No matches Prodigy got reinstalled and will play in the Lower Division of CIS Regional League announced the organization CEO, Sergei Glamazda.

According to mister Glamazda, signed Team Generation, who made it to the CIS Lowe Division from the second leg of open qualifiers.

“Yes, Team Generation is VP.P,” translates the Tweet made by CEO on Tuesday, January 12 after Team Generation qualified for Lower Division. Prodigy roster:

  • Noticed
  • Larl
  • Celebrity
  • Forsemajor
  • 37

While VP haven’t made any official announcement, Team Generation coach, Daniil “Schelk” Shchelkunov gave a few details to the Russian outlet Escorenews.

“Since April, I have worked a little in, in particular with the Prodigy roster. For that team, I was not quite like a game coach, but more in terms of mentality, voice, work systematization, and similar aspects. Somewhere in June, Sergei [Glamazda] and I talked, and he said: “Daniil, let’s make a young team.” First, we played with meLes before qualifying for ESL [One Germany]. But there was a certain force majeure, and since then we have been performing with Celebrity. All the guys are young, we work, we train. The plans are very big.

[At some point] I thought I needed to assemble a new team. This is how I stumbled upon Next Generation. There were Noticed and Forsemajor from the current line-up. I realized that we would have a good tandem with them. We decided to get Celebrity, and he immediately suggested Larl. 37 is my friend. He is a more real life friend, but still understands Dota well,” said Schelk.

All new VP.Prodigy players are very young, four of them being 18 years old, while only the position 5 support and the team coach are 22 years old, which makes the roster a perfect fit  for VP’s vision for the Prodigy team.

VP.Prodigy was installed as a youth/academy team by in April last year. The whole 2020 season served as the perfect environment for VP to rotate players in and out until they found a formula that had a big potential of reaching tier one status. By the end of the year, VP.Prodigy became one of the strongest team competing in the combined CIS and Europe online tournaments, which translated in the full roster being promoted to the main team.

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