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Things are slowing down for the Dota 2 player count as we head into the end of 2019. The popular Valve MOBA is nearing a low it hasn’t seen since January 2014.

While all games are known to fluctuate in terms of player numbers, some are a bit easier to predict. It’s pretty obvious things get hype for the game around the time of the annual The International event but at other times in the year, it’s known to slow down a bit.

You can see exactly that as after two months of declining player numbers, TI9 came around and saved the day in a sense according to Steam Charts. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last. Since the end of the event, September and now October have seen massive drops of -9.67% and -6.60% in terms of average players.

Screenshot of Steam Charts

This has brought the game down to its lowest average player count since January of 2014 over the last 30 days. While this doesn’t exactly spell impending doom, it may mean Valve may want to look into having a meta change, new character, or more ready to be injected into the game within a month or two following the conclusion of their big event.

The Dota Pro Circuit will be getting into full swing soon and will certainly help to boost the game’s activity.

It’s also important to note that while January 2014 kicked off at 393,860 it has continued to remain above that for nearly 6 years now. Lows are natural and so are rebounds so don’t sound the alarms yet.

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