The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Nana in Mobile Legends

Nana has been a beloved choice for mage enthusiasts in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, regardless of the prevailing meta. Her skill set is renowned for its vexing nature within the Land of Dawn. With her Molina Smooch as the second skill, she has the ability to transmogrify adversaries into lethargic beasts, while her ultimate, Molina Blitz, combines devastating magical bursts with stunning area-of-effect impact.

Her passive ability, Molina’s Gift, grants her the ability to elude fatal damage, providing an escape route every two and a half minutes. However, akin to most mages, the Sweet Leonin is susceptible to heroes adept at swiftly closing the gap and employing spells that confer immunity against crowd control effects. It is crucial to exploit these vulnerabilities to effectively counter her dominance on the battlefield.

Three strong hero counters to Nana in Mobile Legends


If you’re a roamer or a tank main in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and find yourself facing off against the mischievous mage Nana, then consider picking Atlas as your hero of choice. He possesses the necessary tools and abilities to effectively counter her and turn the tides of battle in your team’s favor. Atlas, known as the Ocean Gladiator, brings a unique set of skills to the battlefield that make him a formidable opponent for Nana. His second skill, Perfect Match, is what truly sets him apart as a counter to the pesky mage. With Perfect Match, Atlas gains the ability to easily close the distance between himself and Nana while remaining immune to the effects of her skill, Molina Smooch. This immunity ensures that Nana’s attempts to slow him down or hinder his movements will be futile, allowing Atlas to maintain relentless pressure on her. Once Atlas has successfully closed the gap and is in close proximity to Nana, his Fatal Links ability comes into play. By using Fatal Links, Atlas can pull Nana towards himself or his allies, disrupting her positioning and isolating her from her team. This not only presents an opportunity for you and your teammates to deal significant damage to Nana, but it also decreases her ability to support her team effectively. It’s important to note that Atlas’s Perfect Match should be used strategically, even when you’re not actively seeking a kill.

The presence of Nana’s Molina Smooch on the battlefield can pose a significant threat to your teammates, particularly those who are more susceptible to magic damage. By continuously using Perfect Match, you can negate the impact of Molina Smooch and ensure the safety and well-being of your allies. This proactive approach not only protects your team but also creates openings for coordinated attacks and successful team fights. In addition to his abilities, Atlas’s natural durability and tankiness make him an ideal choice for countering Nana. His high base health and armor stats, coupled with the ability to regenerate health through his passive ability, Trample, allow Atlas to withstand Nana’s magical assaults and remain a formidable presence in team fights. This resilience gives your team more time to execute strategies and secure objectives while keeping Nana occupied and under pressure. When facing Nana with Atlas, it’s crucial to communicate and coordinate with your team. Inform them of your intentions to engage Nana and use your abilities effectively. Coordinate your pulls with your team’s burst damage dealers or crowd control heroes to maximize the impact of Fatal Links.

By working together, you can capitalize on Atlas’s strengths and exploit Nana’s weaknesses, effectively neutralizing her threat on the battlefield. Furthermore, itemization plays a vital role in countering Nana as Atlas. Consider building items that enhance your tankiness and provide additional crowd control effects. Items like Cursed Helmet and Antique Cuirass can bolster your defenses and make it even more challenging for Nana to burst you down. Additionally, items like Courage Mask and Dominance Ice can further augment your crowd control capabilities, allowing you to control the flow of team fights and limit Nana’s impact on the game. If you find yourself facing Nana, the mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, as a roamer or tank player, choosing Atlas as your hero can prove to be a wise decision. His abilities, namely Perfect Match and Fatal Links, provide the necessary tools to counter Nana effectively and disrupt her positioning. By utilizing Atlas’s strengths, communicating and coordinating with your team, and making strategic item choices, you can turn Nana’s annoyance into an advantage for your team, securing victory on the battlefield.


Assassins are known to be highly effective against Nana, particularly those who possess low-cooldown blink or dash skills that can deliver instant burst damage. One such assassin that fits this description is Saber. When facing Nana, there are a few key strategies that can help you counter her effectively. Firstly, consider purchasing the Blade of the Heptaseas item, as it can greatly enhance your ability to deal with her. With this item, you can often eliminate Nana or force her to trigger her passive ability, Molina’s Gift, with just a single combo. To maximize your damage output against Nana, it’s important to execute your abilities in the right sequence. Begin the engagement by activating your Orbiting Swords skill. This will provide you with additional damage and crowd control effects, setting the stage for a successful takedown. Once your Orbiting Swords are active, quickly close the distance between you and Nana using your Charge skill. This dash ability allows you to swiftly move towards her, closing any gaps and putting you in a prime position to unleash your ultimate ability, Triple Sweep. The Triple Sweep ultimate delivers a powerful burst of damage, often enough to eliminate Nana or severely weaken her. Timing and positioning are crucial when countering Nana as Saber. It’s important to plan your approach carefully and be mindful of Nana’s abilities.

