanny’s elusive playstyle. Placing wards strategically and maintaining map control can provide valuable information about Fanny’s whereabouts, allowing Xavier and his team to anticipate her movements and set up traps or ambushes. Xavier’s precision-based gameplay can be countered by heroes like Fanny, who possess exceptional mobility and the ability to dodge skill shots effectively. Xavier players should focus on teamwork, communication, and utilizing crowd control from their teammates to neutralize Fanny’s mobility advantage. By being patient, observant, and strategic in their engagements, Xavier players can increase their chances of outplaying Fanny and securing victory on the battlefield.

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