The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Cici in Mobile Legends

Cici is a captivating and versatile character in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, known for her exceptional crowd control, burst damage, and exceptional mobility on the battlefield. Her skill set is specifically designed to disrupt enemy formations, creating advantageous openings for her team to engage in combat. With her consistent damage output and impressive mobility, she becomes a challenging target to catch, giving her a significant advantage in chase scenarios and evasive maneuvers.

However, even the most formidable heroes have their weaknesses, and Cici is no exception. To counter this sprightly fighter, consider employing the following heroes who have proven to be highly effective against her. By strategically selecting these heroes, you can turn the tide of battle and gain the upper hand against Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Three counters to Cici in Mobile Legends


Cici, the enchanting hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a unique set of abilities that revolve around her Delight stacks. These stacks grant her increased movement speed and spell vamp, turning her into a highly mobile and sustain-heavy fighter on the battlefield. With her capabilities, she brings excitement and a fresh dynamic to the game. One of Cici’s notable strengths is her versatility. She excels at crowd control, burst damage, and mobility, allowing her to adapt to various situations during matches. Her disruptive skills can disrupt enemy formations, create openings for her team, and turn the tides of battles. By utilizing her crowd control abilities effectively, she can lock down key targets, making it easier for her team to secure kills and objectives. Her burst damage potential is another aspect that makes her a formidable force. With the right combination of abilities and items, Cici can unleash devastating bursts of damage on her enemies. Her abilities synergize well together, allowing her to unleash powerful combos that can quickly eliminate squishy targets or soften up tankier opponents for her team to finish off. Mobility is another key aspect of Cici’s playstyle. Her agility and swift movement make her a difficult target to catch. She can easily engage or disengage from fights, giving her the freedom to choose her battles wisely. This mobility also makes her an excellent split-pusher, allowing her to apply pressure on multiple lanes and create map control for her team.

However, like any hero, Cici is not without weaknesses. Her susceptibility to burst damage is a notable drawback. Heroes with high burst damage potential can quickly burst her down before she has a chance to react or sustain herself. This vulnerability can be exploited by heroes who specialize in burst damage and can deliver swift, powerful attacks. One such hero that excels at countering Cici is Aamon, the assassin hero. Aamon possesses the tools to exploit Cici’s weaknesses effectively. The Duke of Shards matches Cici in terms of mobility, making it challenging for her to escape his clutches. His combination of Slayer Shards, Soul Shards, and Endless Shards can deal significant damage to Cici and potentially eliminate her from the fight. The activated state of his Endless Shards ensures that the burst magic damage cannot be evaded, making it a potent tool against her. It’s important to note that countering Cici goes beyond just hero selection. Proper positioning, teamwork, and coordination are crucial when facing her. Communication and strategy are key to capitalizing on her vulnerabilities and neutralizing her impact in team fights. Cici brings a fascinating blend of crowd control, burst damage, and mobility to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her Delight stacks empower her with increased movement speed and spell vamp, making her a highly mobile and sustain-focused fighter. However, her susceptibility to burst damage can be exploited by heroes like Aamon, who can match her mobility and deliver devastating attacks. Understanding and capitalizing on hero strengths and weaknesses are essential for success in the game.


When it comes to countering Cici as a support main, Mathilda emerges as one of the best heroes you can rely on in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Undoubtedly, the Buoyant Performer’s incredible mobility makes her a challenging target to bring down. However, Mathilda, also known as the Swift Plume, possesses a skill set that can effectively put this agile fighter on her heels. By executing a well-timed Circling Eagle, Mathilda can disrupt Cici’s movements and create openings for her team to capitalize on. In team fights, Mathilda’s Circling Eagle can be a game-changer. By using it to dive onto Cici, you not only disrupt her positioning but also provide your team with an opportunity to focus their firepower on her. This can turn the tide of the battle and potentially secure a kill. Additionally, Mathilda’s mobility allows her to catch Cici off-guard during ganks, making her a formidable threat in the hands of a skilled player. However, it’s important to note that Mathilda alone may not be able to eliminate Cici single-handedly. To maximize your kill potential, it is advisable to activate Guiding Wind before engaging with your ultimate ability. This allows you to bring along an ally when diving onto Cici, preferably a burst-oriented hero like Aamon, the aforementioned assassin. The combined burst damage from Mathilda and Aamon can overwhelm Cici and significantly increase the chances of a successful takedown.

