Nana Guide for Mobile Legends: Top Build, Skills, Emblem, and Combos

Nana, the lovable Leonin, has garnered immense popularity as one of the most cherished heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her enchanting skill set, she possesses the ability to swiftly dismantle her foes with devastating magical prowess. Notably, she stands alone as the sole hero in the Land of Dawn capable of transforming her adversaries, adding a unique dynamic to her gameplay. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of this adorable mage/support hero as VPEsports presents an in-depth guide, featuring invaluable insights on recommended emblems, battle spells, optimal builds, and expertly crafted skill combos to maximize her potential on the battlefield. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Nana and witness her unparalleled charm and power in action.

Nana’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Molina’s Gift

When Nana finds herself teetering on the brink of annihilation, a mesmerizing metamorphosis unfolds. As the threat of fatal damage looms, she undergoes a wondrous transformation, shedding the burdens of debuffs that may have plagued her. In this state of ethereal grace, Nana becomes untouchable, impervious to the onslaught of any incoming harm from her adversaries. It is a sight to behold as she gracefully dances through the chaos, her essence shielded from harm’s way.

Beyond her invulnerability, Nana’s transformation grants her an ephemeral boon of unparalleled agility. With a surge of ethereal energy coursing through her veins, she gains an extraordinary burst of movement speed. It is as if time itself bends to her will, allowing her to effortlessly dart across the battlefield with unrivaled swiftness. This newfound mobility becomes a vital asset, enabling her to deftly navigate the treacherous terrain, evade incoming threats, and boldly seize opportunities. Nana’s ability to adapt and transcend the clutches of death showcases not only her resilience but also her strategic brilliance. She harnesses this power to turn the tide of battle, outmaneuver her opponents, and emerge victorious against all odds. As her foes witness her unyielding spirit and indomitable will, they come to realize that facing Nana means confronting an enigmatic force that can both endure and triumph.

  • She can only activate Molina’s Gift every two and a half minutes, so be careful in engaging in fights.
  • She recovers a percentage of her HP at the end of the skill’s duration.
  • A golden ring appears below her when the skill is available.

First skill – Magic Boomerang

Nana’s mastery of magical manipulation is exemplified in her ability to hurl a boomerang infused with mystical energy. With a flick of her wrist, she launches the enchanted projectile towards a designated target direction, setting in motion a captivating display of power. As the boomerang traverses its path, it leaves a trail of enchantment in its wake, bestowing upon any enemies unfortunate enough to be in its trajectory a taste of Nana’s magical might. Upon impact, the boomerang inflicts substantial damage of a mystical nature, leaving her foes reeling from the sheer force of her arcane assault. However, the journey of the boomerang does not conclude with its initial strike. True to its enchanting nature, the boomerang faithfully returns to Nana, tracing its path back with grace and precision.

As the boomerang finds its way back to her outstretched hand, it becomes a conduit for a second wave of magical devastation. Any adversaries who dared to challenge Nana’s authority are met with another barrage of mystical energy, amplifying the impact of her assault and ensuring that her enemies are left in a state of awe and defeat. Nana’s ability to wield her magical boomerang with such finesse and precision is a testament to her skill as a mage. It is a spellbinding sight to behold as she effortlessly manipulates the forces of magic to overwhelm her opponents, leaving them in awe of her prowess and fearful of the power she commands.

  • The damage of Magic Boomerang is reduced up to a certain percentage for each extra enemy hit.
  • Get this skill first and use it every so often in the laning stage, for this is her farming and poking tool.
  • You can move sideways to change the direction of the boomerang on its way back. This allows you to hit more enemies while maneuvering to a safe position.

Second skill – Molina Smooch

Nana summons her loyal companion, Molina, and directs her towards a designated location. Once there, Molina diligently scours the surroundings, relentlessly pursuing the nearest enemy hero within the vicinity. Upon catching up to her target, Molina unleashes a transformative force, enveloping the first enemy hero she collides with.

Under the enchanting influence of Molina’s magic, the unfortunate victim undergoes a temporary metamorphosis, their very essence altered. This transformation inflicts magic damage upon the affected hero, while also impeding their movement speed and diminishing their magical defenses for the duration of the spell. Nana’s ability to deploy Molina as a strategic asset demonstrates her astute understanding of battlefield dynamics. By utilizing Molina’s power to disrupt and transform enemy heroes, Nana effectively turns the tide of battle in her team’s favor. Witnessing the bewildering spectacle of an enemy hero succumbing to Molina’s enchantment serves as a stark reminder of Nana’s unparalleled prowess as a mage.

