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Today we would see two series from the CIS Dota Pro Circuit upper division with Natus Vincere, No Techies, Live to Win and Team Unique all stepping up for their first taste of League action.

After EXTREMUM went down to Team Spirit yesterday in the first series of the CIS upper division DPC League, today we would have two more series from the region – the first being between Na’Vi and Team Unique. Although it was very clear that Na’Vi were the favourites, Unique were not to be counted out, especially with their roster of rather well-known players from the CIS scene.

As game one kicked off, although Unique were able to secure a few kills in their favour, Na’Vi begun to quickly pull ahead across the map, leaving their opponents pondering their way back into the game. But, with their very experienced roster, Na’Vi never gave Unique a single chance to get back into the game, dominating them and keeping their entire team locked into their base. It took only half an hour for the GG call to come out as Unique looked to game two for a comeback.

While Unique seemed to have a better draft in game two, Na’Vi did not let them have any control as the famed organisation quickly took control and secured a 2-0 series win – with a 27-minute GG tap-out from Unique. Na’Vi will return to the action in just two days when they face NoTechies, while Unique will have a few days to look at their tactics before facing EXTREMUM on January 28th.

The second series of the day would see the Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev stack, Live to Win, taking on Alexey “Solo” Berezin’s new roster, NoTechies, in what was set to be an epic matchup of two fairly new Dota 2 rosters. Game one would turn out to be extremely exciting as LtW fell behind with NoTechies constantly focusing their attention on Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi’s Void Spirit, giving themselves a sizeable mid-game lead. However, in one fight, LtW wrestled control away from their opponents, claiming an Aegis and turning the game on its head.

It did not take long for the GG call to come out of NoTechies as they realized they could no longer fight into Kiyalbek “dream” Tayirov’s Ursa, which tore them apart at every turn. Unfortunately for NoTechies, game two was almost an identical repeat of game one – as they had a clear opening and lead but threw it all away and would end up losing the series. This time, things lasted only 25-minutes as LtW found their footing much faster and powered their way to a quick 2-0 win.

With that, the second day of action from the CIS upper division in the DPC League Season 1 comes to an end with some rather fast paced Dota 2 from the squads involved. The upper division takes a day break, returning on January 24th for NoTechies versus Na’Vi and the first series of the event for both and Team Empire.

headline photo courtesy of StarLadder

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