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Update: Baolan has since re-signed with Invictus Gaming for three years.

In a surprising move, former Invictus Gaming support Wang “Baolan” Liu-yi announced the end of his contract on Weibo. In addition to that, he plainly stated that he will not renew the contract. Baolan served as Invictus Gaming’s support from 2016-2018, and was also previously known as Megan.

Baolan and Invictus Gaming won the World Championship finals this year against Fnatic in a 3-0 sweep, becoming the first Chinese team to ever hoist the Summoner’s Cup. Invictus Gaming defeated Fnatic in record time and it was clear that the lineup had the most mechanical skill in the world. However, Baolan often was in the shadow of his teammates, potentially explaining his reasoning for leaving the team.

For Invictus Gaming, this means the team is in the market for a new support. As of now, there aren’t too many domestic options, but if Song “Rookie” Eui-jin earns his residency status, Flash Wolves support Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-jie is a potential top target. Last year’s World Championship team Samsung Galaxy went into 2018 with the exact same roster, but it looks like iG won’t be able to keep that trend going for 2019.

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