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Yeah, you read that right. Esports is headed to Hollywood!

Well, kind of…

Fabian “Sheepy” Mallant and Fabian “Exileh” Schubert will be lending their voices to the German version of Deadpool 2. The two are currently members of the Unicorns of Love, a League of Legends team within the EU LCS. Sheepy is the coach of the team while Exileh is the mid laner.

The short video is straight to the point as Sheepy says, “We are currently in the recording studios and we had the opportunity to record voices for Deadpool 2.” Deadpool 2 is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2018. The first Deadpool (2016) grossed $783,112,979 worldwide with Germany contributing $24,583,395 to that total.

Based out of Berlin, the pair from The Unicorns Of Love are an excellent choice for the German voice over work needed for the movie. Deadpool 2, led by Ryan Reynolds; is voiced entirely in English but Exileh wants to have fun with their fans worldwide and said, “When you’re seeing the movie, you can see if you can figure out which are our voices.”

Jos Mallant, Owner of Unicorns of Love, spoke to VPEsports and said “I am really proud that we as UOL got this partnership with Twentieth Century Fox to push the movie DEADPOOL 2 with Ryan Reynolds in Germany.”  Mallant also recognizes the importance of blending esports with major brands and said, “Generally this is a milestone for esports, the activation of an esport organisation from a major brand like Twentieth Century Fox to hype a real blockbuster as Deadpool 2 means that the unreal growth of esports is meanwhile taking seriously by classic entertainment business.”

People often poke fun at the Unicorns of Love name but Mallant couldn’t be more proud of the brand they’ve grown and actually sees it as a major tactical advantage. “Saying that it shows that our often discussed frumpy name “Unicorns Of Love” in combination with our modest team colours and the subtle way of appearance has given us an own clear identity and acceptance also outside of esports.”

So what should fans do in order to stay updated? For Mallant, it’s simple. “Follow us on our social media channels and be part in an action-packed program ending finally in a fan-related firework. Beside the voice over by Sheepy and Exileh we will have several other actions over the next 2 weeks with a lot of fan interaction.”

An opportunity like this is beyond unique within esports. Sheepy and Exileh may not realize it, but this move pushes them into the limelight as an ambassador for the world of esports. The two are bridging the gap between pop culture and esports, helping those outside the gaming world get exposed to the esports culture. It’s been great to see the inclusion of esports in within pop culture and this is just another step forward in helping more people get introduced into the crazy environment we call esports.


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