New CS2 Update: Overpass Removed, Dust2 Added, Left-Handed Mode, and More

The long-awaited and highly anticipated CS2 major patch has finally arrived, bringing with it an array of exciting changes. Valve has made significant updates, including revisions to the active map pool, a slightly reworked version of Inferno, the reintroduction of the left-hand option (cl_righthand 0), adjustments to the cash rewards for kills, and numerous other enhancements. Players can expect a fresh and enhanced gaming experience as they delve into the comprehensive updates offered by Valve.

One of the most noteworthy changes in this major patch is the surprising removal of the Overpass map from the competitive map pool. It has been replaced with the legendary Dust2, a move that has generated excitement and anticipation among the CS2 community. With these updates, Valve continues to demonstrate their commitment to improving gameplay and providing an enriched gaming environment for players worldwide.

Major changes

The highly anticipated major patch for CS2 has finally arrived, bringing a plethora of exciting changes to the game. Valve has made significant updates, ranging from reworked maps to quality-of-play improvements, all aimed at enhancing the player experience. One of the standout changes is the reworking of the mid and banana arcs on the Inferno map. The previous design of these areas received criticism from fans during the run-up to the release of Counter-Strike 2. Players expressed their dissatisfaction with the enclosed feel of the map, particularly the banana area and the redesigned Molotov cocktails, as well as the reduced space in the central area. Valve took note of this feedback and decided to address these concerns in the major patch. In the latest update, Valve has removed some of the buildings in the mid and banana areas, resulting in a more visually spacious map that is reminiscent of the older version. This alteration not only improves the overall aesthetics but also provides players with a more open and strategic playing field. By restoring some of the map’s original features, Valve has successfully addressed the concerns raised by the community. Another significant addition in this major patch is the reintroduction of the ability to change hands. Valve has heard the requests of fans and has finally allowed players to switch between left and right-handed views using the appropriate command. This feature provides players with a greater level of customization and allows them to play in a way that feels most comfortable and natural to them. It’s a welcome addition that adds an extra layer of personalization to the gameplay experience. Valve has also made several improvements to enhance the quality of play in CS2. The heads-up display (HUD) has been refined, providing players with clearer and more intuitive information during gameplay. The purchase menu has also received updates, such as displaying the minimum amount of money players will receive in the next round, helping them plan their purchases more strategically. Additionally, a “dropped weapons” column has been added to the purchase menu, making it easier for players to manage their arsenal.

Furthermore, the major patch includes various adjustments to kill rewards, ensuring a more balanced and rewarding gameplay experience. Valve has fine-tuned the cash rewards for kills, considering factors such as the weapon used, the target’s armor status, and the round progression. These modifications aim to incentivize skilled and strategic gameplay, where players are appropriately rewarded for their efforts. Valve has also introduced some gameplay refinements that enhance the overall experience. An alternative radar zoom setting has been added, allowing players to adjust the radar’s zoom level according to their preferences. Additionally, a key has been implemented to toggle between standard and alternate zooms, enabling players to maneuver through smoke or improve visibility during critical moments in the late rounds. These refinements provide players with more control and options in various gameplay scenarios. The removal of Overpass from the competitive map pool came as a surprise to many players. The map had undergone a complete redesign for Counter-Strike 2, leading to speculation within the community about which map would be next in line for reworking. While many expected Vertigo or Mirage to receive attention, Valve opted for the unexpected by replacing Overpass with the legendary Dust2. This decision has generated excitement and anticipation among the CS2 community, as Dust2 has long been a beloved and iconic map in the Counter-Strike franchise. The major patch in CS2 has brought a wealth of changes and improvements to the game. Valve’s commitment to addressing community feedback is evident in the reworked Inferno map, the reintroduction of the left-hand option, and the various quality-of-play enhancements. With a refined HUD, updated purchase menu, balanced kill rewards, and gameplay refinements, players can expect an enhanced and more enjoyable CS2 experience. As the game continues to evolve, Valve’s dedication to listening to player feedback and implementing meaningful updates ensures that Counter-Strike 2 remains a competitive and engaging FPS title for players around the world.

