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On the day off at the Supermajor, Perfect World organized a long media day which was held more like in a press conference set up where teams were scheduled at round tables and answered a couple of questions from the press people present at the event.

We are happy to share with you some of the answers and will start with PSG.LGD who spoke about their picks in the event so far, about their match-up with and of course they didn’t miss the chance to mock a bit their coach Yao “QQQ” Yi, who actually didn’t take part at the media day.   


Supermajor media day, photo courtesy of Perfect World


Q: I noticed your coach QQQ didn’t not join us for this interview, did you guys tell him not to come?

Maybe: Nah, he’s just acting like a superstar


Q: You guys flamed QQQ a little bit in the interview at MDL, any comments on that?

Maybe: We were not flaming him, we were simply telling the truth


Q: In the series against VP yesterday, you had a very similar lineup in both games. Is that the perfect lineup for the team?

Maybe: It’s definitely not perfect, but we executed it well


Q: Maybe, who has the best performance so far in this Major?

Maybe: Everyone is doing exceptionally well except QQQ


Q:  Bloodseeker is now back to competitive matches, you guys picked this hero twice in the series vs How do you feel about the current state of this hero?

Maybe: We saw other teams having decent success on that hero so, we decided to try him ourselves


Q: How about Shadow Fiend?

Maybe: He’s really strong and can fit into certain lineup


Q: AME, do you want QQQ to pick AM for you?

AME: Anti-Mage is not really an interesting hero to play, I have more fun playing Gyro


Q: Fy, even VP admitted that your Io was exceptional, what’s your thoughts on that? Was that because Io is strong or was that because it was you playing it.

Fy: Io is really strong now, I played ok but the credit mainly goes to the hero itself


Q: Both Fy and Maybe were awarded MVP before, who do you think will get the MVP trophy this time?

Fy: According to everyone’s status within the team, the next MVP should be Ame’s


Q: But only the champion can receive the MVP trophy, are you saying that you think the championship is already in your bag?

Fy: I was simply answering the “Who will get MVP” question

Q: Chalice, I heard that you love spamming the “Maybe-themed emoji” in group chat, does Maybe know that?

Chalice: Yeah we’ve got a group chat and I find those stickers hilarious so I just use them every day

Maybe: I do, it’s just for fun


Q: Chalice, we often see Fy taking your farm in games, so who’s heavier in real life? And a question for the rest of the team, what would you do if your supports constantly took your farm, would you take some of their creeps in return?

Chalice: We weigh around the same, there’s a 5kg difference at most

Maybe: It depends, if I’m around I’ll just take all the creeps with 2 Razes.


Q: So you guys will be playing against Liquid in the upper bracket finals, how are you feeling about the matchup?

xNova: I’m just waiting for my teammates to carry me. Liquid is a strong opponent with their fast-paced play style. Hopefully, QQQ will draft us a good lineup


Q: The World Cup will kick off very soon, as a part of PSG, will you guys watch some of the football matches?

Maybe: Recently, we have been very busy with training and scrims. We might watch a bit if we have some free time


Q: Maybe, you talked about how bad Shadow Fiend is in the current meta during your stream, but you guys picked this hero anyway and it worked out pretty nicely, is there any chance that we can see your Invoker in this tournament?

Maybe: Maybe soon, maybe never, it all depends on QQQ


Q: You guys love spamming the chat-wheel sound, especially the ”kiss” one, why?

Maybe: Initially we found it disgusting, but after a while, it became pretty fun, so we just keep doing it


Q: How’s the visa for TI8 going?

Team Leader: This time Valve found a company to handle the visa for us, so it all depends on them


Q: Ame, your post-game interview after beating Mineski earlier in the tournament has gone viral on the internet, any comments?

Ame: The questions were pretty bad so I didn’t really know how to respond


Q: Fy, you are a father now, any tips you want to share with the 2 dads in VG(LaNm and Eleven)?

Fy: I’m a rookie to this role myself, so I may need to ask them for advice if I have the chance


Q: You guys love BM tipping PPD in games, any idea how many levels he got from those tips?

Maybe: We did it because he loves taunting Chinese Dota on Twitter, and no, we don’t know how many levels he got from those tips


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