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Valve have released Dota 2 patch 7.22h in the aftermath of WePlay Reshuffle Madness and looking at how pubs have been going after TI9. The patch only includes nerfs to neutrals, four items and five heroes. Patch 7.22h comes just a few days before the DPC qualfiers for the first Major and Minor, so teams will have to rethink their strategies a bit. Let’s get into the changes.

General changes

Neutrals have been further nerfed. Neutrals were nerfed in patch 7.22g as well, with exactly the same nerf. As compared to the TI9 patch, they now give 9.75% less bounty. Thinking of venturing into the jungle early on? Think again!

Item changes

Planning on completing a Ring of Basilius in the lane? Don’t think so! Ring of Protection is no longer available in the side shop, so not only can Basilius not be completed, you can’t get a casual Ring of Protection to add a bit of armor and mitigate the lane harass.

Medallion of Courage, Phase Boots and Solar Crest are all items that were extremely popular in Shanghai at TI9 and they continue to be popular now. The nerf hammer of the 7.22h patch might affect them a little, but on the whole, it will take a big patch (7.23) to disrupt their popularity completely.

Hero changes

(1) Kunkka

Kunkka just can’t catch a break. The admiral keeps getting nerfed, but he keeps getting picked as well. Kunkka is the ultmate mid lane winner who is defeated by a very few heroes in the mid lane (like Huskar). So even with the nerfs, he keeps getting picked and the cycle continues. A lot of times, IceFrog increases early level cooldown and changes the scaling so that the final level cooldown is the same. But in this case, both, Ghost Ship and X Marks the Spot have increased cooldowns at their maximum levels. That should rip a hole in Kukka’s sails.

(2) Mirana

The position 4 Mirana that scales better than most supports keeps getting popular and one of the big reasons for that are the early game arrows that can score kills in the lane. The arrow speed has been reduced, making it a bit more challenging to hit them. The Leap attack speed won’t affect support Miranas too much, but it is bound to take a hit on core Miranas.

3) Night Stalker

The breakout hero post TI9, Night Stalker has been terrorizing pubs. He was also one of the most banned heroes of WePlay Reshuffle Madness 2019. Owing to that, he has been brought down a notch in 7.22h. Three of the four nerfs target a right clicking NS, which is what he is popular for right now in a position 3 role. However, comsidering no other heroes have received buffs, NS should still be a popular pick in the qualfiers.

4) Tiny

Tiny takes a big hit in the laning stage. Avalange damage has been decreased and Toss cooldown has been increased for the early levels, meaning winning the lane with Tiny or having the same effect as earlier with a roaming Tiny will be a lot more difficult. Although if he can get through the laning stage unscathed, seems like Tiny is still a strong hero.

5) Windranger

The level 10 mana talent is a crucial one for Windranger as she is a hero with four usable skills who doesn’t really build any mana regen items. A reduction from +3 to +2 may not seem like a lot, but that’s 33% right off the charts. It is a small thing, but it stacks up in long drawn team fights when skills are to be used multiple times. That small bit of mana required for Windrun can be the difference between life and death.

Valve and IceFrog are trying to balance the field for the upcoming qualifiers, which is why we can only see nerfs in 7.22h. It is a surprise though, that Ember Spirit and Gyrocopter were untouched this patch. Looking at the frequncy of these small patches, there is a good chance we get patch 7.22i before the first DPC Minor begins, which will depend on the hero picks in the qualfiiers.

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