Grenades and the economy

Valve has introduced a range of exciting changes and optimizations in the latest update for CS2, aimed at enhancing gameplay and addressing player feedback. One notable improvement is the simplified grenade throw mechanics. After pulling the pin, players are now greeted with a large, prominent crosshair on their screen, offering improved visibility and aiding in precise aiming. The delay before the crosshair appears can now be customized for each specific grenade type, allowing players to fine-tune their throwing technique and maximize their effectiveness in various situations. In terms of weapon balancing, Valve has made some noteworthy adjustments. The Zeus, a powerful electric shock weapon, now boasts an increased kill reward of $100, incentivizing its strategic use in gameplay. Additionally, the Zeus has been endowed with improved movement speed, compensating for the reduced attack angle introduced in a previous update. This change not only adds value to the Zeus as a formidable weapon but also creates opportunities for players to employ it tactically in their strategies. The CZ-75, a semi-automatic pistol, has been reevaluated in terms of kill rewards. Previously offering a meager $100 for each kill, the CZ-75 has now been rebalanced to align with other pistols, granting players a more substantial reward of $300. This adjustment brings the CZ-75 back in line with its counterparts, ensuring fair and equitable gameplay for all players.

Furthermore, the XM1014 shotgun stands out as an exception among its shotgun peers. Previously offering a kill reward of $900, it has now been revised to $600. This change aims to strike a better balance in terms of weapon economics, ensuring that players are rewarded proportionately for their skillful use of the XM1014. Valve’s commitment to player satisfaction is evident in their attention to detail and consideration of community feedback. In addition to weapon adjustments, they have also focused on optimizing map performance. Maps such as Overpass, Nuke, Vertigo, Mirage, and Office have received minor yet impactful improvements, enhancing overall gameplay stability and providing a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players. Lastly, Valve has introduced a limited-time offer for the PGL Major Copenhagen sticker capsules. These collectible items, featuring the branding of the prestigious tournament, are now available at a discounted price of 75%. This promotion allows players to acquire these sought-after stickers at a more affordable cost, adding an extra layer of excitement and customization to their in-game items. With each update, Valve demonstrates their commitment to refining and evolving CS2, ensuring that players have a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. By addressing player concerns, optimizing gameplay mechanics, and offering enticing promotions, Valve continues to foster a thriving community and reinforce CS2’s position as a leading competitive FPS title.

Patch log


  • Model appearances have been adjusted when the bob parameter is enabled during movement.
  • A setting has been added to choose the dominant hand as either left or right.
  • A bind has been added to temporarily switch the dominant hand during gameplay (default bind is the H key).
  • Spectators can now see which hand the player is using as their dominant hand.
  • The outdated “Couch” parameter for displaying weapon and hand models has been removed.


  • An alternative radar scale parameter and a bind to change it during gameplay have been added.
  • A radar icon has been added for spectators using free camera mode.
  • A separate crosshair for grenades has been introduced, which appears after pulling the pin and can be customized for each grenade type.
  • The text when hovering over dropped weapons now consistently displays the in-game name rather than the user’s custom tag.
  • An icon has been added to indicate “in-air” kills in the kill feed.
  • The scoreboard has been added to the menu accessed by the ESC key.
  • An icon has been added to display bots in the scoreboard.

Buy Menu:

  • A “Dropped Weapons” panel has been added, displaying and allowing players to pick up weapons dropped by teammates during the buy phase.
  • The top right corner of the buy menu now shows the amount of money the player will receive in the next round.


  • Movement speed with the Zeus in hand has been adjusted, and the attack cone has been corrected.
  • The kill reward for kills with the Zeus has been increased from $0 to $100 (in casual mode, it is increased to $50).
  • The kill reward for kills with the CZ75-Auto has been increased from $100 to $300 (in casual mode, it is increased to $150).
  • The kill reward for kills with the XM1014 has been reduced from $900 to $600 (in casual mode, it is reduced to $300).


  • The lighting of weapon previews in the in-game menu has been adjusted.
  • Weapon wear information is now displayed when inspecting weapons in the in-game menu.
  • The in-game name of the weapon is now displayed when inspecting weapons in the in-game menu, instead of just the custom name, if available.


  • Overpass has been replaced by Dust2 in the competitive map pool and Premier mode.
  • Various bugs have been fixed and improvements made to the Inferno, Overpass, Nuke, Vertigo, Mirage, and Office maps.


  • Camera movement is now independent of demo playback speed, allowing camera movement even when paused.
  • The ability to launch practice matches and workshop maps with group members has been added.
  • The “Patrol” system has been introduced, allowing trusted users to review demos and render judgments on players suspected of unfair play.
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 sticker capsules have received a 75% discount.
  • Brightness adjustment is now available in windowed modes.
Which of the following features in the latest CS2 update are you most interested in?
Simplified grenade throwing mechanics and customizable display sight.
Adding a "dropped weapon" panel to the buy menu and displaying the guaranteed amount of money in the next round.
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