Avoiding her second skill, Molina Smooch, is vital as it can transform you into a slow-moving animal, making it difficult for you to engage effectively. By using your Charge skill to create distance or sidestepping her Molina Smooch, you can maintain your mobility and keep up the pressure on Nana. Nana’s passive ability, Molina’s Gift, grants her the ability to escape fatal damage, providing her with an opportunity to survive and reposition herself. However, as Saber, you possess the tools to chase her down and finish her off. If Nana activates her passive and attempts to flee, utilize your Charge skill to quickly close the gap and continue your assault. Additionally, your Orbiting Swords can be of great assistance in this situation. By activating the ability, you can deal damage from a distance, ensuring that Nana doesn’t have a chance to escape. In addition to these specific strategies, it’s important to keep in mind some general principles when countering Nana. Awareness and map control are key. Keep an eye on the minimap to track Nana’s movements and be prepared to respond accordingly. Coordinate with your team to secure vision control and set up ambushes, catching Nana off guard and preventing her from freely roaming and supporting her teammates.

Itemization also plays a crucial role in countering Nana effectively. Beyond the Blade of the Heptaseas, consider other items that can enhance your burst damage, mobility, and survivability. Items like Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, and Thunder Belt can provide additional damage and utility to help you eliminate Nana more efficiently. Lastly, practice and familiarity with Saber’s abilities are essential for successfully countering Nana. Take the time to understand the range, cooldowns, and combo potential of each of your skills. This will enable you to execute your moves with precision and make the most out of your engagements against Nana. When facing Nana as Saber, capitalize on your strengths as an assassin with low-cooldown blink or dash skills. Use your abilities in the right sequence, position yourself strategically, and be mindful of Nana’s abilities. With proper execution, timing, and itemization, you can effectively counter Nana and secure victory for your team in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


When it comes to countering Nana in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Helcurt emerges as an exceptionally formidable assassin. His toolkit not only encompasses a blink ability and swift burst damage but also features a unique silence ability, making him a potent choice for dealing with Nana’s capabilities. As Helcurt is often preferred in the role of a jungler, it is crucial to prioritize securing the orange and purple buffs before engaging Nana. These buffs will significantly enhance your damage output and survivability, providing you with a distinct advantage when facing her. Additionally, make sure to fully stack Helcurt’s Deadly Stinger ability by effectively farming in the jungle and clearing minion waves, as this will amplify your damage potential during encounters with Nana. To maximize your chances of success, initiate the engagement by unleashing Helcurt’s ultimate ability, Dark Night Falls. This powerful skill activates the silence effect from Shadow Transition, enabling you to approach Nana covertly and silence her, rendering her unable to cast spells or execute her combo effectively.

It is worth noting that with two or three core items, such as Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, or Blade of the Heptaseas, Helcurt can potentially eliminate Nana using Deadly Stinger alone, especially if she is caught off guard or has inadequate defensive items. In the event that Nana’s passive ability triggers, causing her to transform and attempt an escape, Helcurt’s Shadow Transition ability will prove invaluable. This skill allows you to pursue Nana swiftly, closing the distance between you and her, and potentially securing the kill. Furthermore, Helcurt’s Race Advantage passive ability possesses a silence effect, which can hinder Nana’s ability to retaliate or unleash her full combo if you find yourself caught by her second skill. The silence effect grants you a crucial advantage, increasing your chances of dominating the encounter. To counter Nana effectively as Helcurt, strategic gameplay and a deep understanding of your hero’s strengths are paramount. Coordinate with your team, communicate your intentions, and capitalize on opportunities to engage Nana when she is vulnerable or out of position. It is crucial to remain vigilant and anticipate Nana’s spells, particularly her second skill, to effectively dodge or mitigate their effects. Additionally, itemization plays a vital role in countering Nana as Helcurt.

Tailor your item build to enhance your burst damage, mobility, and survivability. Items such as Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Blade of the Heptaseas, and Hunter Strike can significantly augment your damage output and provide utility to secure kills against Nana more efficiently. Consider your team composition and the overall game situation when selecting your items, adapting your build to counter Nana’s strengths and exploit her weaknesses. Lastly, honing your skills and becoming well-versed in Helcurt’s abilities are fundamental to successfully countering Nana. Familiarize yourself with the range, cooldowns, and combo potential of each of your skills to optimize their usage. Regular practice will enable you to execute your moves with precision, capitalize on Nana’s vulnerabilities, and make the most out of your engagements against her. In summary, Helcurt stands as a powerful assassin choice for countering Nana in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Exploit his blink ability, swift burst damage, and silence effects to gain the upper hand in confrontations. Secure buffs, maximize Deadly Stinger’s potential, and coordinate with your team to neutralize Nana’s threat effectively. Through strategic itemization, meticulous gameplay, and a deep understanding of Helcurt’s abilities, you can assert dominance on the battlefield and pave the way to victory for your team.

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