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Having taken down and eliminated Team Nigma from the OGA Dota PIT Season 3: EU/CIS event yesterday, VP.Prodigy’s next challenger would be Team Liquid as the lower bracket action kicked off today.

Having unfortunately gone up against Team Secret in their opening series at the event, VP.P still made an amazing showing as they managed to take a game off the undisputed champions of the region in recent events. However, being unable to close out the series, VP.P dropped into the lower bracket where they routinely destroyed Team Nigma yesterday. For Liquid, they begun their OGA Dota PIT Season 3 run taking down 5men, but could not find any way to overcome the brilliance of Alliance and thus were dropped to the lower bracket, where they were set to take on VP.P, as both teams looked to make a LB run through the event.

Both teams went into game one of the best-of-three with clear intent to win and take an early lead and, as such, both claimed significant leads and found some great fights. While in was Liquid who claimed a significant lead as the game moved past the half hour mark, it was all lost as VP.P found a way to fend of the onslaught of Liquid and subsequently close out game one in their favour.

Although Liquid had put up a great fight in game one, the next game saw VP.P turn up the heat as they rolled over their opponents at each and every turn. Liquid were given no space on the map and even when trying to claim a single pick-off, VP.P collapsed and ensured there was not even the smallest glimmer of hope for their opponent.

With that, VP.Prodigy would march forward in the lower bracket, with another strong victory under their belt and their next opponent would be either Natus Vincere or OG – which would be decided in the next series. For Liquid, unfortunately, their string of early exits from events continues, although this time not to Nigma or Team Secret as it has been on multiple occasions this year.

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