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The playoff stage of ESL One Birmingham: Europe and CIS Online kicked off with elimination series, ending the tournament run for two teams. were the first to be knocked out, although they stood a huge chance to force a decisive game three. Their adversaries were FlyToMoon who started the series with a Luna game, outpacing the European team fighting with a late game oriented Spectre. The second game looked pretty much like it was won by, who saved their last pick for the carry and managed to counter FTM’s push strategy relying on Luna and Death Prophet. Around the 15 minute mark they took full control of the map and built a nearly 15K net worth advantage only to lose it all on the last few minutes of the game, in two skirmishes where they lost key heroes and had to burn through the buybacks until eventually, FTM were able to take the base in one push with the DP ultimate.

Heading into the next series of the day, Team Liquid against HellRaisers brought the elimination of the latter, as Liquid have once again pulled themselves together in the survival battle. For the first game Liquid chose to play fast, with Lycan and Queen of Pain setting the pace, cutting through buildings, while in the second game they relied on superior team fight with Faceless Void, Earthshaker and Witch Doctor making HR’s mission impossible.

The playoffs will resume Wednesday, June 3 with the upper bracket quarterfinals. Team Secret versus Alliance will open the day at 16:00 CET, followed by VP.Prodigy versus Team Nigma.

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