  • Molina will remain stationary for up to several seconds if there are no enemy heroes in the area.
  • Molina can chase an enemy for a few seconds before disappearing.
  • This is the opening skill in her combo, so make sure you hit the right target first before using the other abilities.
  • Place this in a bush to scout for enemies, preventing gank attempts.
  • You can also use Molina Smooch to zone out enemies in sieging or defending turrets.

Ultimate – Molina Blitz

Nana beckons forth her faithful companion, Molina, and commands her to unleash a flurry of attacks upon a designated area. Molina dutifully heeds the call and proceeds to launch a series of three devastating strikes. Each strike carries the essence of Nana’s magical prowess, inflicting considerable magic damage upon any unfortunate foes caught within the area of impact.

The power of Molina’s assaults extends beyond mere damage, as they also impart a slowing effect upon the enemies they strike. This reduction in movement speed hampers their ability to maneuver swiftly, granting Nana and her allies a strategic advantage in the ensuing skirmish. Nana’s ability to summon Molina as a formidable ally in battle showcases her command over mystical forces. With each precise strike, Nana demonstrates her ability to manipulate magic to devastating effect, leaving her adversaries both wounded and hindered. The sight of Molina’s relentless assault serves as a testament to Nana’s unwavering determination and her commitment to ensuring victory for her team.

  • If Molina Blitz hits a single enemy continuously, he will be stunned.
  • This skill has a slight delay in cast animation, so ensure that your target is hit by Molina Smooch or any control ability first.
  • Try to predict where the enemy will escape, and position your ultimate there, so they will be hit twice and get stunned.
  • You can also use this to clear huge minion waves.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Nana in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Flameshot stands out as the optimal choice for a battle spell, offering a versatile tool to secure kills for Nana. In the event that her initial combo fails to eliminate her targets, Flameshot can be employed as a finishing blow to swiftly dispatch lingering enemies. Furthermore, Flameshot proves invaluable in defensive maneuvers. When foes attempt to pursue Nana, this spell can be utilized to knock them back, creating distance and discouraging their advances. Additionally, it synergizes effectively with Molina Blitz, enabling a double hit and magnifying its impact.

For those seeking a more cautious approach, Flicker emerges as a prudent selection. This spell provides an escape route from perilous situations, compensating for Nana’s lack of inherent mobility. By employing Flicker judiciously, Nana can extricate herself from precarious positions and maintain a safe distance from potential threats. Whether opting for the aggressive finish of Flameshot or the defensive maneuverability of Flicker, the choice of battle spell empowers Nana to navigate the battlefield with calculated precision. It is a testament to her adaptability and strategic acumen, allowing her to dictate the flow of combat and emerge as a formidable force in any confrontation.

Recommended emblem

When constructing Nana’s emblem set, the Mage emblem reigns supreme, offering a wealth of benefits that enhance her magical prowess. This emblem choice is tailored to bolster her magical burst, providing substantial increases in magic power and magic penetration. Additionally, the Mage emblem grants valuable cooldown reduction, allowing Nana to cast her spells more frequently and maintain a relentless assault on her adversaries. Within the first tier of emblem talents, the Inspire talent is a prime selection for Nana. By investing in Inspire, Nana gains further cooldown reduction, ensuring her spells are readily available when needed most. This reduction in downtime empowers Nana to seize opportunities, unleash devastating combos, and maintain a dominant presence on the battlefield.

In the second tier of talents, Bargain Hunter presents itself as a strategic choice for cost-conscious players. By selecting Bargain Hunter, Nana benefits from reduced equipment costs, enabling her to optimize her itemization while allocating resources efficiently. This talent ensures that Nana remains well-equipped to face her foes without compromising her overall effectiveness. When it comes to Nana’s primary talent, Lethal Ignition emerges as the optimal pick. This talent augments Nana’s skill combo with additional adaptive damage, inflicting even greater harm upon her targets. By harnessing Lethal Ignition, Nana’s magical onslaught becomes even more formidable, leaving her opponents reeling from the sheer force of her abilities. The meticulous selection of Nana’s emblem, talents, and primary talent showcases the depth of strategy behind her spellcasting. By customizing her arsenal to amplify her magical potential, Nana solidifies her role as a devastating mage, capable of dishing out lethal bursts of damage that leave her enemies trembling in awe. With the right emblem setup, Nana becomes an unstoppable force, weaving spells with precision and finesse to dominate the battlefield.

