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Michael “shroud” Grzesiek may be away from Twitch for awhile the popular streamer has revealed.

Initially just tweeting “No stream today boys.. blame the scooter,” it later became apparent this was related to an accident and injury.

shroud, who is known for his insane game play in first-person shooters and chill personality was injured while using his scooter and it was serious enough to call for surgery as he later told his following “getting surgery on my elbow today…might be out of mission for a bit.”

Recently breaking the 100,000 subscriber barrier on Twitch, shroud will certainly come back to a drop in numbers. Luckily for him, having insane numbers wasn’t all that important to him. He’s gone on record plenty of times saying while he loves the support, he’s not chasing the money or opportunities and simply wants to game.

For those worried he may suffer a drop in game play due to an injury to his arm, he says fear not. shroud followed up his surgery post by stating it was his left arm that required the procedure and told his fans not to worry “the aims still there.”

The former Counter-Strike professional should return to the job just fine and maybe even see a bump in viewership for his “return” stream. It is unknown when he will return to broadcasting at this time.

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