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Aimed at maintaining a competitive schedule and to provide a platform for the Chinese scene to keep the training session at a high level until the Dota Pro Circuit will resume, eight of the biggest Chinese Dota teams united their efforts to form Chinese DOTA2 Professional Club Association (CDA) and have put together an online regional league packed with games and with attractive prize money up for grabs.

A total of 22 teams will play in the CDA China DOTA2 Professional League, 8 getting a direct invite to the league play, 10 seeded in a qualifier bracket and 4 starting a pre-qualifier wild card mini-event.

China DOTA2 Professional League will start on March 23rd. The tournament is sponsored by CDA and co-organized by VARENA and it will be streamed on Douyu, Huya, and Huomao TV.

CDA China DOTA2 Professional League attending teams:

8 Direct invites: VG, LGD, iG, Aster, RNG, EHOME, Newbee, and KG

10 Qualifier invites: Sparking Arrow Gaming, You Know Who, Team Sirius, CDEC Gaming, The New Top, KG.Luminous, iG.Vitality, Aster.Aries, EHOME.Immortal, VG.Potential

4 Wild Card invites: Blaze, StarLucK.Fly, Ocean, Longinus


Wild Card: 4 direct invites

  • All games are Double Elimination, BO3
  • Top two teams advance to the Qualifiers

Qualifiers: 12 teams – 10 invites +2 Wild Card winners

  • Double Elimination, BO3
  • Top two teams advance to the main event

Main Event: 10 team: 8 direct invites + 2 winners of the Qualifiers


March 23:   Wild Card series, upper and lower bracket winners advance to the qualifiers

March 24-27: Qualifiers, upper and lower bracket winners advance to the Main Event

March 28- April 19: Main Event, single elimination, BO3

Final rankings will be decided upon points

Point System:

Winner of BO3 will be awarded 1 point, and the loser 0. VARENA will update the points in real time.

Prize pool:

  • 1st: 150,000 RMB (~$21,000)
  • 2nd: 100,000 RMB (~$14,000)
  • 3rd: 80,000 RMB (~$11,200)
  • 4th: 40,000 RMB (~$5,600)
  • 5th: 20,000 RMB (~$2,800)
  • 6th: 10,000 RMB (~$1,400)

Also, each BO3 series in the main event will bring a bounty reward for each game. The winners of each game will receive 4,500 RMB (~$630) and the loser will get 500 RMB (~$70).

Besides, in order to make it more interactive and to engage with the audience, there will be no coin toss for the traditional picks side. Instead, the viewers will be able to assign heroes to certain players to play a 1v1 solo match before games. The outcome of the solo match will decide who gets to choose first.

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