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Avengerls and four of their players involved in the match fixing scheme with Newbee received a lifetime ban from Valve and Perfect World.

Avengerls, which is a team put together last year by high MMR players from China, along with The International champions Newbee were caught in February 2020 match fixing in the upper bracket semifinals qualifiers for StarLadder ImbaTV Minor Season 3. Although all the evidence gathered was sent to Valve and Perfect World, back in May last year, the game publisher imposed a lifetime ban on both teams only in January 2021 just before the Dota Pro Circuit was re-installed.

Newbee and all its five players involved in the aforementioned series from the Minor qualifiers were first to receive the ban. The announcement was made by both Valve and Perfect World on the 3rd of January 2021.

A day later, the official Dota 2 Weibo account announced that the same punishment was imposed on Avengerls and its players as well.

“Perfect World and Valve have decided to permanently ban Team Avengerls and the five players, who are forbidden to participate in any official Dota 2 Tournaments organized by Valve and Perfect World.”

The lifetime ban is on the following players:

  • Cheng Zihang
  • Meng Yunxiao
  • Yan Tao
  • Peng Kaitao

The Newbee versus Avengerls match that led to both teams getting lifetime bans any Valve and Perfect World tournaments started with the latter claiming the game one victory and establishing a decent 13K gold lead in the second game as well. Close to the 20-minute mark of the second game (match ID: 5248304670) Dota Plus was giving Avengerls a 95% win probability.

Newbee versus Avengerls

However, the players started to chain feed, going into Newbee jungle one by one, and even during what looked more of legit team fights, Avengerls’ Morphling was at times deliberately attacking the Medusa illusions instead of the real hero. While Avengerls were fighting with two strong cores, their Faceless Void was also dodging the engagements, at times just browsing the secret shop while his teammates were team fighting 4 vs 5.

Game three (ID: 5248349736) unfolded pretty much in the same manner, Avengerls taking a considerable early lead only to throw the victory away by constantly taking 3v5 fights.

Newbee advanced to the Minor qualifiers grand finals were they were dismantled by Team Aster who ended up winning the Minor trophy on the StarLadder stage from Kyiv, Ukraine.


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