Nana best build

As the mage on your team, your role carries the weight of being one of the primary damage dealers during critical team fights. It is imperative to make informed item choices to maximize your effectiveness and ensure your magical prowess shines through. To kickstart your item build, prioritize purchasing brown Boots early on. These boots provide essential mobility, allowing you to swiftly navigate the battlefield and position yourself optimally for unleashing devastating spells. Following that, aim to acquire the Clock of Destiny as your first major item. This choice not only grants a substantial increase in magic power but also offers the opportunity to stack it to its maximum potential early in the game. By achieving maximum stacks quickly, you establish a strong foundation for your magical dominance, enabling you to unleash potent bursts of damage. Once you have the Clock of Destiny, it’s time to consider upgrading your boots to Arcane Boots. These specialized boots provide valuable magic penetration, ensuring that your spells pierce through enemy defenses and deal maximum damage. This enhancement solidifies your position as a formidable threat on the battlefield. As the game progresses, the Lightning Truncheon becomes a valuable addition to your item arsenal.

This item synergizes exceptionally well with Nana’s abilities, harnessing the power of electrical energy to unleash devastating bursts of damage upon your foes. With each discharge, your enemies will tremble in the face of your overwhelming magical might. To further amplify your magical potential, consider strategic acquisitions such as the Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, and Holy Crystal. These items substantially increase your magic power and penetration, enabling you to swiftly burst down enemy heroes with unparalleled efficiency. The Genius Wand inflicts additional damage over time, while the Divine Glaive pierces through enemy magic resistance, and the Holy Crystal enhances overall magic power. Together, these items solidify your position as a force to be reckoned with, capable of decimating the opposition. While dealing damage is vital, survivability is also of utmost importance. Consider defensive items like Immortality or Winter Truncheon to bolster your resilience, particularly when facing enemy heroes that can dive into your team’s backline. These items provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that you can withstand aggressive assaults and continue to contribute to team fights effectively. By carefully selecting and acquiring these items, you lay the foundation for success as the mage on your team. Your ability to unleash devastating magical barrages, penetrate enemy defenses, and make strategic item choices ensures that you remain a potent force throughout the game.

The best build for Nana in Mobile Legends

  1. Clock of Destiny
  2. Arcane Boots
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Genius Wand
  5. Divine Glaive
  6. Holy Crystal

Easy combos to learn

During the laning stage, Nana players should strategically position Molina Smooch near the minion wave to exert pressure and create a zoning effect against their opponent. Placing Molina Smooch in a strategic location not only discourages enemies from approaching but also sets up opportunities for aggressive plays. If an opponent happens to get transformed by Molina Smooch’s effect, it’s the perfect chance to poke them with Magic Boomerang, utilizing Nana’s range advantage to deal damage while keeping a safe distance. When aiming for a full combo, Nana players should exercise patience and wait for the opportune moment when an enemy falls victim to Molina Smooch’s transformation. Once the target is under the effect, quickly follow up with Molina Blitz to stun them, leaving them vulnerable to further damage. To maximize the combo’s potential, immediately cast Magic Boomerang during the stun duration to unleash a powerful burst of magical damage. This sequence of abilities can catch opponents off guard and quickly turn the tide of battle in Nana’s favor.

In cases where the target manages to survive the initial burst, Nana players can rely on Flameshot to secure the elimination. Flameshot, with its knockback effect and damage, serves as a valuable tool to finish off weakened opponents who manage to escape the initial combo. By utilizing Flameshot effectively, Nana players can ensure that no enemy is left standing to threaten their team. When selecting targets for the Nana combo, it is advisable to prioritize squishy heroes on the opposing team, such as mages or marksmen. These high-priority targets are more susceptible to burst damage and pose a significant threat if left unchecked. By focusing on eliminating these key enemy heroes, Nana can disrupt the enemy team’s overall strategy and pave the way for her team’s success. For those encountering difficulties when facing Nana, it can be helpful to explore effective counters against her. These counters may involve heroes with strong crowd control abilities, such as heroes capable of stunning or silencing Nana, denying her the opportunity to unleash her devastating combos. Additionally, heroes with high mobility or burst damage can quickly close the gap on Nana and swiftly eliminate her before she can fully utilize her abilities. By mastering the art of positioning, executing precise combos, and adapting to counter-strategies, Nana players can become formidable forces on the battlefield, capable of turning the tide of battle with their magical prowess and strategic decision-making.

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