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It’s 2021, and a computer is not a luxury attribute anymore. Back in the ’90s, owning a PC was a mark of status and wealth, but things changed a lot 30 years later. Nowadays, a computer (a laptop or a desktop) is a usual device for every house. Many families even have more than one PC at hand: every family member has their own device.

The consequence is obvious: more than 40% of people all over the world spend their leisure time playing video games. One of my friends is just like that. When he wants to relax a bit, he’ll check write my paper for me reviews online, order academic help from professionals, and then dive into a world of a game he chooses.

The variety of video games is huge. However, there are titles that people prefer much more frequently than the other ones. Here below, you’ll find the list of seven best-selling games in history. This doesn’t mean they are the very best games ever (that’s always personal), but at least every game included in the list is worth your attention.

Here we go!

1. Tetris

What? Are you surprised? Well, you probably expected to see a GTA, Super Mario, or Minecraft title over there. However, the truth is that Tetris outplayed all of them. That happened mainly because of the universal nature of that legendary concept: Tetris can easily be ported to PCs, consoles, smartphones, or pocket gaming solutions. With over 400 million copies sold, Tetris is the bestseller from the world of video games.

2. Minecraft

This 3D game turned from a local phenomenon to a global revolution pretty quickly. Minecraft became popular all over the planet since its release. The two different game modes were the main reasons for the game to capture gamers’ hearts entirely despite looking simple.

The first mode was a regular survival game but with multiple distinguishing features. Here, a player needs to explore the virtual world and collect resources to construct and reinforce their refuge during the day and stand against in-game monsters at night.

The second mode is different. It is about construction. A player gets unlimited resources to build whatever they want with cubes. And community members all over the world continue creating masterpieces even in 2021. In some countries, Minecraft even became a part of experimental education programs for children. It’s a videogame that significantly changed the attitude of society towards the industry in the 2010s.

3. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

The fifth part of the epic franchise by Rockstar became their all-time chef-d-oeuvre. The job they did on both single-player and multiplayer game modes resulted in the outstanding finalization of all the concepts. A perfectly built story mode telling about three different heroes is fascinating all the way through, and the funny and challenging online sessions are ideal for spending more time in Los Santos alone or with friends.

Without a doubt, it will be difficult for Rockstar to overcome their previous achievements in GTA 6. But gamers all over the planet hope they’ll make it.

4. Wii Sports

Anyone who ever had Wii knows this funny thing for sure. Wii Sports first appeared in 2006 and has expanded a lot since then. Playing different sports virtually while using the motion capture systems by Wii to move in reality was an unimaginable experience for most gamers two decades ago, but Wii made it real. This sports simulation solution united more families in their love for video games than anything else in this world ever did.

5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

In March 2017, when PUBG was released in the early access mode, nobody could predict or even expect the popularity and the size of the hype wave literally stunning the gaming world that came after. For millions of its fans, PUBG became the origin of the new genre called Battle Royale. I still remember the day when I checked the custom writings review online, left my academic assignment for professionals, and dived into PUBG without worrying about my grades.

The mobile version, “Lite” version, and multiple clones were the result. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became a meteor striking the video gaming reality with over 50 million copies sold out, and it is still keeping its positions in 2021, regularly reaching over 500,000 players online.

6. Super Mario Bros.

The 1-1 level is a guaranteed nostalgia dose for every gamer of the ’90s. Super Mario Bros was the beginning of the video gaming experience for that generation of gamers and the industry’s real icon. Many different games had been released since then, but Super Mario Bros is the eternal, classical symbol.

7. Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

Pokemon became a worldwide phenomenon causing multiple generations of games and fans to appear and continue loving it even today. The four games mentioned above were the very first steps everyone could ever make through the Pokemon world to see all its wonders. It’s still pleasant to play them even nowadays, despite the first title being released in 1996!

Honorable Mention Bonus: Pac-Man

Pac-Man couldn’t reach the top 7 list above, but it would be impossible to avoid mentioning it here. The genuinely simple concept, 256 levels that were only becoming more and more challenging… and the last one impossible to finish due to an integer overflow. Pac-Man is called the most famous videogame of all time. And Pac-Man himself is among the top-known video game characters. 

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