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Valve trading card game Artifact continues to decay. On Feb. 25, the game reached a new lowest peak of 634 players — the first time it’s dipped below 650.

The worrisome part is that Artifact is not even stabilizing. With the exception of Feb. 16, when the game recorded a high-point of 1,030 players, Artifact hasn’t peaked above 1,000 since Feb. 10, more than two weeks ago.

There’s little to look forward to in Artifact too. Valve has not spoken about any possible updates or reworks, though players such as Lifecoach have hinted that something is indeed in the works. The tournament scene has been quiet as well, with nothing major on the horizon.

Twitch numbers are even worse. Artifact being notoriously broadcast-unfriendly, it wobbles 100 and 300 viewers on average. In comparison, when Artifact launched in November, it had 8,300 average players for the month. In December, numbers dropped but still an average of 4,500 was recorded.

This means that between December and February, Artifact has lost 95.5% of its Twitch viewership.

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