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BREN Epro have bounced back in The Nationals Season 2 with a repeat win over the top-ranked Smart Omega. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team recently finished second place at the ONE Esports MLBB MPL Invitational with a loss in the grand finals to MPL-Indonesia’s Alter Ego.

A win here has put them back in a comfortable spot in The Nationals and closed the gap between them and Omega. BREN currently hold a 12-8 record with 15 points while Smart Omega have a 13-4 record and 19 total points.

KarlTzy once again impressed as he earned two MVP titles with his performance in game one and two. The 16-year-old finished with six kills, zero deaths, and five assists in game one before netting six kills, two deaths, and give assists in game two.

Game one was ended in under 13 minutes as Omega attempted a strategy different from their norm. Game two saw them return to the basics but found themselves unable to climb out of the hole of momentum BREN had gained.

Elsewhere in the league Laus Auto Group Playbook Esports took down Happy Feet in a three game series.

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