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GamerzClass’ latest Masterclass is brought to you by Alliance’s Simon “Handsken“ Haag and it is dedicated to the position 4 players.

Handsken’s course has over 20 episodes and it’s focused on the soft support role, which should be the most active teammate in the early game to ensure that both mid and the safe lane have a good start that will allow them to take control past the 15-20 minute mark. 

Moreover, Handsken reveals a very personal approach for the game, something that he calls “The Script”, which is a step by step guide on what to do the first 15 minutes of every game to maximize your impact as support. The scope of the script is to allow players to make full use of their heroes and the time in the early game as that’s when they are supposed to be the strongest heroes on the map.

Some of the topics touched in this course are:

  •         Level 2 Heroes
  •         Roaming and Ganking
  •         Spell Casters
  •         Off Meta heroes as Position 4
  •         Mindset & Mentality
  •         High and Low MMR Replay breakdowns
  •         Live Gameplay with Commentary

Handsken also included in his Masterclass a mindset and mentality episode to help players who wish to grind as a support. Furthermore, during his class, he takes a look at several replays and even plays a few games with live commentary to explain his every single thought behind his actions, revealing countless strategies and tips that even the most experienced players would benefit from.

For those who are still not sure if these lessons are enough to make a difference in their gameplay, GamerzClass offers a lot more in their supreme Dota membership. There are new classes every month and you can already find courses on Advanced mid lane from Topson, Position 4 Fundamentals with Cr1t, Off lane with Team Liquid Boxi and the Ultimate Carry Guide with Nikobaby.

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