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Did you miss anything from the last week in esports? Have you been binge-watching Tiger King, instead of following video games? VPEsports’ Stories from the Week brings you all the biggest headlines you might have missed.

PPD retires from competitive play

Last week saw the retirement of two Dota 2 legends and The International champions, and the first one to announce he’s hanging the mouse was Peter “ppd” Dager. Captain of the 2015 TI winning Evil Geniuses, ppd said he’s looking for new challenges, as he’s lost the motivation to compete.

“I find myself focused on personal growth rather than competition versus others and because of that I feel like I have lost the grit and ambition necessary for myself to be the competitor I’m comfortable being,” ppd said.

Universe announces retirement

Just three days after ppd’s retirement, Saahil “Universe” Arora, who was part of that same TI5 winning EG squad, followed suit. The veteran offlaner, who most recently played as a position 4 for Ninjas in Pyjamas, also said that it’s time to chase something else in life that is not Dota 2.

“Whenever I do anything in life I tend to be an all or nothing type of person and dota was no different. […] Now the time has come to pursue other interests and figure out what comes next,” Universe wrote in his farewell message.

Summit1g slams VALORANT streamers for 24/7 streams

Popular streamer Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar lashed out this weekend against the state of the VALORANT section on Twitch, pointing out the type of content that’s being streamed. As every channel can now drop VALORANT beta keys, streamers have taken the easy way out by re-streaming their VODs, gaining viewership without producing any new content.

“You should all be fucking ashamed. You are not Twitch streamers, you’re not even YouTubers because you’re not even putting in the work that they put in. There’s no editing, you fucking throw up your VOD as soon as you go offline, like I’m playing my fucking outro video,” summit1g protested, pointing out the absurd amount of 24/7 key drop streams currently live on the section.

VALORANT patch nerfs Raze, changes Sage

Raze has been one of the more problematic agents in VALORANT due to her high AoE damage that just never stops. In Pathc 0.47, Riot addressed this problem, hard-targeting her Paint Shells cluster grenades.

Now, Paint Shells only have one charge and refresh the cooldown when Raze gets two kills. This means no more grenade spamming in large engagements, raising the skill ceiling for the agent.

Support Sage was also changed, and players going through her Slow Orb will not make any noise anymore, which is a substantial nerf to the ability.

Riot adds more slots for Worlds 2020 after cancelling MSI

Riot Games will make up for cancelling the Mid-Season Invitational by expanding the team slots for the World Championship, the LoL developer announced last week.

The growing COVID-19 pandemic makes MSI impossible, but to make up for it, the LEC, LPL, and VCS will gain an extra slot for the game’s crown event. As lower-ranked leagues, LCS and LCK will stay on three slots only.

IG CEO explains why JackeyLove left the team

Invictus Gaming CEO Wang “WXC” Sicong explained on Weibo why AD Carry Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo never re-signed with iG during the off-season and why he stayed a free agent for so long, despite being one of the most highly-desired players in League of Legends.

According to Sicong, JackeyLove trusted his cousin to be his agent and gross mismanagement alienated the teams who were after the ADC, including iG, Top Esports, and EDward Gaming. JackeyLove ultimately signed with TES late in the Spring Season, and will now play the LPL finals, after beating his former teammates.

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