Coordinated teamwork is crucial when countering Cici as a support player. Communicate with your team, inform them of your intentions, and coordinate your abilities to efficiently lock down Cici and secure kills. Timing is key, so make sure to synchronize your engages and be aware of Cici’s abilities and potential counters. It’s also important to adapt your item build accordingly. Investing in items that provide crowd control reduction or additional burst damage can further enhance your effectiveness against Cici. Items like Ice Queen Wand, Necklace of Durance, or Fleeting Time can provide valuable utility and damage output to tip the scales in your favor. Lastly, remember that countering Cici is not solely dependent on hero selection or individual skills. Map awareness, vision control, and strategic decision-making are equally vital. Keep an eye on the minimap, utilize wards to gain information about Cici’s movements, and make informed decisions based on the overall state of the game. Mathilda proves to be an excellent support hero for countering Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her disruptive abilities and mobility, she can effectively neutralize Cici’s strengths and create opportunities for her team. By coordinating with burst-oriented heroes and employing smart gameplay strategies, support mains can turn the tide of battle and emerge victorious against the agile and elusive Buoyant Performer.


When it comes to countering Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are several heroes that can give her a run for her money. One such hero is Selena, the Abyssal Witch. Selena possesses a unique set of abilities that can exploit Cici’s weaknesses and turn the tide of battle in your favor. Selena’s versatility lies in her ability to switch between two forms: her ranged form and her melee form. In her ranged form, she excels at poking and harassing enemies from a safe distance. Her Abyssal Trap ability allows her to set up traps that can immobilize unsuspecting foes, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Additionally, her Hymn of the Moonlight ability provides vision in the surrounding area, helping to detect Cici’s movements and prevent her from sneaking up on you or your teammates. In her melee form, Selena becomes a formidable assassin.

Her deadly combo of Abyssal Arrow and Searing Torrent can quickly burst down squishy targets, including Cici. By accurately landing her Abyssal Arrow stun and following up with Searing Torrent, Selena can deal massive damage and eliminate Cici before she has a chance to react. To maximize Selena’s effectiveness against Cici, it is important to build the right items. Items that increase magic damage and cooldown reduction can greatly enhance her burst potential. Items like Calamity Reaper, Concentrated Energy, and Clock of Destiny can provide the necessary stats to amplify Selena’s damage output and sustain in fights. When facing Cici, it is crucial to play strategically and capitalize on her weaknesses. Cici relies heavily on her mobility and sustained damage, so utilizing crowd control and burst damage can be key to countering her. Coordinate with your team to set up ambushes and ganks, catching Cici off guard and overwhelming her with burst damage. Another hero that can pose a threat to Cici is Zhask, the Planes Dominator. Zhask is a powerful mage who excels at area control and siege tactics.

His Nightmaric Spawn ability allows him to summon powerful Abyssal Spiders that can deal significant damage and slow down enemies, making it difficult for Cici to maneuver and escape. Zhask’s ultimate ability, Dominator’s Descent, unleashes a devastating laser beam that can decimate enemies caught within its path. By positioning yourself strategically and timing your ultimate correctly, you can catch Cici off guard and deal substantial damage to her and her teammates. In terms of itemization, Zhask benefits from items that provide magic power and cooldown reduction. Items like Glowing Wand, Holy Crystal, and Lightning Truncheon can significantly enhance his damage output and make him a formidable threat to Cici. Selena and Zhask are two heroes that can effectively counter Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Selena’s versatility, crowd control, and burst damage make her a formidable opponent, while Zhask’s area control and high burst damage potential can keep Cici at bay. By utilizing their abilities effectively, building the right items, and playing strategically, you can overcome Cici’s strengths and secure victory on the battlefield.

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