VCT Masters Madrid: Tournament Details

The competitive season of VALORANT in 2024 is commencing, signaling the start of a new race for championship glory. The contenders for the trophy will include both past season leaders and dark horses. All of them are ready to vie for the title at VCT Masters Madrid, which is about to begin.

For the first time in the history of the discipline, a major Tier-1 event of this kind will take place in Spain. The tournament will feature the top eight teams in the world who have secured their spots in their respective regions. However, they will all have to compete for supremacy in Madrid, at the first of three major international tournaments of the year.

While North America defends the global crown following Evil Geniuses’ victory at Champions 2023, the rest of the world yearned for an opportunity to prove that they are worthy of lifting the trophy for their region.

How to watch VCT Masters Madrid 2024

The broadcast can be watched on the official VALORANT Riot Games channels on Twitch and YouTube. However, there will also be numerous other streams available in multiple languages from around the world, as well as a multitude of community streamers, so you will be able to fully enjoy the celebration with your favorite streamer.

Format VCT Masters Madrid 2024

VCT Masters Madrid will take place from Thursday, March 14th, to Sunday, March 24th, and will be divided into two distinct stages to determine the winner. Riot will kick off the tournament with a Swiss format, where teams with the same record compete against each other in each round until two teams are eliminated.

Afterward, the tournament will transition into the classic playoff format with upper and lower brackets, until six teams ultimately crown one champion. There will also be a two-day break between the Swiss stage and the playoffs, providing players with much-needed respite to gather their thoughts and prepare for the decisive phase of the tournament.


  • March 14: Swiss stage
  • 15 March: Swiss stage
  • 16 March: Swiss stage
  • March 17: Swiss stage
  • 18 March: Swiss stage
  • March 19–20: Break
  • March 21: Playoff bracket
  • March 22: Upper Bracket Final and Lower Bracket Semi-Final
  • March 23: Lower Bracket Final
  • March 24: Grand Final

All participating teams of VCT Masters Madrid 2024

Masters Madrid will showcase the crème de la crème of VALORANT teams, with the top two teams from the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, as well as China and the Pacific region, coming together for an exhilarating competition. A total of eight participants will battle it out for glory. Following the Swiss leg, two teams will bid farewell to the tournament, leaving six teams to fiercely compete in the ultimate stage. The culmination of this thrilling journey will see a champion being crowned on March 24th.

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