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A decade of Dota 2 will be celebrated this year in August in the Ericsson Globe Arena from Stockholm, Sweden. The pinnacle of Dota 2 tournaments, The International is returning to Europe for the first time since 2011 when the very first edition was hosted in Cologne, Germany. It all started with a $1,600,000 prize pool and 10 years later TI is the biggest esports tournament beating its own prize pool record with every edition.

TI10 will most probably be no different in that regard, but in many other aspects, it will be an unique experience for everyone watching from home or attend in person, at the arena. While the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit is well underway and the teams are fighting for a coveted spot at the tenth edition of The International, Valve is already starting to prepare for the event. The TI Battle Pass should come sometime this summer and, as per usual, it will contain a Collector’s Cache treasure featuring item sets created by the Steam workshop artists.

For this year’s edition, Valve is not establishing any specific theme for the artists, but do advise them to avoid using “any concepts that involve human skulls, blood, and gore.”

“We encourage artists to explore any ideas they think will be compelling additions to their favorite hero’s item collection,” is stated in the official announcement released on Thursday, February 13, 2020. The submission deadline is April 27 and all entries have to be made under the Collector’s Cache 2020 tag.

Along with the TI10 Collector’s Cache call to arms, Valve also launched an invitation for all those who feel inspired to create Dota2 merchandise. The concepts must be submitted in the Steam Workshop with the Merchandise tag and those that will resonate with the fans the most will make the cut into the TI10 Secret Shop.

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