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After two massive upsets yesterday at ESL One Los Angeles Online, today would begin with two more before Team Secret and Natus Vinere met – and the CIS squad would be hoping to continue the trend.

Team Secret were currently completely unbeaten at ESL One LA Online, not even dropping a game in their two series prior to their fight against Na’Vi. But after witnessing the likes of OG, Nigma, Alliance and Ninjas in Pyjamas losing in previous games, there remained a glimmer of hope for Na’Vi to maybe find a way to cause another upset in the event.

Early in the first game of the series, it seemed for a brief period that the CIS squad would actually be able to take a solid victory for themselves – amassing a small lead prior to 20-minutes and even finding some great fights beyond that. But that was nowhere near enough to fight against the Secret lineup. Na’Vi, going into the next game, seemed to be unable to really stop their opponent, although remaining in close contention in the net-worth and kill score. However, Secret’s over-confidence came out when they went up to the high ground with a Divine Rapier and lost it for almost nothing and the game swung completely to Na’Vi.

Even though Na’Vi had a massive chance to provide Secret with their first loss of the event, with the win almost gifted to them, they failed to utilise their advantage. With the game slowing down and very few kills going either way, Secret were able to hold on and claim a 2-0 victory in the series.

The action from ESL One Los Angeles Online is not yet over for the day as next will be the two teams in Group B who are currently without a single victory fighting as Team Liquid and Team Unique going head-to-head.

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