Disguised Toast has assembled a Valorant team

Bleed Esports has just made an exciting announcement, revealing their newfound partnership with the highly popular streamer Disguised Toast. This partnership aims to provide unwavering support to their Valorant team in the Malaysia and Singapore region, marking a significant shift for the organization.

Having decided to depart from the North American Valorant scene, Bleed Esports, under the guidance of one of America’s most beloved streamers, is now setting its sights on the vibrant Southeast Asian market. Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, a renowned figure on Twitch, ventured into the realm of esports in 2023 and made quite an impact with the establishment of the Game Changers and North American Challengers League teams.

Bleed is now one with Disguised Toast

During the announcement, it was made clear that Bleed Esports is fully committed to providing comprehensive support to their newly formed lineups in the region. Moreover, the collaborative spirit between the two organizations extends beyond the game itself, as they plan to co-host parties and events, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Prior to this partnership, there was already some overlap between the two organizations, as former DSG player Jacob “yay” Whitaker now competes for Bleed in the Pacific division of the VCT.

The announcement also revealed the complete roster of DSG players who will be participating in the VCT Malaysia & Singapore Challengers League. This lineup will strive to navigate through the league, compete in the Ascension tournament in the Pacific region, and qualify for the VCT league in 2025 and 2026. “One of my goals for DSG is to turn it into a global brand, and I have always wanted to venture into the Asian region. I lived in Malaysia from the age of 1 to 13, and I am thrilled to return,” stated Disguised Toast in the press release.


The two organizations are also collaborating on joint content initiatives. This is one of the first partnership programs between Riot-affiliated teams announced in 2024. The new program, implemented by Riot Games, allows partner organizations to collaborate on content and commercial partnerships, as well as utilize players from both sides. In this case, players from the DSG roster can now be mobilized to compete for Bleed in the VCT Pacific division.

The new DSG roster looks like this:

  1. Azri ‘Riza’ Adli
  2. Tyler “juicy” Airea
  3. Wong ‘JayH’ Heng
  4. Bryce ‘bryce’ Lee
  5. ‘Wayne’
  6. Alexander ‘alexRr’ Frisch
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