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Newbee, The International champion caliber organization,  got banned by all major Chinese tournament organizers and got excluded from the Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association(CDA) earlier this month, facing match fixing allegations.

The decision was taken after CDA investigated Newbee’s matches and decided that they were clearly compromising the competitive integrity by being involved in betting on their own games. According to the official announcements made on May 15 by CDA, the evidence was also sent to Valve and Perfect World, the Chinese publisher for Dota 2, for further actions.

However, in the two-week time since CDA made their announcement, no other updates came from the Dota 2 developer. In the meantime, Newbee made public a lawyer letter of demand sent to CDA, as according to the organization they have never been shown the proofs CDA claims to have. More than that, they state that the players interviewed by CDA were threatened during the interviews and tricked to make untruthful and unfavorable statements.

Newbee also mentions that the CDA decision was issued to the public view even before the interviews were conducted, which they say it was done to discredit Newbee.

“1. It can be deducted from the timeline that the alliance issued the announcement before the interviews were over, which is obviously unconventional and suspected of maliciously discrediting the client;

2. According to the team members, they were intimidated by the other party during the interviews;

3. Throughout the interview process, the team members repeatedly asked the association to provide evidence for the match-fixing allegations but the staff did not show any evidence from beginning to end, while they induced the players to make unfavorable statements with intimidation and temptation;

4. After the interview, each player sent an appeal application to the league twice, but no response was received:

The association’s behaviors above have triggered negative comments on our club and members in the public, making the club and members suffer from all kinds of blame. In view of the situation, the club has a reason to believe that there is a possibility that some members in the association were maliciously infringing the reputation of the trustor and our members.

To seek a proper solution, the trustor demands the association to provide the club with the evidence related to the announcement above within 3 days after the association receives this notice and revoke all the relevant announcements CDA have posted online before this whole matter is ascertained.”

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