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The ‘Free Agency’ season keeps running and the competitive League of Legends Teams around the world ultimate their rosters for the upcoming 2021 Season. Like the rest, the best of the regions, the LPL, continues to leave us with important news about rosters and player exchanges.

One of the LPL organizations that are regenerating the most is LGD Gaming, which a couple of weeks ago announced the departure of the legendary jungler Han ‘Peanut‘ Wang-ho, alongside the contract termination of Langx, Kramer, and Lies.

Today, LGD Gaming has made a new announcement vía Weibo where the organization says goodbye to one of the players that helped LGD to qualify for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship: Su ‘xiye‘ Han-Wei.

Image via LGD Gaming

This official announcement says as follows:

The contract of Su “xiye” Hanwei, former mid laner at the LoL branch of the LGD Esports Club, has expired, and he officially leaves the team and becomes a free agent today.

During the transfer period, with respect for the player’s personal will, we’ve had several friendly negotiations with xiye, but it’s a pity that at last, we are unable to move forward together.

This summer, xiye joined us with his dream, and he has created countless highlights in the competitive scene. We are grateful for our encounter, your company, and your devotions.

We hope xiye to enjoy every summer in the future.

We also hope him to stay vigorous, happy, confident, and positive.

You will always be the young player pursuing dreams in the arena.

At the very last, thank you fans for your support for LGD.

LoL and xiye. We’ll see you again in the next season“.

Apparently, LGD Gaming and ‘xiye’ have been negotiating to find an agreement that finally has never been produced, and therefore the player has been forced to leave the team after a very good split.

We have no official news about the Chinese mid laner’s future, but stay tuned! We will tell you as soon as we know!

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