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Team Liquid’s Bounty Hunt was brought to an end by Team Nigma, who managed to bounce back after a disastrous game one.

Liquid opened the series in an explosive manner on the back of perfect coordination and execution from their three cores, Razor in the mid lane, Bloodseeker in the carry position and an Axe offlane, who was instrumental in creating the early chaos and the team fight setups when the two teams were engaging five on five.

After losing the first game on Invoker with a demoralizing 1/11/4 K/D/A, Aliwi “w33” Omar redeemed himself with a signature Meepo. The hero was locked in with Team Nigma’s fourth pick, when it became clear that Liquid didn’t have any strong counter. Without any burst option and completely exposed to being nuked on any of their heroes by a Meepo gank, Liquid tried to salvage the draft with a last pick Shadow Fiend, but they couldn’t really achieve much. w33 managed to not die once until the 25 minute mark, when it was all too late for his adversaries to mount a comeback and the series went to a decisive game three.

Team Nigma seized the opportunity in the last draft of the match-up to secure one of their most successful combos: Luna – Vengeful Spirit and executed their game plan to perfection. They lost the early and mid-game, as they were waiting for Luna to get her first key item. After crushing the game for the first 20 minutes with a carry Bloodseeker, Liquid slowly lost the map advantage to Luna’s Glaives, and although they had a few good high ground defence fights, they couldn’t get the grip on the game back.

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